Petra - The King Of Glory Shall Come In Lyrics

The Levites returned with the Ark of the Lord
The presence and strength of the God they adored
The temple was shut with the gatekeepers near
The priests would sing out till their nation could hear

Be lifted up everlasting doors
The King of Glory shall come in
Who is this King of Glory?
The Lord strong and mighty
Open your gates to the Lord of Hosts
Who is this King of Glory?
The Lord mighty in battle
The King of Glory shall come in
The King of Glory shall come in

Who can ascend to the hill of the Lord
Those with clean hands and an innocent heart
Who can be found in His holy place
Those who are humble and seek his face

Now we are the temple, He dwells in our hearts
The priesthood of faith that His Spirit imparts
This King is the One who can save from sin
He stands at the door and He wants to come in

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Petra The King Of Glory Shall Come In Comments
  1. Barbara Kroeker

    Today, in Our Daily Bread, the scripture reading was from Psalm 24 and I thought of this song.

  2. Naiara Oliveira

    Who is the King of glory?


    Naiara Oliveira the Lord mighty in battle!

  3. Anthoney Zerbe

    This was my first Petra album I ever got when i was 6. #StillListeningIn2k18

  4. cesar de assis cesar

    I love this song!

  5. sweetsunnydaygirl

    Oh MAN!! YES...THANK YOU JESUS!! I have tears in my eyes and have just been singing my heart out to JESUS!! POWERFUL Song and So True!! "THIS KING IS THE ONE WHO CAN SAVE FROM SIN...HE STANDS AT THE DOOR AND HE WANTS TO COME IN!" YES PRAISE GOD!! Straight from Revelation 3:20!! Then the other lines taken from the Psalms....OPEN THE GATES TO THE LORD MOST HIGH...WHO IS THIS KING OF GLORY...THE LORD MIGHTY IN BATTLE!! THE KING OF GLORY SHALL COME IN!! Thank you for posting this!! I just felt a touch from the Lord and am about to post on G+ :) Also adding to my playlist "Christian Upbeat Jot :)" May rhe Lord Jesus bless you and your family! Rachel in Nashville:)


    Amen Amen AMEN!!!!

  6. Brandon Ledezma

    I have the album original cd

  7. sraceh

    So many memories of my church back in the day!!! God Bless Pilar's of Faith Tabernacle!!

  8. Sherm LaVallie

    Amen to that song big time Jesus! The King Of Glory Shall Come In!

  9. Triple MVP legend

    Why would someone even compare a Satanic group to a God fearing, Christian group, when the message is totally diffrerent?

    Russell Clark

    Grow up. Judge not lest they be judged themselves!! Think about that

  10. Russell Clark

    The iron maiden of Christian rock

    Jim bob

    +Clement shpv The guy made a simple statement, with a musical comparison there is no need to badger him. Do you think Jesus would really pat you on the back for your comment, no it is people like you who make others turn away.

    Clement Shopov

    there was previous comments that were deleted Jim Bob

    Jim bob

    @Clement shpv
    Oh. Apologies.

    Russell Clark

    +Jim bob that's exactly why I have never been able to be comfortable around church ppl. They judge so much that it scares me away. I believe in God and he is a big part of my life but that don't mean I can't listen to any music I want. Thanks for being understanding :)

    Shy Owl

    Im a bit late but I just saw this argument, 1 you only said wtf at the start so idk why this person was so riled up by that, you didn't even spell what the fuck out, and lets be honest yt comments get much worse XD, I can see where the person was coming from with all the sins to avoid thing but you are right forgiveness is kinda a big thing in the Bible and without it we are all screwed since we have all done something wrong at one time or another I know for sure I would be (im not exactly a "good" Christian if you cant tell), I cant say I blame you if you have a bad impression of Christians after your interaction with this person basically going from you saying "I like this band they are as good in this genre as a band in another genre I like" to them going "IF YOU DO ANYTHING YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!" like damn someone needs to chill out its not a big deal but I suppose everyone has to get offended by everything nowadays :/, they didn't exactly make the best impression from my view XD, Im glad you like Petra they were amazing if one believes in God or not, and also..... Jesus hang out with hookers, tax collectors, sick folks and for crying out loud he hang out with the guy he knew would get him killed, I don't think listening to a non-Christian band is the worst hes been around

  11. Vee Reglin

    Oh, mercy -- I'm having waaay too much fun tonight listening to tunes! 

  12. warrioroflight7

    this is a very awesome album wish I still had it on vinyl

  13. абоната Отсъства

    its great :)))