Petra - Stand Up Lyrics

The Battle cry's getting louder
The countdown's close to the final hour
The enemy is on every side
Still no match for the Crucified
Victory unto victory
We are soldiers in His army

Stand up, take a stand for Jesus
Stand up, so the whole world sees us
Showing the way to a world gone astray
Shing our light with all of our might
Stand up, take a stand for Jesus
Stand up, so the whole world sees us
Following Him, and serving Him
Fighting the fight that we know we will win

Out of our pews and into the streets
Making some use of our beautiful feet
Redeeming the time for the days are evil
This whole world's in such upheaval
We wrestle not with flesh and blood
But when the enemy comes in like a flood

Gotta lay our lives down
And stand up for the truth we've found
Gotta let the redeemed of the Lord say so

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Petra Stand Up Comments
  1. 01FrugalBassist

    Circa 1984, I would listen to this Lp and NOTW everyday as soon as I would get home from school. 9th grade was my first year in a public school, after my previous 8 years in a Christ centered private school. Needless to say, it was total culture shock for me, not to mention the violent behaviors amongst students and teachers alike. So when I finally made it home safely each day, I would draw the curtains in my room and close my eyes and let the music of Petra remind me of God's presence and His Peace that passes all understanding. After the album played once, I was re-energized, re-focused, and ready to finish out my day on a positive note.
    Thanks UnknownPetraFan for posting this, and to all the guys in Petra, thank you for using your gift of music to praise the Lord.

  2. ghengiskon

    The best Christian rock album next to Daniel Amos "Horrendous Disk" & Paul Clarke's "Aim for the Heart"

  3. Joeseph Halecki

    Shane .turn .to..jesus.. christ..ask..God. to..forgive. you .He .will .be .Jesus. Christ. in...Heaven . .Could. witness. to .your .Atheist. friends. Then. God .Could. save. .I.Will..Prau. for. You. Pray. lord..please. Forgive. Me. im..Sorry..for. my. sin..i..believe. Jesus. you. died .for .me .and .My. Sins. Come. life. Save .Me .in..jesus .Name.

    Jace F.

    There is no need to use periods between every word.

  4. Lyle Hwong

    I still smoke Weed too this -Whoooooohooo!!! Jesus !!! 🎳💚💚💚💚👍😎

    Jace F.

    Smoking the devil's lettuce, are we? Hahahaha... I'm joking, of course. Rock on, brother!

  5. Cathy B - CBRadio Band

    I'm writing a paper on rock and roll history and I'm including this foray into Christian rock because I think it's relevant to rock and roll history. I was very into this music as a child - I don't believe the things I used to back then, but I still think the music is good. It's a classic.


    Why don't you believe anymore?

  6. Tracking Station Neil Lindsay

    One of the best Christian songs ever written. For those of you in the know, 1978-1990 were the very best creative years for Christian worship music. Rock on Petra!!!!!

  7. Shane Inkster

    I maybe an atheist but I actually love this band


    How come you are an atheist?

    Victorious Pauper


    Jace F.

    @rileycpo I can't speak for Shane, but my reason for being an atheist is because I have not been sufficiently convinced that the Christian God nor any god exists. That said, I have no problem admitting that I still enjoy listening to some Christian bands, such as Petra. These guys were an insanely talented group of musicians.

  8. Mark Hannan

    The lead singer sounds like Tommy shaw

  9. Mark Hannan

    Petra sounds like the band stex

  10. B Wilie

    Me and a small group of great friends won a talent show contest at the Baptist Student Union at Angelo State University back in the 80's lip syncing this song with instrument props. Great fun.

  11. Joe Halecki

    This. a. great .song.. Take..a..stand . .for.. Jesus. ...Praise. Our..Great ....God

  12. David Dalek


  13. Walter David Scott.

    Love This Song!

  14. Jesse Langlois

    I still have this on kasette from when my dad was in high school he gave me his Walkman and access to all his kasettes

  15. Anna Boucher

    I've got that on cd Petra Means Rock 1989 their totally Awesome and TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!! I listen to them alot its cool to listen to the Petras and enjoy the music too in the 80s .

  16. consultor jodione

    Melho album da fase Greg X volz nos vocais
    best album of the Greg Phase in the vocals 

  17. Laurie Stuppiello

    Praise His Holy Name !!!!  

  18. MegaVenom2099

    i still have this album


    Put it in a safe.  This kind of godly biblical music is not popular, even in churches.
    Do a few recordings.

    Edward Hutchinson

    @sploofmonkey I disagree.. Make it popular! Play the snot out of it!! One of the best Petra Albums ever


    @Edward Hutchinson Dude, read my post using reading comprehension principles.   


    @Edward Hutchinson What church is that? 

    Jared Hayslip

    Stop your opinions and arguments already..and listen to Petra band...Enjoy

  19. zman 142

    love this song

  20. James Edgar

    Wow, I don't think I've heard this song in 20 years. A wonderful song!

    Pete Holland

    I know, it's been some time! PTL!

  21. gingervytis

    we specifically modeled our sound after journey, kansas.

    Troy Evitt

    Christian Rock needed a secular analog for each band. This was Journey and also Loverboy...

  22. olilles7

    stand up take a stand for JESUS!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone now

  23. Kellymatthew Barnes

    I know what you are saying, in fact they stated that Journey and Boston were their competition and never other Gospel Groups who they viewed as co-laborers of the harvest.

  24. Sean Wells

    I remember watching these guys perform this in 1984! Brings back great memories!

  25. Donald Hartley

    I had the chance to see them 5 times, they are a class act! Second to none!

  26. FieryOstrich44

    yes! i never knew about Petra til 2008 so I never got to see them and i hope they hit either Knoxville or Nashville or even cooler both so I can see them twice

  27. Larry Skoreyko

    I 'm looking foward to Petra's tour; I pray that they will come to Canada on their tour.

  28. mowriter

    I just remembered singing this chorus to my son when he was a pre-toddler...learning to STAND UP... :-)

  29. gingervytis

    That's a great unsolicited compliment!

  30. LadyduLac1

    Love this album, but not my first Petra, Beat the system was my first christian rock album, and also my first rock concert at red rocks! very awesome, especially with Greg in lead vocals!

  31. Arturo Perales

    I started to hear Petra when I just converted to Christ in the early 90's and to me they sounded just like one of my favorite bands in that time, Def Leppard.


  32. 9682482

    You are very right, man. They're like Journey, Boston, a little like Kansas, Starship- and that's just in the Greg Volz era. I heard a Petra song from the John Schlitz era that sounded like Aerosmith, for crying out loud. Rock on for the Rock, brother. "Grace and peace to you"

  33. Karalovesmusic

    If you have access to Amazon. com, I'm sure you could order it there. I'm not sure if they have it brand new, but you could certainly buy it used from Amazon! I know, this is a great album! I have it on record, I need to get it on CD as well!

  34. Lukarikasos

    I love you people =) <3

  35. fred bear

    dreadeir.. where can u tell me?

  36. fred bear

    unknownpetrafan...could you pls tell if this album can be purchased in US. I'm from Australia, and i can't get it here. Thanks

  37. gotts21

    Still gives me a thrill to hear this!

    "Out of our pews, and into the streets..."

    Amazing song to fan the flames of my heart.