Petra - Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name Lyrics

[Based on Luke 19:40, Psalm 69:34, 148:9]

Somebody's gonna praise His name
Somebody's gonna call Him Lord
It'll either be you and me
Or it's gonna be a rock or tree
Somebody, somewhere is gonna praise His name

Jesus said that it couldn't be stopped
Jesus said that it had to be heard
His creation will praise Him
Jesus said we could be assured
If we all maintain our silence
Even stones will cry out so loud
His creation will praise Him
All alone or in a crowd
In the end every tongue will confess
Every knee will eventually bow
His creation will praise Him
It's so easy to go for it now

And it's gonna be me
It's gonna be me
Somebody's gonna praise Him
And it's gonna be me

Lord I lift my voice to You
And I magnify Your name
You are Alpha and Omega
You are everyday the same
As long as I draw breath my lips will praise You
As long as I have strength I want to praise Your name

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Petra Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name Comments
  1. Jim Decker

    32 years later and that guitar (or keyboard ) hold over note in the background still gets me 2:00-2:05

  2. Teneo Ultrius


  3. Wolney felipe machado Felipe machado

    Esse album e de respeito.......

  4. Petra Girl86

    I miss April

  5. Johan Lensley

    I cant wait to get to Heaven... Just to glorify God every second... this song makes me feel like jumping up and praising God!!!!!

  6. Otto von Steinberg

    MCMLXXXVIII was a good year

  7. Chase Nomor

    It’s gonna ME! 🤩😍

  8. Chase Nomor

    Somebody’s gonna praise HIS Name ❤️🌟🎼💃🏻🙌🎇❤️

  9. Barry Pierce

    The first time I heard this song I was energized to lift up my head and heart and praise my awesome Lord. No different today -- or a thousand years from now! -- Worthy is my Lord!

  10. Anthony Sandoval

    One of the best "Petra" songs

  11. Eduardo Rocha

    Petra Means Rock

  12. Peter J. Chiozza

    ... weniger motzen, nörgeln, kritisieren - mehr loben, anerkennen, bestätigen: "loben zieht nach oben, danken schützt vor wanken"

  13. Geoffrey Rudd

    His creation, we praise him.

  14. John Q. Public

    Beautiful lyrics & sensational music.

  15. Matt Rose

    One of my favorite songs of Petra!

  16. Rondell Schuyler

    Very talented band. I have been listening to Petra 30 plus years. Far more talented than most. Mainstream music today. I will keep listening.

  17. Junior Franco


  18. Rondell Schuyler

    Petra at their best. what a singer ,what a band and what a song. Love it

  19. Joe Helecki

    Its. the...Lord. jesus .christ. .Not ..Steven

  20. jamie .jamie

    what a perfect song to wake up to!


    John Schlitts vocals ❤️❤️😍😍😍

  22. Steve The Man האיש

    This is a true Christian band. I feel Gods Holy Spirit when I listen to this song.

    Julie Hodes

    I know right

    Seth Merritt

    I agree but you missed an apostrophe in the word God's. You wrote "Gods" when you should have written "God's". Don't forget to use proper grammar (to the best of your abilities that is. It would be hard to use proper grammar 24/7.)! Also I'm not being mean just pointing out a flaw you made for the whole world to see and kind of mocking you for it. Don't take it personally. It's just a mistake YOU made being blown WAY out of proportion. The rest of the comment was good though. Good job Steve! You're the man!

  23. ilovemusic R

    I'm gonna praise His Name!!! 2018

  24. Ruslan Karitskiy

    Это группа моей юности. Слава Богу за них!!!!!

  25. secret burner

    Rock or tree

  26. youtube account

    why is this entire album not available???? :(

  27. Arthur Phillips

    If you know him, praise is like breathing. Uplifting!

  28. sol solecita

    ellos son el único grupo de habla inglesa que conozco que cantan alabanzas al señor Jesucristo tal cual, sin disfrazar la letra.
    cosa rara hoy día. ni siquiera stryper .
    bendiciones a todos los integrantes de esta banda. Dios los bendiga.

  29. meljpetra

    Yes !  t   : )

  30. Manuel Rodea

    wait a moment..., do you speak spanish?, I haven't noted that you write the lyrics in spanish too!!!
    Please confirm in order to understand you better
    Greetings from Mexico and ¡viva Cristo Rey!

  31. Travis Wells

    Best Petra song ever.

    mouse mouth

    So many awesome songs by them!

    Tim Krause

    Travis Wells, gotta go with Adonai #1. This one is def Top 10.

    youtube account

    this album songs arenot available anymore on utube

    anyone have new links or uploads PLZ!!!???

    youtube account

    Tim Adonai is an amazing song

  32. john urey

    praise he's holy name''

  33. WalkinwithJesusChrist2


    Robert Williams

    Amen to that.

    John Grgorovic

    Amen brother Amen

  34. Church of Steven

    I want everybody to know this song is about Lord Steven Christ.



    Church of Steven

    @WalkinwithJesusChrist2 Jesus Christ died.
    Long live the Steven!

    Amanda Moore

    Church of Steven Jesus is LORD and He won't be mocked.... soon every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord... that includes you... It would be wise for you to trust Christ today and not wait until you are standing before Him in judgement.... humble yourself before God and Call upon Jesus before it's too late... you might think it's all a joke now but trust that you will know it's not a joke on judgement day... you'll spend all of eternity in the literal hell wishing that you would have accepted God's free gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ... you'll desire to know him then and you will not be able to....God is not willing that any should perish but that all would come to repentance... that includes you He love you more than you could ever know that is why He sent his son to die for you so that you could be saved and become his child....all manners of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven except blasphemy of the Holy Spirit... you can be forgiven for all of your sins and foolishness if you would humbly turn to Christ

  35. Markreality


    Church of Steven

    +Markreality This song is Lord Steven Christ.

  36. Taylor Crawford

    So, if anyone here believs in evolution, and people coming from monkeys, where would the monkeys come from???

    Monkeys were named by Adam, and the monkeys were CREATED by God.


    @Church of Steven Maybe; is Steven Lord's number publicly available in the phone-book?


    @Church of Steven Maybe; is Steven Lord's number publicly available in the white pages?


    Humans evolved from hominids, who evolved from apes, who evolved from Proto monkeys, who evolved from large rodents. Your question seems to be veiled in proud ignorance. Maybe instead of asking random people on the internet for answers, you should ask an evolutionary biologists who could explain the process and the evidence much better than I can. We weren't made out of dirt.


    @Kim Clayton What would explain more is your seeming inability to do any research for yourself. Why don't you read the articles linked here and come back when you've refuted them?

    Arthur Phillips

    Who are you trying to convince? Christians already agree and confirmed evolutionist will never be convinced by argument. Advice, focus on Jesus!

  37. liquidnature13

    Glory to the King of Kings!!!!!!!

  38. Jim Thompson

    if you would be so kind.

  39. Jim Thompson

    who is the UnknownPetraFan?
    send me a msg on facebook please.

  40. Mike Rudell

    And it's gonna be me!

    Church of Steven

    +manof steele Thank you.

    iris takenoko

    you and me 🎶

  41. 1927Norma

    This is one of the Christian claiming bands that really kept it up in lyric content and largely lived it too. Now that is a rarety........all sinners admittedly but their lyrics were biblically accurate.


    @redtigersj I completely agree with you.  :) 

    Taylor Crawford

    Theprayer777! Yes, it is a shame!

    Church of Steven

    +1927Norma Lord Steven Christ Rules!

    Arthur Phillips

    Boy did you peg it. You said exactly what I was going to write!

    John Stewart


  42. Beti Adams

    i love this song but no all rocks

  43. Steven Whitehouse

    depends on what type of music you listen to Spencer. Some songs dont edify people.

  44. Steven Whitehouse

    Well Unknownpetra fan, There's another song that goes with that. If they are gonna call us fools for believing in Jesus Christ. As the old saying goes. I rather be a fool for Jesus! if that what it takes to win souls to Jesus Christ!!

  45. Spencer Deforest

    Metal and Rock is not a sin! I am a Christian and I listen to nothing but metal and rock. This is some amazing, catchy, and really great Christian Hard Rock!!!!

    Martin Boomhower

    Have you checked out Seventh Angel, It's just as good as any metal ever ,both secular and Christian. Lament for the weary, The Torment, Dust of Years. God bless you my Brother with no mother.

  46. Jeremy T

    Best Petra song.

  47. Ярослав Арсентьев


  48. H. Peterson

    ta hora

  49. Mayra Cecilio

    Jajajaja, me da risa siempre el mismo debate.... que es de Dios y que no, asi sencillito me lo explicaron y lo entendi, la nota de Do, es de Dios o es del diablo.... bueno, depende de quien la use.

  50. jaxforjesus

    i am going to praise the Lord! its what i was created to do!! and i sure enjoy it :-)

  51. David Truckerzz

    My favourite song of all time!!!

  52. Danny McKinney

    Silence the tongues so we can live as instruments in harmony.... We are your children in this world, so we lift our rebellion spirit up to you, so the devil doesn't mock Man. Man is never allowed to be mocked.

  53. Triple MVP legend

    Luke 19:40, " I (Jesus) you, if these people were to keep silent, the stones, would
    immediately cry out".

  54. Triple MVP legend

    " YOU are Holy, enthroned (on) the praises of Israel." Psalm 47: " GOD is gone
    up with a (shout), the LORD with sound of a Trumpet, Sing Praises to God, Sing Praises."
    Luke19: " if these should (keep silent), the Rocks) would immediately (cry) out."

  55. Triple MVP legend

    The LORD Says: " He honors those who honor HIM, & those who
    despise HIM, shall be lightly esteemed." King David says: " Praise the LORD!", also," The
    LORD'S Name is to be Praised." HE Created us, along with (all) things, & HE is Worthy of All

    of our Praise and Worship. Whoever is ashamed of Him in this sinful and adulterous generation, of him the Lord will be ashamed of them. We will make THE LORD Proud, we (will) Praise HIM.!

  56. Cheryl Goodwin

    I dont like this song. I love it!!

  57. Robyn Ruefer

    It's gonna be me!!

  58. Blake Wimberly

    man this song gave me goosebums praise the lord

  59. DogLife

    lol these guys.

  60. Christopher Petts

    @UnknownPetraFan that is one of my favorite songs. I have it on my "Back to the Street" album. Thanks for uploading every song so far!!

  61. Christopher Petts

    i dont know kenaniah7 it sounds kinda suspicious to me what does everyone else think

  62. paul meier

    @ThePrayerwarrior777 well there is crystal tuners and the written page.

  63. Capt_Gunzou

    Somebody's going to praise him and it's going to be ME!! ME!! LORD I lift MY voice to You, I love to Deify your name,You are ALPHA and OMEGA,You Are Everyday The Same, as long as I Have breath MY LIPS WILL PRAISE YOU ,AND AS LONG AS I HAVE STRENGTH I'm GOING TO PRAISE YOUR NAME!!

  64. Capt_Gunzou

    @UnknownPetraFan Same here pal, I'd rather be a fool in the eyes of men, than in the eyes of God & Jesus.

  65. Michele Hansen Wurzer

    I guarantee it's true. In fact...I would be my own life on it. He has proven Himself to me time and time again over the past 49 years. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He exists and is who He says He is. All you have to do is ask Him. He'll answer you if you seriously want Him to. He doesn't play mind games. And He won't be mocked or goaded into playing them with you either.

  66. apk1215

    @travelerintime11 Such a question can't conceivably be answered in a tiny 133rd-rate forum such as this one,Traveler. Think about it - it's just too complex a question.

    If you really wish to know, repeatedly ask your creator,with total faith and patience,about who he is. Then do the research - it may take weeks,it may take months,it may take years. (Personally, it took me several months of extremely intense & laborious research to find satisfactory evidence to believe the Bible.)

  67. jesse dunmire

    who doesnt guarantee it son?

  68. Seriva

    Whoever says that Odin isn't the true god is a DAMNED FOOL. OPEN YOUR EYES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. RAGNAROK IS NIGH.

  69. Tali Sol Perea

    thanks brother for this awesome music... God Bless you!/ Gracias hermano por esta sorprendente y maravillosa musica, Dios te bendiga!... saludos desde Ciudad de México.

  70. Maria6237

    Que bueno!! Amen!

  71. Maria6237

    Absolutely love this song!! I don't think I've heard it before!!!

  72. Maria6237

    Me too!!!! LOL :)

  73. usernameofnobody

    I love playing this with the volume up. Praise his name.

  74. metalhead4lifeyeah

    Extremely catchy rockin' song - yeah!!

  75. TheNatural1

    weak compaired to stryper and whitecross this is to popish

  76. mytuber81

    Petra! great stuff!

  77. Miguel García

    Your Nickname reveals everything about you freak

  78. Fingerpats

    That was my favorite song when I was about 6 or 7 years old

  79. Brian Howden

    easy for you to say lol

  80. Hawkee316

    you are very weird fluffy.

  81. Brian Howden

    good song, good band. My friends think it is wierd that I like PETRA because my beleifs or more of a Buddhist bent.

    Barry Pierce

    Perhaps the Holy Spirit at work there, Brian. Few songs contain more Biblical content that those of Petra. Spirit-filled.

  82. benoitbabe

    shakin' the house is one of my faves too.

  83. Edith Juneau

    Praise the Lord !

  84. passion777

    awesome song!!! gosh I miss them!

  85. hugofreitas21


  86. hugofreitas21

    Yes somebody¨s gonna praise His name!!!!!!!
    Si alguien alabara su nombre!!!!!!!!!!