Petra - Secret Weapon Lyrics

[Based on Romans 1:9, 2 Corinthians 10:4]

I've waited patiently for your reply
You say you'll come around by and by
I've tried to show the way into the light
But I just won't let you go without a fight
You think my hands are tied
But you will never hide, no
I've got you in my sight day and night

I've got a secret weapon
I'll pray for you
I've got a secret weapon
Gonna get through
I really care about you
I'll pray for you

I've told you everything you need to know
But you still fluctuate to and fro
You just can't push yourself over the edge
So I will pull the rug behind the hedge
How can you ever lose
This deal you can't refuse
So with your hands up high
Reach for the sky

I won't give up on you
I'll pray until the night is through
And you surrender to the light
Come on surrender

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Petra Secret Weapon Comments
  1. Donald Barnharti

    Pulled my from a dark place in my life. Then went to see the w newsboys years ago. Gave my heart to GOD. Life has been up and down since but I am proud today to b a Chaplin and on my way to a pastorial degree

  2. Rhianandkathy Graham

    Petra ,,, rules!

  3. Bibih

    woow, what a message 🙌

  4. Alice Koetsier

    great song💝💝

  5. Jorge Luiz

    Sinto unção do senhor

  6. Jennifer Pruitt

    petra's the greatest rock group to ever grace the stage! they preach the Gospel and keep it real! God bless petra!

    Timothy Washburn

    Andrew Nichols Where do you see that in the Bible? I might be missing something, but a roaring lion and Angel of light are the only descriptions I remember off the top of my head. Oh, and father of lies.

  7. Tim's Subscriptions

    One person needs saving...

  8. st th

    An awesome band 20yrs ago. still awesome music glorifying the living God

  9. MEGAtoaster1

    looks like 1 person doesn't have a secret weapon

  10. Verres

    You have my pity.

  11. codyoutdoors

    flag4eva thats the same thing that petra did for me

  12. AnnaMarie w

    Very powerful message from within thank you

  13. Jud Barnes

    @chuytony7 Music Transends the Universe

  14. raf s

    i have the album , and i haven't listened to this song for so long . roxor tbh ^^