Petra - Run For Cover Lyrics

[Based on 1 Peter 5:5]

You must have seen the light somewhere along the way
The flashing warning sign that you would not obey
You ran the roadblock before the danger zone
You cut the lifeline - now you're on your own

Run for cover - better get under authority
Run for cover - better listen to somebody
Like a lone ranger running through the night
With noone to tell you if you're wrong or right
Run for cover

You want to call the shots - you want to take control
You want to throw the dice and gamble with your soul
Taking the liberties that grace will not afford
Is He your Master, can you call Him Lord?

Why do you stand out in the rain
What do you think you have to gain
When you try in your own strength but don't prevail
The arm of flesh will always fail

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Petra Run For Cover Comments
  1. The Fonz

    When u wanna find a Petra’s run video and get this shit

  2. Jared Hayslip

    Greg X Volz Is Still A Good Singer Even Though John Schlitt Took Over Lead Vocals ... 1986 - 2003

  3. whomyguy1

    This album was my first introduction to christian music. I can honestly say it changed my life! Petra's music has prolly saved my life and has kept my interested in the word ever since

  4. Arjandeiro

    great Song