Petra - Occupy Lyrics

[Based on 1 Peter 5:8-11, Mark 13:13, Revelation 14:12, Isaiah 14:24, 1 Corinthians 16:13-14]

The enemy surrounds the perimeter
Searching for an op'ning
Sneaking 'round, tryin' to gain some ground
He's laying down a smokescreen
Never full, he prowls about
For someone to devour
Blind with rage, his reign is threatened
By a greater power

Occupy, occupy
Standing firm, lifting high the holy standard
Occupy, occupy
'Till out captain marches in

He'll catch your eye with some cheap disguise
Or innocent distraction
Then he'll infiltrate the ranks
And split you into factions
He never sleeps, but constantly
Is planning some new angle
A soldier must be diligent
To keep from getting tangled

He shall return with the armies of the Lord
The King of Kings, in vengeance wielding His sword
Gotta draw His power - watching for that hour
We are His people and He's our great reward

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Petra Occupy Comments
  1. William Truax

    Hermano(a) - ¡Muchísimas gracias por haber colocado esta canción aquí! Una pequeña corrección: la penúltima línea en inglés (a las 2:24) es, “His strength and his power, revealed in his hour.” Al memos, es lo que cantan. ¡Un fuerte abrazo!

  2. Brother Kellymatthew Barnes

    Raw Real Relevant.

  3. Tommie Wimberly

    Great inspiring song. Occupy standing firm lifting high the holy standard. Until our captain marches in. Petra thank you for blessing my life. I'll always cherish this CD. Not of this world. Had it in the 80s.

  4. Chad Rasmussen

    Till our captain marches in

  5. Cynthia Stryker

    Blessed song! Part of my conscience!

  6. Connie Williams

    Love this group!

  7. is Stephanie

    Nice ! I'm going to be singing this tomorrow i bet.

  8. Christopher Banez Lim

    whenever im beginning to lose faith out of being bugged pissed about so many things, listening to this album gets me right back on track...

  9. Christopher Petts

    @ThePrayerwarrior777 i no how you feel it is really hard not to give in

  10. ellaswing

    If that's true, well that is awesome. It would be great if they make there sound quality like this music and not play to the audience of grunge and alternative completely.

  11. ellaswing

    Glad to hear they are back, looking forward to what they come with.

  12. Ralph Jones

    I have the temptation of lust and here recently I have determined not to give in but I have been hit full force for the past week or so and this song is a Godsend

  13. Ralph Jones

    This is/was my favorite Petra album.

  14. ultrakool

    this was my favorite petra line-up. they had an obvious annointing.

    i always think of this song when i watch braveheart or 300... during the scenes when they are being frontally attacked and their captains are telling them to hold...hold...hold...

    (same thing in "the long ships", a great movie of the early sixties, starring richard widmark and sidney poitier)

  15. craig souder

    awesome song

    Chad Rasmussen

    craig souder yes man

  16. rocky4432901

    Good Christian Worrior Song!!!

    Chad Rasmussen

    rocky4432901 amen and amen

  17. Kikito Tejada

    Oh my God!! great song! I love Petra!