Petra - It Is Finished Lyrics

In the heat of the early morning
On a hill they call the Skull
The roaring of the angry mob had settled to a lull
All eyes were cast upon the man whose hands and feet were bound
They saw him cry in anguish when they heard the hammer pound

They saw the bloody woven thorns with which His head was crowned
They watched the bloody cross of wood be dropped into the ground
The soldiers gambled for His clothes, they watched them win and lose
They saw the sign above His head that said "King of the Jews"

(It is finished) And the sky grew black as the night
(It is finished) And the people scattered in fright
The work had been done, redemption had been won
The war was over without a fight
It is finished

They searched His face for anger, for vengeance in His stare
Instead of eyes that burned with hate a look of love was there
He prayed for their forgiveness and bowed His battered head
And no one knew the meaning of the final words He said

The provision has been made
The foundation has been laid
He paid the ransom due and tore the temple veil in two
And opened up the way for me and you
It is finished

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Petra It Is Finished Comments
  1. Dave Swaney

    I'm very churchy. This is bad art. It's a bad song. Deal with it.

  2. Madeline Christman

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And God to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Elora Wyant

    When I was younger like 8 when the line “it is finished” came up I thought it was eating spinach 😂

  4. mykel daie

    Petra was the first band I ever seen in concert during a revival in Oklahoma when I was younger. Great Christian rock band.

  5. Dane Welkersen

    I love the Catholic Iconography used in this video

  6. Barby Lee

    How can you not absolutely. Love Jesus

  7. alanrockunited

    Great song that I still like as an atheist, it's just now it's purely a story.

  8. Israel Gonzalez

    😢 thank you Jesus for finishing it😇

  9. Smartguy561

    Today's Christian Rock sucks compared to the old school bands like PETRA!

  10. Julie Bingham

    Knowing that God died on the cross for my sins is wonderful blessing and the day I got baptized and received the holy spirit was a true gift and to know I will one day go heaven what a day that will be to get see my heavenly Father

    Kat Boat

    You receive the Holy Ghost when you repent of your sins and declare Jesus as your God and savior. Baptism is symbolic.

  11. manuel torres

    Traslation in the spanish! Consumado es!

  12. Ralph Desmond

    Sounds a lot like "The Final Countdown", by Europe.

  13. Julie Bingham

    Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins and rising on that 3rd day you are truly a blessing in my life

  14. tinasattler1

    Glory to Jesus thank you lord

  15. Jeffrie Baer

    This is the REAL Petra!!!

  16. Dan sleysers

    Buena canción

  17. Kevin Kelly

    This song blew me away the 1st time I heard it

  18. Lora Pearson

    Power-filled somg♥️

  19. Katie Lewis

    Petra is awesome! I'm glad Dad had me listen to it growing up. I got meet John and two of the other guys in the early 2000s when they came to Thunder Bay after the band ended its career. I have a signed ticket somewhere from it. They may be "outdated" to the people around my age (25), but I think they're great!

  20. María Alejandra Sandoval Mantilla

    Thanks Yeshua 🙏✝️🕎.

  21. Fred Kyle


  22. James atton

    I hope that by the grace of God that I am saved. I have said the sinners prayer, but I am a very weak person. I pray that in the last days, I will be strong enough to not deny our Lord & savior. More then anything I want to spend eternity with our Lord. Look at all He went through for us!!!!!!

  23. Chris Webster

    "a look of love was there." Amen, and amen.

  24. Gloria Paredez


  25. Tammy Jones Kelly

    I still cry every time I hear this song.

  26. Morning Star

    I'm the furthest thing from a Christian. But Petra is great.

  27. Glenn Ross

    The Iron Maiden of gospel

  28. Gabe dorpinghaus

    Been a long time Petra!

  29. Snowing leopard The Guardian of light.

    Soo amazing I started to cry 😭👏❣️💕❤️🔥✝️🔥❤️💕🙏🏻👑

    BC Cabernet

    I usually tear whenever I listen to this one. It is such a powerful song.

  30. Rebecca Freeman

    I can't believe I still remember every word of this song...

  31. John Zellner

    Man I would love to cover this song. Heard it back in 88 or so, my intro to Christian music. By far my favorite song on the album

  32. ilovemusic R

    The war was over with out a fight it is finished!! Opened up the way for me and you!! It is finished!!!

  33. antonio bradiano

    me and abernathy was a warrior to the lost

  34. Joachim Ruud

    Good song!

  35. Edward Verda

    The Pharisees Also were Landlords evicting people into the streets

  36. youtube account

    video not available 😩

  37. Chad Rasmussen

    Amen lord

  38. whomee2

    wore out a walkman playing this over and over

  39. Mark Cato

    LOVE Petra, even after 31yrs of being a christian

  40. Anita Ramsey

    hi everyone love this song it is finshed, through his blood each and everyone can be saved from the horrible sin. yes God reigns on high, i say hallalujua i am so grateful he is in my life and i love him for all time!!!-anita ramsey

  41. Damien Labarge

    God is awesome how he can take someone from darkness to light Amen thank you Jesus

  42. Susan O'Keefe

    WOW! This really brought me back!

  43. Aaron M

    Tears at the first line of this song. Powerful. Jesus is everything!!!!

  44. Wuzzy War!!! and the battle's still raging...War!!!

  45. Wuzzy

    Iv'e love them since 1994

  46. Brian Lamb

    this song was proved 20apr99 in the Columbine massacre

  47. BillLykken

    This song ROCKS Love it. Christian Rock and Roll.

  48. Edward Verda


    Agent. ( -_-)

    What are you on about.

  49. wilder ways obilla

    Just reach out by Petra

  50. Daiene Felicio

    Como eu curto esse som!!!

  51. Connie Williams

    yes it is finished!

  52. omegaman

    Which CD is this from?

    Bryan Peachey

    omegamanradio brat and 😭the 💋

    Bryan Peachey

    omegamanradio beat the system

  53. Wayne Hampson

    It is finished - Tetelestai - Paid in full, Nothing more for us to do.

    Chad Rasmussen

    Wayne Hampson amen brother!!!!

  54. Gospel Broadcasting

    Petra rocks!

  55. Jane Boe

    "Finished" is how Yeshua says 'I love ya!'

  56. Rave Nation

    I remember listening to this song when I was younger, long before I was saved. It's amazing how much more it means now that I have a great relationship with God. I wasn't really aware of the seven statements of Christ on the Cross, but wow this never fails to inspire me to be a better person - Just like God's love never falters!!!

  57. Agent. ( -_-)

    Such a powerful song. truly inspiring.

    Welcome all to the glory and salvation of the Lord.

    tls beats

    Agent. ( -_-) preach 🙏 man

  58. Isaiah Fields

    When he said it is finished he meant it! ... he has redeemed every single man...all flesh (are you flesh?) will testify of Christ IN DUE TIME!  I know and suffer reproach because I trust in the living God who is the Savior of EVERY MAN.

  59. Sunflower seed

    Take me Jesus I'm ready to meet you!!!!!

  60. Young Bull237

    me and my dad love this

  61. Davida Rosenberg

    The Jewish people will have a lot of songs to learn to sing!!!!
    I am one who hears this message and rejoices through the tears of His suffering.
    Bless the Lord o my Soul and forget not His goodness. For to us a son is born, to us a son is given! Y E S H U A IS HE!


    I love this! Ty!

  63. Netzah

    Bob Hartman = genius composer, Greg X Voltz, voice like no other. Anointed and Powerful band, that helped so many people and continues to do so through this medium,(internet). The songwriting was done for the 'right' motivation and was 'selfless'. It was 'Inspired' to 'Help' people from all over the lost world. Massive Respect

  64. Marcio Britto oficial

    petra significa rocha rock

  65. Rachael Badham

    Petra songs are powerful love them when they came out and always will. Songs played in church and we all song on top of our lungs so all can hear good job

  66. Stanley Salce

    "Paid in full!" True Love

  67. Robert Hall

    Love the video can't find s better band out there any where you can see the love of Jesus in them

  68. Natheria


  69. Elizabeth Palacios

    I Love this song.

  70. Rob Cameron

    If only the luke warm so called Christians of today could write and sing like this classic... I guess you need the Holy Ghost for that..

    paul meier

    +Rob Cameron Try Holy Spirit by Francesca Bastelli i think you will like it and check out Britt Nicole

    Rob Cameron

    +paul meier
    Thanks Paul,, will do.

    Donna MacCrossan

    +Rob Cameron I got saved in 1982 and I have always felt that the contemporary Christian music like this one and especially my favorite "Harvest" has so much more anointing than today's so-called Christian music.

    Clint Walker Jr

    Amen to that guys like Petra and Whiteheart paved the way for the groups of today and they are for the most part bland and weak in my opinion. I miss the passion and dedication of the old bands!


    I agree! Petra was before my time but when I was in college I heard their music. I dont remember exactly the venue but I bought a cd from them and they signed it for me. I played that cd over and over. I had no idea they were such a big hit like decades ago, but I enjoyed their music more than any other Christian artists at the time. I just got Apple Music and I’ve discovered a whole bunch of new songs Ive never heard before, this one being one of them, and so far its my favorite. It’s awesome! These are the kind of songs I write and want to listen to. I hope one day the Lord will allow me to share my music and have even a sliver of the impact.

  71. Richard Wagner

    Not into the turn or burn ideas (horrible non biblical) anymore, but always loved this song....always will


    Hell or heaven we can choose. Want God.

  72. fran ratliff


  73. Ed Finley

    Nobody has that voice like Greg Volz!

  74. Jesus Christ is the Lord amen

    Thanks to the Jesus Christ amen 'n God Bless:D


    ah petra the sound of my youth trouble is i'm now an atheist !!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still like the music

  76. scottgixxer67

    my favorite group for 32 years...

  77. jcheeseman21

    Ididn't realize how huge this band was at a time. I was just a small kid when they came on the scene but have listened to many of their songs throughtout the years and so thankful for them, their songs will live forever.

  78. Cats Eye

    Has anyone noticed down here in this paradigm? It's all about the EXCUSES! The tyrants have a bagful of them, but when none of them apply, they fall back on the old "deterrent" crock, which is why they came up with that concept of "one must died to save many!" How right they were. Only Satan slipped up with God this time, by punishing an INNOCENT man!!! That opened the door for all Evil to be finally destroyed...

    Cats Eye

    @barbie pauly (:D Rejoice, believers, for your redemption draws near! (:D

  79. Scott Kovalcik

    Once and For All Time!

  80. Craig Water

    Though I have made many suffer with my failures, He has drawn me back and reminded me that He has already paid for my rebellion. He's my forever love. I am back on the path, stronger than ever and growing. Thank you my Savior!!!

  81. rocky rooo

    By the GRACE of GOD not by works I am his forever !!!!!!!!!

    Snowing leopard The Guardian of light.

    rocky rooo I prayed for you and God bless you and everyone!!!❣️🔥✝️🔥🙏🏻


    Faith without works is dead..

  82. Tammi Linker


  83. Eileen Pierce


  84. Vijay Kommu

    this song can never go old.........its music and lyrics are just fresh and much depth in the words......petra ..thank you..

  85. Dion Richardson

    He paid it all!!! Thank you, Jesus! #graceamazing

  86. PraiseTheLord

    This dude has a Hip-hop channel but was surprised to see a Petra compilation Live video on his channel.
    It seems to feature Greg X. Volz and old petra live songs from 1985 and 2012:
    Search for:
    "Petra - Great Moments Live - Greg X. Volz era "

  87. Brett Lancaster

    Awesome band...

  88. Jason Montgomery

    Takes me back to 1985, was 15 and still know every word f every song on this album!  I sing like a girl so still sing them today!!! Love it!!!

    Dion Richardson

    @Jason Montgomery Me, too! I went to see them on the "Beat the System" tour at the Universal (now Gibson) Amphitheater with Steve Taylor opening!

    Randy Darrah

    @Dion Richardson Steve Taylor! Wow! I saw them the first time on their Beat the System tour in Midland, TX, with Joe English opening!

    Scott Summers

    I met Jesus when I was 13, fell almost instantly in love with Petra, and stryper! This takes me back to that same summer, of 15, blowing my eardrums out with this tape. Incidentally, it was the p lunch one my dad never shouted at me to, "turn those speakers down".

    Mark Haatvedt

    I like it is finished.


    watching in 2017

  89. jbx1967

    High Priest Caiaphus: Write not "King of the Jews" but that he said "I am King of the Jews."
    Pilate: What I have written... I. Have. Written.

    Jelly Donut

    Love it!

    Dane Welkersen

    ...and the Jews cried loud in one voice saying "if he is an innocent man let his blood be upon us and descendants" Matthew 27: 25

  90. RosaMac


  91. Jim Thompson

    it is finished was the beginning.

  92. Vivian Barnes

    I first heard this song thanks to my brother who is very much into older music.  This is a meaningful christian song unlike today's christian songs that have no meaning whatsoever.  Thank you jonke38!

    God bless,
    Christina, age 10

  93. swordfish00007

    Man it's probably been 20+ years since I heard this song

  94. Brian Waln

    what an awesome song!  Another great song from Petra, amongst many is "First Love."  You guys have blessed untold millions with your music.  Thank You.

  95. Luna Mar

    Just straight scripture~! They had such an impact on my life when I was in my twenties! I love their work!

  96. James Fudge

    Awesome song. SO POWERFUL. Touches the soul.

  97. Tony Minard

    a veteran post, thank you for your courage and commitment to truth

  98. Sandro Rodrigues Rocha

    One of the best Petra songs, together with Prayer and Road to Zion.