Petra - In The Likeness Of You Lyrics

[Based on Psalm 17:15]

In the likeness of You
Recreated, renewed
Let me awake forever
In the likeness
In the likeness of You

Now I lay me down to sleep
My heart and soul are Yours to keep
I close my eyes and try to see
More of You and less of me

Jesus, I'm trusting in You
So while I'm sleeping
Keep me dreaming
Of when I will awake

In the likeness of You
Recreated, renewed
Resurrected by Your righteousness
In Your likeness
In the likeness of You

Men dream of fortune and fame
Making the rules, naming the game
And men dream of things they can hold
Money and power, silver and gold
Jesus, I'm dreaming of You
Take me and melt me, mold me
Until I am complete

In the likeness of You
Recreated, renewed
Resurrected by Your righteousness
In the likeness of You
In the likeness of You
So faithful and true
Let me awake forever in the likeness of You

The likeness of You
I want to be
I want to be like You
In all I say
In all I do

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Petra In The Likeness Of You Comments
  1. Isaque Marques Jr

    The greatest rock band ever.

  2. Hop

    This song is part of a special little memory for me. Another guy in our congregation and I performed this one Easter morning for the church, and it was one of those all too rare instances when everything went off perfectly -- better than it ever had in practice. Thank you for this song and that experience, Lord.

  3. Bibih

    💞 beautiful song

  4. Steve Parks

    Love Petra. My first exposure to Christian rock and helped me to learn about Jesus Christ.

  5. Joeseph Halecki


  6. jamie .jamie

    a very floydian outro...


    John Schlitts vocals ❤️😍

  8. Tina Vasquez

    Love this song! 🙏💜🙏💜 More of YOU and less of me.

  9. augustin devaraj

    OSM gospel rock band ,

  10. Hannah martian00

    💓 THIS SONG! 👍 Thumbs up if you remember singing along to this song as a little kid when it played on the radio station K-Lord FM!

  11. SrTicomik

    This song and ´´my pray´´ from beyond believe both remind me of the time when I was a christian...


    If you have strayed, come back, my friend!

  12. André Borman

    Eu amo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✝️✝️

  13. Giana Madrid

    Petra te amo mucho y te extrañamos tus fans desde México!!

  14. Nathaniel Martin

    Good bedtime song!

  15. Chera Agitok

    praise the Lord

  16. torrefuerte008

    Whats that noise at the end of song...?

    Nathaniel Martin

    torrefuerte008 that's the Our Father, prayer.

  17. Michelle Roberts

    These guys bring glory to our God & I love ROCKING out my praise with then!

  18. Firefighter K. Wann

    God please let this be my prayer, and to be just like you :)

  19. Colliash Lee

    am so enjoy every words n the music that come is bring the voice that inspire my soul n creat the pession of worship almighty God amen Godbless your Petral

  20. Frances Green

    I was just a kid when my mom got me my first Petra tape. this means war. I loved them ever since.

    doug szymanik

    +Frances Green loved more power to ya ,,not of this world, ,washes whiterthan,

    Franica 128756

    Frances Green q

    Acnukmmbc poieaX

    Brandon Krupka

    Please pray for me when you get the chance to! Really need it, huh, don't we all?

  21. Michael Woudberg

    This music changed my life !!

  22. Yankee10x

    "We can't really see it, but we know it's there.  Like some sort of unseen power . . . "

  23. Joci Gonçalves

    Me sinto abençoado com essas canções do Petra Deus o abençoe sempre.

  24. packerlandmike

    Unseen Power is Petra's masterpiece, IMO.  I know a lot of people feel it's Beyond Belief, but there is just "something" with Unseen Power that BB seems to be missing.  


    Agreed, well said!

  25. Jim Price

    What post or comment are you referring to? Curious as to who Brad is referring to?

  26. Waltinho GNeto

    In the Likeness of You

  27. Waltinho GNeto

    Jesus is Love

  28. Triple MVP legend

    1 John 3:2, " For it does not (yet) appear what we shall be, (but) we know that when He does
    Appear, we shall be (like) Him, for we shall see Him as
    He is."

    Brandon Krupka

    Amen and amen, Brother. Take care and God bless!

  29. Danny McKinney

    From the beginning when God created Man from his likeness he gave every human being on earth an advice not to touch the fruit of the knowledge of Good & Evil. The fruit of the knowledge of Good & Evil is asking for every human to fall through. I do believe you send Jesus to restore Man-kind back to life to recover the situation. So we dont struggle into darkness

  30. Triple MVP legend

    Ephesians 2:10, " For (we) are HIS workmanship, (created) in Christ JESUS for good works,

    which GOD foreknew, for us to walk in them." Clossians: "

  31. Triple MVP legend

    Remember what the Apostle Paul said, in Philippians 1:6, being confident in this (one) thing,
    that (HE) who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it, until the Day of JESUS Christ." We learn 2 things. 1.) HE(GOD) began the work. 2. HE will be Faithful to complete th e work, not us. 3.) Until the day of JESUS Christ., meaning until JESUS returns.
    GOD will keep working on us, for HE knows were not perfect, only HE is perfect.

  32. Rick Lewis

    One of my favourite Petra albums.

  33. Donna L. Shaw

    I love this song & this band. *Looking forward to His return*. I love You, Lord. Thank You, Precious Savior, for dying on the cross for an undeserving, bratty sinner like me. Unworthy, but worth something in Your eyes, Oh Lord. <3 You always. In Your glorious name I pray, Amen. =)

  34. Fernanda Hi

    Amazing song... I love this band!

  35. inquiring mind

    Like? Try *LOVE*...!

  36. Frank Gurin

    How can I ever be like You Lord,You're Perfect and I'm just a man and I bow down before thee,Oh Lord and my God !!!!!

  37. RobinHobbit

    @pnutbutrncrackers This isn't Greg. This is John Schlitt.

  38. Colleen Ruth

    no matter how many times i've heard this over the years, it's still an inspiration to me.

  39. zauriel1

    And the message of THIS song is clear as clear can get!!! This is a favorite, because my Mom (Who has since went onward) really liked this song---and she didn't like 'modern' music!!!

  40. CRISTI

    I love PETRA so much

  41. vadennotbaden


    What a wonderful testimony!

  42. Jo Vee


  43. Erwin Brink

    does anyone have the music of farrell and farrell from the album let the hole world know..?

  44. seenandnotheard

    what happened to the video of this song?

  45. inquiring mind

    This song really touches the soul, the heart...Jesus, we love you!!!!!!!

  46. DJPantanal2014

    Petra's music and message keep touching many hearts... like mine.I love it.

  47. JoeCamelLives

    Ah, this was back when they were still doing Power Ballads. It's a good song. Unseen Power is one of the best albums by Petra. That's my opinion.