Petra - I Will Sing Praise Lyrics

I will sing praise to God my King
I will sing praise
I will sing praise with my whole being
I will sing praise

My meditation of Him shall be sweet because I love Him
I will give my heart in celebration
And lift my voice on high
And make a joyful noise

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Petra I Will Sing Praise Comments
  1. Jonathan Strauss

    Jesus Is live he is the Best and he is the winner of all (praise him)

  2. Deon Heinrik

    @visionmaster153 I agree I AM A FAN

  3. Nopalvlogs

    live for Christ

  4. butsuk olivlangs

    i love it ,/./the best./.thank u God./

  5. Andres Marquez Guerra

    Excelente, me gustó mucho


    hi friends Jesus blessed u