Petra - I Am Available Lyrics

[Based on Matthews 9:37-38, Romans 12:1]

I don't have much to offer you, I don't have much to give
There's so much I may never be as long as I may live
I may never be all I want to be although I'll always try
But if you choose me, to use me, there's just one reason why

I am available, I am available
I will go when you say go
I am available, I am available
I will stop when you say no
My whole life was incomplete till I laid it at Your feet
So use me as You will
I am available

I'm not the most dependable - sometimes you can't rely
There's no excuse, there's no defense, there's only one reply

I know that my ability is not Your main concern
It's my availability and willingness to learn

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Petra I Am Available Comments
  1. Dani More

    Estou aqui, Senhor! Canção preciosa! 💚

  2. Mitchell-ized

    My ass is Also available

  3. Peter Networker

    What a special voice that of John .... powerful in rock songs but with an incredible feeling in ballads ... one of the best singers in history without a doubt. And he continues to do so today, he is tireless.

  4. Peter Networker

    Que voz tan especial la de John.... poderosa en las canciones de rock pero con un increible sentimiento en las baladas... uno de los mejores cantantes de la historia sin duda. Y lo sigue haciendo hasta hoy, es incansable.

  5. Fr. Lee Sissel

    I had forgotten this song though this is my favorite Petra album from my Jesus Freak days. Recently my wife brought me her I-Pad to listen to it and said I just discovered your theme song. You say it all the time. I am humbled she hears that. I was forced into early retirement by limitations after a brain tumor but now I am actively ministering voluntRily through the local Gospel Rescue mission and happier then ever with life and ministry.

  6. Priyadarshan Nag

    What a beautiful song 💙

  7. Marco Garcia

    I am available Lord. Use me!!!

  8. Anthony Sandoval

    Truly one of the best Petra songs "EVER"

  9. Bruce Wakeman

    - Isaiah 6:8 -   Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

    - Ruth 1:16 -   And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy GOD my GOD:

  10. Mr. M.

    This was the 4th Petra song I ever heard. Once i discovered that every song on this album was excellent I began a quest to obtain and listen to every Petra Album and song. There has only been one of their songs I didn't like and i can't even remember what it is called.

  11. James Shin

    I remember having tears while listening to this song last year @ Berkeley trying to evangelize to one person and not being so successful.

  12. Ron C

    Petra...I listen to this song and feel a bit of nostalgia. But more than nostalgia I still feel His call. Petra man...the message they had then is just as meaningful now as it ever was. May God bless those men for charging up the young brothers of that time with Gods love and awesome.

  13. Janice Witzke

    love it my whole life was incomplete, till i laid it at your feet,, i was there, then Jesus,

  14. Giana Madrid

    Uff nachito por ti conocí estas rolas, aunque no estas conmigo te extraño mucho, y bendigo a Petra por este gran legado.

  15. Reginald Wallace

    Have not heard yet, in my 50+ years, another Rock Band that has the combination of great lyrics and music. Unparalleled in music history. And production values.

    Jesse Granados

    Same. I was a worship pastor and a youth pastor in the 90's and still work with leading worship today and find that much of the music and lyrics seems to have been relegated to how I feel or emote today and less on what God says, who He is and how all creation worships Him. Petra, Rez Band, Mylon LeFevre and Stryper... just to name a few, all had really strong lyrical content and of course their music rocks, too!

  16. Shari Pierce

    I love the Lord with all my heart and all that I am. I have fallen down so many times and yet in all His mercy He reached down and helped me back up. I love You Jesus, and I am truly sorry that I am not more.


    Why? he knows your 100% potential and how much of that you can achieve since your birth. he knows how much you can accomplish, so apologies are irrelevant. His plan is exactly what you have done. or you proved his omnipotence incorrect

  17. Hannia Ruiz

    I can't play it from my ipad😪 do you have restrictions to play the video?? Please I want to listen to this song

  18. Dude Muscle

    The best band.

  19. Jennifer Pruitt

    Petra is the greatest rock band to EVER walk the earth! Hands down, Voltz or Schlitt, don't matter!

  20. DJCandyManMike

    This should be every missionary's anthem.

    Reginald Wallace

    every believers anthem, biblically.

  21. Triple MVP legend

    Put us in charge over larger things. When we are tempted to neglect or ignore small, unimportant things, it is sometimes a test from God, to see if He can trust us with stuff. Remeber, GOD, tests us to see if were worthy to be promoted. The more (tests) u pass, great or small, the more oppurtunities for promotions.


    God knows our worth since the beginning of time.... tests are irrelevant since our potential and success are already set

  22. Triple MVP legend

    Start by (thuroughly) accomplishing small things! King David started out by playing his
    Harp to GOD, then the current King Saul, summoned him to minister to the LORD, thereby
    helping to soothe his soul. He also was a simple (shepherd) over sheep; He guarded them so
    faithfully, that God helped David kill a lion and a bear when they attacked the sheep. Then he killed a giant named golitah, which promoted him to a high position in King Saul's army. So, if we master small things, HE will.

  23. Triple MVP legend

    " He who is faithful in that which is least, is (faithful) also in much, and he who is injust in what
    is least is also unjust in what is much." The lesson? be a faithful. The LORD told the
    good stewards, " Well done thou good, faithful servant, because u were faithful over a (few) things, I will put u in charge of many things". it's not the amount of things we do, it's completing every mission HE assigns us to do, then HE will promote us.

  24. remocleo


  25. DJCandyManMike

    You got that right! 2012 is a hoax because only the Father knows the hour. No man has that knowledge.

  26. DJCandyManMike

    Petra's one of the few bands I've ever listened to that has virtually no songs that annoy me! Every album I've listened to is dynamite, and I alays think, "The next song can't be as good as this one!" This is probably my favorite of their softer songs.

  27. SOIAx11x

    @SOIAx11x Age of Pisces*, (not Pieces) <----Opps...

  28. SOIAx11x

    @Storm7Shadow No, it's not a Apocalypse, it's a Apocalypto time.... Not the end, a new beganing.... The cross other to another dimension, 2012 is NOT THE END, it's the end as we know it. as we know it, that's key... The dawning of a new age... this happened in the story of Moses breaking the clay tablets, it's Astrology really, they where worshiping the age of Taurus and we just crossed over to the age of Pieces and this got Moses upset because we where suppose to evolve and be better beings.

  29. Capt_Gunzou

    Why can't everyone these days be like this,I have nothing ...use me...I AM AVAILABLE!

  30. mytuber81

    I have this album... great song, love the lyrics. Brings me back to the 80's when my mom used to play it in the car. Eventually saw them live in the 90's.

  31. Caleb Corneloup

    This thinking is lost in the church. Now they run to scicologists to see what their strengths are. All the church leaders where I am are going to scicologists to see what their strengths are rather then saying to God I have nothing use me

  32. DJPantanal2014

    Man I used to teach English to my students back in 1989 from a tape cassete that some friends sent to me from Seattle,they captured some songs from a radio station ,former KCMS now Spirit 1053 that today I listen to it on line.I live in Cuiabá, Brazil. This song still makes me cry. God bless you.

  33. Pamathey

    This song always makes me laugh. It brings me back to being a kid and listening to it in the car on trips and thinking it sounded like a cheesy song a girl would hope a guy would sing to her.

    If a man starts singing Petra lines to me, I'm his! lol

  34. Daviy7

    Great song!! Do you have a accompaniment track of this song? God bless you!

  35. priestpega

    Now this is my all time favorite Petra song. It always touches my soul. Thank you guys for blessing this poor soul. God bless you.