Petra - Hit You Where You Live Lyrics

[Based on 1 Timothy 4:12, Ephesians 4:1]

You want to change - with all of your might
You want to do right in His sight

It's His delight to give you your desire
It's His desire to set your life on fire

Sometimes it hurts when reprimanded
It hurts Him more than it's hurtin' you
He'll pick you up from where you landed
When He knocks you down, turns your life around
He'll turn your life around

Hit you where you live you can't hold it back
When you're struck by His love you will know
Hit you where you live, it's so close to home
When you're all sold out the mark will show
Let Him hit you where you live

The evidence leads to conviction
When we don't live everything we say
There's got to be a crucifixion
We can live dying everyday

You've got to tell Him He's free to take a shot
He wants to hit you with everything He's got

A lost and dying world is dying to know
He lives
The only way they'll know what He has to give
Is when we're hit where we live

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Petra Hit You Where You Live Comments
  1. Esteban Flores

    Does anyone know if he still alive or if i can contact him. I justo want tell him he did a great job and bless him.

    Ray Elkins

    They're all still alive and well and still carrying the message in one way or the other. These guys are the real deal, walking the walk. I've met them all and was impressed by their humble presence and love for Jesus.

  2. Peter Networker

    2:45 Que gran voz la de John!

  3. Peter Networker

    Que buen album de Petra.... de los mas rockeros!

  4. brightbite

    This song still makes me blush. <3_<3

  5. Snake Powerforce

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooah On Fire!!

  6. Rondell Schuyler

    Guitarist Bob Hartman sure can put a song together. My favorite by Petra


    En Mercadolibre de Argentina estoy vendiendo mucho material de los años 80/90 de música cristiana, allí también hay material de Petra, incluyendo Hebillas para cinturones con logos de algunos de sus albums.

    Belt Bucklet...


  7. Rondell Schuyler

    We love Petra. There has been other groups, Bloodgood, Barren cross and Stryper just to name a few. The positive impact has been profound. Thank you all. Petra's is at the top of the mountain when it comes to Christian Rock music even today. The words, John Schlitts voice, Bob Hartmans guitar playing and his putting bible verses and meanings to music. There is nothing about Petra I do not like. I been listening to Petra for 30 years and God willing I'll be listening for 30 more. Thanks a million.

  8. Deep 6

    think you will find it sounds alot like another song think it could be a duran duran tune

  9. Croiseeman

    Philippians 3:13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

  10. Patrick Flynn

    By far my favorite Petra record of all times! thanks for sharing

  11. Turbo Jones

    This is the deepest theological theme I've ever heard in a song. "He'll pick you up after HE knocks you down" holy!!


    Right? He's in control and loves us enough to knock us down when needed.

  12. Tom Okoth

    When you're struck by His love you'll know..... Memories of 29 years ago. The drums and solo guitarists were just plain mad ! I wish wish wish I could ppaly those instruments with such awesome skill. Miss you guys..

    Brandon Perry

    Couldn't agree more man

  13. Eric blaler

    I was in elementary school, I ordered a sweatshirt, I remember it came in the mail it had this image on the front... I miss these days


  14. Paul James

    love it

  15. Valeria Welke

    Muy buen álbum

  16. Daniel Fox

    Good music is good music

  17. PixelatedJHGaming

    You hit me where you live😊😊

  18. Flare - TheBlazingChristianGamer

    Bob just keeps suprising me every time I hear his solos. He is Awesome.

  19. Craig Garinger

    JESUS CHRIST Rocks your socks off!!!

  20. john urey

    The greatest band in Christian music my favior band...

    Deep 6

    love this tune its awsome and a great message

  21. Yahshua ben david


  22. Seventh Mist

    Even atheists should appreciate this, but they probably won't.


    You don't know that they won't. Real music and real lyrics can hit people where they live, regardless where they are in life.

    Rich Anthony

    The stupidity of that statement is beyond belief

    Jace Fincham

    I'm an atheist, and I still love Petra. This song is killer. Actually, the whole album is.

  23. Arielle Booher

    Praise Jesus! This song rocks!

  24. Bruiser 14

    both books im reading right now talk about this especially Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman.

  25. Andrew batista

    Petra rocks

    Eric Daily

    Petra means rock.

  26. Roberto Bao

    te saludo y te bendigo desde argentina soy seguidor de petra desde los 17 años en mi adolescencia hoy con 45 me considero petromaniaco jua!!! excelente seleccion Dios salve a petra!!!

  27. Andrew batista

    i love Petra

  28. George Hobson

    One of my top 5 Petra song's.

  29. Curtis Corse

    The only music I was allowed to listen to when I was growing up was Christian rock.  Petra, Rick Cua, and to a lesser extent, Stryper.  I haven't heard these songs in at least 20 years.

  30. Brian Waln

    Growing up, I never listened to Petra.  I'm a huge Journey fan.  Petra is awesome!  If I'd only had these songs in my heart back then.  Some Christian rock is terrible.  Not these guys.  Petra is the real thing, and what a blessing.. Even for an old-line Assembly of God Pentecostal like me.


    I came to Faith in a Plymouth Brethren Church, Back then Rock and Roll was a sin.

    tim othy

    I was introduced to Petra back in the early 90s because of my uncle in faith school, they'd BLAST the ON FIRE tape on the ghetto blaster it was heard for like 1/3 mile 😂😂😂

    Eric Daily

    Try out Mylon and Broken Heart, Degarmo and Key, and White Heart. Classic Christian Rock at it's best.


    Dude, same here. Old school Journey fan from the 70s, yet Petra brought it and at times even surpassed Neal Schon and his merry band. Both groups are awesome! I also was brought up in AG!


    Listen to ' Strangers to the night " by David & theGiants. its anointed, has awesome instrumentation, powerful anointed lyrics and is VERY professionally produced. Absolutely outstanding cd

  31. James Edgar

    My favorite part of this song is that you can hear the bass guitar so clearly. Bob's lead guitar is outstanding, as always.

  32. kirk1968

    This song hits me where I live over 25 years later, STILL an all-time favorite. God changed my life through Petra's music beginning back in 1984, anyone else out there?

    Turbo Jones

    kirk1968 this is the deepest Christian song I've ever heard

    Carolyn Brown

    same! 1989 i think was when i discovered them and it was this album, and its still the only christian album that every song hits me right in the gutt <3


    @Carolyn Brown That's awesome, God is good!

    Jeffrey Banner

    it started in '89 for me, but in '84 they released one of my personal favorites (dare to hold your ground...Beat the System).

    Suzanna C.

    Kirk 1968 - For me, it was 1988. It _blew my mind_ when I was introduced to Petra! I had never _even heard_ of Christian rock.
    I loved this whole album, but "Beyond Belief" is my favorite; "Creed" is one of the _most powerful_ songs I've _ever_ heard.
    God really dealt with me thru Petra's music. And also _Carmen's,_ I discovered him then too.

  33. Mikkel Gaarde

    Petra spiller for vildt

  34. Dead End

    They did this song during their Beyond Belief European tour on Saturday, February 23, 1991 in Kaiserslautern, Germany. A night I will never forget. Doors opened at 8:20 pm. Standing room only. They had a female translator speak to the people. There was no opening act, either - they just took an intermission. A kid ran across the stage during All Fired Up, and a security guard chased after him.

  35. TheTrueScource


  36. kirk1968

    This song has continued to strike a nerve since I first heard it upon release. Still packs a punch!

  37. Tracy Gimer

    Best. Song. Ever.

  38. StratMatt777

    You will do it! Practice makes perfect! What's up with your username?

  39. Robyn Ruefer

    I thank God everyday that I've had the honor to witness this tour!! When I'm down.. this is the song that i turn to...

  40. robinater

    Love this song but its begging for at least a good 45 second solo at least thats how I would have done it.

  41. mbryan718

    There's more message in ten seconds of this song than 90% of any "Christian Rock" you hear today. Thank you, Lord, for Petra.

    Nathan Lindahl

    Or in some preachers

  42. kirk1968

    Saw them in concert for this album, and have never forgotten it even 20 years later. Thank you for posting the song and lyrics!

  43. Donald Jones

    Great christian message in this song.

  44. CRISTI

    PETRA forever

  45. Chet Pulaski

    This song rocks.
    Petra at their VERY BEST.
    Huge John Schlitt fan. Great guy, great voice.

  46. Ralph Jones

    This Means War is my favorite of Petra's power rock era.

  47. compelx

    First time I heard this I this is NOT a Christian band. Impossible.

    I am humbled by the awesomeness sound.

  48. Pamathey

    True rock.

    Jesus owns this CD. (And Beyond Belief)

  49. jbarryalive

    Agree 100%, world's best Christian rock band!

  50. mikloszrinyi

    World's best Christian rock band and this time is the best of the power rock ballads..Wish there were more bands out there like this!
    Not like the Imperials, thats for sure

  51. mikosoft

    Gated reverb powerdrums forever! :-D

  52. Daz Adamski

    I agree it deffantly makes more sense more than when I 12 now im 27 and Im glad I can hear it today