Petra - First Love Lyrics

[Based on Revelation 2:9, 1 John 4:19, Song of Solomon 2:4]

Sometimes I feel I'm pulled in so many wrong directions
Sometimes I feel the world seducing my affections
It's not that I don't know the way
It's just a heart that's prone to stray
But with my weaknesses admitted
You will keep all that I've committed
So I commit my heart to You
My First Love

First Love - First Love
My soul longs after You
First Love - First Love
I want my heart to stay so true
Because You first loved me
Jesus You will always be
You will always be
My First Love

It's taken me some time to try to comprehend
A love that doesn't change - a love without an end
A love that keeps forgiving
A love of sacrifice and giving
I delight myself in You
My First Love

If I ever lack endurance
I remember Your assurance
That Your only banner over me is love
If my heart begins to waiver
Woo me back, my loving Savior
Woo me back till I return to my First Love

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Petra First Love Comments
  1. Bob K

    Surprised that I am still able to sing along without lyrics.

  2. Rex Sexson

    Chills, such a great song. Timeless.

  3. James Shin

    Great song and a great band. Solid lyric that touches my heart and redirects me to Him!

  4. joshuatree28

    I felt that passion of this song then, and I feel it now. It reminds me to stay true and when I don't, that God will STILL be there for me.

  5. randy maher

    An Awesome Song!

  6. Ricky Villanueva Gonzalez

    First and always will be my first love since 1988 (the year the song was born)

  7. maximus vonce


  8. The Remnant's Voice

    One of my favorite songs of all time. It still touches my heart and reminds me of the intimacy we should retain with Jesus. Thanks for uploading. God bless.

  9. Maria Wong

    Lord I know who you are and I want you to stay in my life. Im sorry for straying lord. You are my lord and savior. I love you soo much. I leave it all in your hands.

  10. Colette Nasielski

    My Favorite Petra Song ThankYou

  11. Mike Murphy

    Wow. This song is almost thirty years old and I have never seen this video before.

    Thanks for sharing! God bless!

  12. thejomer24

    Thank you Jesus

  13. Jennifer Wong

    Dear God you know all that I'm going through and how much pain and sadness I have had. These past two years have been so painful. Open my eyes God take me where you think I should go.

  14. Azghadh Worm

    lindo louvor do petra...nota 1000

  15. MPK Lover

    Einzigartige Musik!Schöne Erinnerungen an die ABSCHLUSSFAHRT ca.1990 WHR Schule Pfullingen...Lieber Markus P.da haben wir die Lieder rauf und runter gehört!Auf dem Walkman, hi hi..waren noch Zeiten;-) Ich hoffe sehr, dass es Dir gut geht!!God bless you!

  16. Charles Davis

    Oldie but a goodie

  17. Bruce Kremer

    ... A keeper for the ages..... Thank you Lord for being patient with me.. You are my first love.....