Petra - Dead Reckoning Lyrics

[Based on Romans 6:11, Galatians 2:20]

It's a new day at last, but you're sinking so fast
If left up to your head, you'd remember the past
But a new day has come and new life has begun
Let the old pass away, reconsider it done
There's got to be a reckoning
When you feel the Spirit beckoning

It's a dead reckoning
Trade the old for the new
It's a dead reckoning
Learn to die daily till the new life comes through
It's a dead reckoning

You've got nothing to lose but you do have to choose
When the Spirit says yes but the flesh will refuse
And although you feel odd there are many who trod
Till they're dead to the world but alive unto God
Some still believe it can't be done
To the steady the race is still won

And the battle is already through
And it's hard to believe but it's true
On a hill long ago where the blood runs below
Died a King, two thieves, and you

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Petra Dead Reckoning Comments
  1. mick leeds

    On hill down, long ago..where the blood run's below...Died our King..2 theive's and You..!!! AMEN THANK YOU JESUS..!!!!!

  2. Jared Hayslip

    Kill Your Old Habits Old Ways Embrace A New Life in Jesus ..

  3. george peters

    This still is a JAMMING tune! I believe that Petra was the Def Leppard of Christian music back in 1987!

  4. Rachel Russo

    Yeah!!! The lyrics always takes me back to God with Zeal and Joy!!!

  5. Hans Delbruck

    May Zeus and his lady Hera reclaim your spirit.

    Scott Gifford

    Go home Dad, your drunk!

    Tim Grant

    @Hans Delbruck
    Wrong room dude. False religions is five floors down, third room on your left.

  6. Rudy Briskar

    Great message, RAWKIN' SONG!

  7. Roy Belmont

    Thank you for posting this!!!!

  8. whomyguy1

    this album came out in '88 it was the second release with new singer John Schlitz following back to the street and preceeding on fire

    Jared Hayslip

    Back To The Street 1986. This Means War 1987. On Fire. 1988. Petra Praise 1989
    Beyond Belief 1990. Unseen Power 1991
    Wake Up Call 1993. No Doubt 1995..
    God fiction 1997 .. Petra Praise 2 1998 ..
    Jakal And Hyde 2003 .. Farewell Tour 2004
    John Schlitt Solo Shake 1995. Pig For Swine 1997 ... Star song And Word Records

  9. Joshua Davids

    @mattkshirley Was wondering where all you are, true christians that is, living a crucified life. Adelaide is a small town with only prosperity churches

  10. OG-DAPO

    This is a good song and very 80's. I like the way Petra's music takes you to different frontiers

  11. Daviy7

    Very very beautyful music! I love the bass and the drum in this song! God bless you!