Petra - Dance Lyrics

[Based on 2 Thessalonians 2:15, 2 Timothy 3:14, Philippians 1:6]

I've been to the party and I left alone
And I've danced with a few that I'd be better off on my own
I've been to the altar and I know I kneeled
But I ended up dancing in the grass of another field
Then someone told me I heard someone say

Dance with the one who brung ya
Dance with the one you know who got you there
Dance with the one who brung ya
Don't change hats, you know it's the one you wear

My feet start moving down inside my shoes
But I don't want to settle for the beat of a lonely blues
And there's no use dancin' to a different drum
When I've seen what happens and I know what will become
I can testify it's never worth a try

I looked high, I looked low
You're never gonna find someone who loves you so
Stand tall, stand strong
You're only gonna see you're right where you belong

Don't try to fix what has never been broke

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Petra Dance Comments
  1. Kyrshan Bareh

    John Schlitt Wow!!! ur voice was so good 😮😮😮

  2. Michael Tamang

    Anyone can help me to get petra t shirt

  3. Esteban Frias

    Esta es la verdadera banda PETRA

  4. The Music City Martian!

    John schlitt definitely has a Steve Perry influence vocal wise and Stage presence...

    Ratel.H Badger

    Helps that the music has a very Boston/Journey feel about it.

  5. Elísio Falcão

    Loves Petra! ✌️😎 Jesus is Lord of song!!

  6. Edmilson Junior

    Louvar meu Senhor é a melhor coisa que existe ... ainda mais com um Hard Rock 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  7. Adriano Lima

    Muito massa

  8. William Fry

    You can’t play this song too loud. Awesome!!

  9. Marcelo Ribeiro

    sonzera pura !! uma de minhas preferidas deles !! quem disse que não há rock n roll carregado da unção de Deus ???

  10. Giana Madrid

    Te amo Petraaaa!!!!

  11. Edgar Quesada


  12. sprayarm

    Now yer talkin!

  13. Leonor Palma

    The word of God keep us awake 2018 and waiting for JESUS he is coming soon as he promised

  14. Gunslinger

    Great video, but not the original music video's audio rip

  15. Vandilson Morais

    Show, excelente!!!!

  16. Dion Richardson

    My favorite band of all time!!!

  17. Armando Arévalo

    Me hubiera encantado vivir en esa época donde el rocķ estaba en todo su auge

  18. Marcelo Ribeiro

    bandaça !! essa música Dance é uma de minhas preferidas deles !!

  19. Cristian Artavia

    Cristian artavia flores

  20. Millie Cortés

    Petra de las mejores bandas cristianas de siempre. Poniendo al Rey de Reyes y Señor de Señores primero.

  21. Nathan Lindahl

    Skidrow musically

  22. Mario Argeñal Pinto

    De las primeras bandas cristianas que tuve el placer de escuchar

  23. Ingrid Widell

    When you have begin to listen to the gospel through Petra,you can't stop listening!Glory to the Lord!!!!!!

    Carlos Martinez

    That happen to every body

  24. Malissa Hyatt

    I wish someone would create a radio station w classic christian music & rick from the 70's & 80's.

    Edgardo Martinez

    If it's not a rhetorical question, here it is:

    Paul Meier

    lets agree on that one in the name of Jesus, it would be fantastic

  25. Straight Up

    These guys tear def leopard apart. And they are truly Christian. Praise God!

  26. Brandon Saglin

    My comment means nothing. Petras lyrics mean everything.

  27. Alice Koetsier


  28. Miguel Petraporsiempre

    Una gran banda , la mejor de toda la historia del hard rock gospel .

  29. ehrldawg


  30. Anthonio Degravio

    Petra was a great Christian rock pioneer in the seventies, eighties and early nineties ! An underated rock band! Thanks for posting this fantastic video.

    Sara Carter

    I strongly agree with you.

  31. Tiki Sanchez

    One of the best.....

  32. Joselito Nazareth

    Video original? Que filho de uma puta.

    Javier Alzogaray

    y que queres ???? Se extrajo y compilò de una cinta de VHS que tiene ya 24 años !!!!! La tecnologìa ha avanzado....!!!!

    José Maurício Gonzales Praxedes

    This vocabulary should not be in the mouth of a Christian .

    Joselito Nazareth

    @Zé Thrasher
    Zé Mané eu sou  ATEU, mas eu gosto de muitas bandas gospeis americanas, como White Cross, Deliverance, Bride, Petra e News Boys. Conheço essas bandas a décadas. Thank you guy.

  33. nilsio gonzalez

    I love this music. great music from Petra the best band ever

  34. Jim Connoy

    I had this on a Petra Video tape on VHS but haven't been able to find it on DVD

  35. Fernando Colindres

    Que gran Banda! Love that music...Grande Petra...

  36. Timmy rose Bailey

    so.....I told my    KING   im ready to go home.....I have no one on this evil plane   ,,,I find new   tumors everyday,,,yeah a warvet ,,,hardcore n  ,,,love my  KING,,,,   always   yemember    this my   bros,n this is my song...btw   I was GODS  guitarist too,,,i,,,,,,,    am  playing   4 him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. jeff Jesus Saves

    Petra Rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Ashish Wilson


  39. dutchmcgee101

    guess you wouldn't care for Avantasia's the Mystery of Time where an agnostic scientist is confronted with time and eternity.

  40. Ben Quebec

    Thank you for posting this. I recently downloaded the "Unseen Power" album from iTunes, and I was disappointed to find that my copy of "Unseen Power" had an acoustic version of this song instead of the original. The acoustic version is okay, but I missed the original. :-)

  41. Marci Chaney

    This Band is clean and talks about the Lord and young people should listen to it . stop buying other bands who are Christian like I'm.

  42. Phil Mante

    Love that bass on the second riff.

  43. Jennifer Pruitt

    ever considered publishing a book of poetry? you got mad skills!

  44. Jennifer Pruitt

    secular rock fans have their devil horns hand motion. we christian rock fans have what i call the "one way" thake your index finger of either hand or both and point it towards heaven. simple

  45. Jennifer Pruitt

    i tend to agree w/ that...

  46. TheCupcake8945

    love this song!

  47. celt germanic

    my youth n christ

  48. 3impersonators

    I think I will have to get this album now. Too catchy!

  49. Brian Aronson

    Awesome song!!

  50. jeff Jesus Saves


    Take the FLOCK and ROCK the BLOCK

    Spell DEVIL backwards - LIVED

    Hold TIGHT to whats RIGHT so LONG to whats WRONG

    Who's the MOST of the MOST from COAST ­to COAST is the HOLY GHOST

    There's No HOPE in DOPE or The POPE nor Satan's Hanging ROPE

    HIGH-way 2 Hell or FREE-way 2 Heaven! Paid in FULL

    w/Christ, An ENDLESS HOPE w/out Ch­rist a hopeless END

    Alright, I'm in the LIGHT Outta SIGHT w/No More NIGHT Stop the FIGHT as You MIGHT see that BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT

  51. ricleonhart

    Schlitt, Hartmann, Weaver, Lawry, Cates... best lineup in Petra history :D


    ricleonhart Absolutely!

  52. yymtal74

    que fuerza para tocar

  53. Vagner Verniz

    Esta foi uma das primeiras músicas do Petra que conheci.

  54. chrismorals

    Long live to PETRA!!!!!!!

  55. CRISTI

    \m/ PETRA is the best of best

  56. Chris C

    'Dance' is definitely one of Petra's best hard rock songs. Thanks for posting. Petra rocks, always!

  57. danny gonzalez

    petra excelente banda, la cancion espectacular

  58. Dean Winchester's Wolf

    First time to see this video. And Ive followed Petra since Greg X days.

  59. Rose Heather

    thankgod i got this video, great song truth,it is