Petra - Altar Ego Lyrics

[Based on Matthew 6:5,16, James 4:6]

I can tell by the look on your face
It's another day of fasting
I can tell by the length of the shadow
That your face is casting
And you look both ways before you pray
Just to see who's watching you today

It's just your altar ego - and it's so hard to know
Beneath the piety and hidden vanity begins to show
It's just your altar ego - and you don't even know
And you won't even grow til His Spirit strikes a bow
To your altar ego

You love to seen by men
In all the public places
And you always pick the best of the seats
You've got the social graces
Can you be so proud of respect you've won
When your left hand knows what the right has done

Turn around and face the One
Who knows your heart
He knows your heart

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Petra Altar Ego Comments
  1. Вадим Кадыров

    Great song, rather complex in terms of music theory

  2. Allan Wright

    Awesome song and great christian rock band

  3. Grace Geek

    John Lawry is a keyboard genius! What a great song! I did a drum cover of this.......

  4. Pablo Pazmino

    Una de las mejores cosas de Bob Hartman escribiendo las canciones de Petra es la facilidad que tiene para hacer uso de juegos de palabras como es en el caso de esta canción. La expresión original "otro yo" en ingles es "alter ego", pero él lo pone como "altar ego" que expresa la idea de llenarte de orgullo por ser muy "maduro" o muy cristiano, etc. por eso el usa esta expresión dando la idea de "altar". En fin, Petra es lo máximo!

  5. Priscila Hernandez

    wowowowowow, best christian rock band ever, love them



  7. Cynthia Stryker

    Wow... I'd never heard this song before. Awesome!

  8. Jk Swain

    Petra hit the nail on the head in this song. They're talking about the Pharisees and some of today's church houses

  9. Cleverton Fernandes

    Belíssima música com base bíblica! Deus seja louvado!

  10. Ch4osWe4veR

    I like how the covers for this and More Power To Ya seem to be inspired by Boston with the guitar space ship!

  11. Valter Santos

    Demais, PETRA, o melhor gospel poprock, e músicas que fala do amor de DEUS, vamos curtir...

  12. geographymathmaster

    This is like right from the bible.

  13. whomyguy1

    I don't think it's a sin. but your reward is the attention you receive here on earth not waiting in heaven for you. I belive the good book of James talks about it

  14. inbetweentics

    wow, that's a pious attitude from you wordorthodox.. not everyone speaks KING JAMES VERSION! thanks be to god, more people, myself included, have been saved by god's grace because of petra and keith green's preaching of the biblical words. thank you very much. lol

  15. mowriter

    inbetween: re: petra lyrics - several songs do it, but "DEFECTOR" off "On Fire" really embedded in my hear and mind the idea that Jesus is nothing if not PURE LIBERATION. Anything less is unacceptable, and a mockery of the faith. Ultimate liberty from Death, itself.

  16. mowriter

    I shudder...tremble...when I consider the people who flat reject God, because of the poisonous mockery of faith they witnessed in a PARENT, a PHARISEE-type, or both.

    Tremble at the thought of the punishment awaiting those holier-than-thou assholes who would rather "keep up appearances" than keep their own children out of hell.

    Apologies for the a-bomb, but I despise the Pharisee...even as I see ME IN HIM...

  17. dutchmcgee101

    I'm a king james onlyist, but yeah that is a very interesting point.

  18. AtionDice

    There's a mistake in the lyrics: "Beneath the piety and hidden vanity begins to show" <-- Change 'and' to 'the'

  19. inbetweentics

    you ever think sometimes that if the bible were translated into petra-speak that more people would actually read it and live by it?? :D

    i've always thought that since i first came across petra's music over 20 years ago.

  20. handleydan

    Wow! This music takes me back!