Petra - All Fired Up Lyrics

[Based on Psalm 104:4, Luke 3:6]

When the weight of the world begins to show
When the flames of faith begin to die before I know
Time to be rekindled by the everlasting Source
The all Consuming Fire, illuminating Force
Like a blacksmith bellows aim
He fans the embers to a flame

I'm all fired up - I'm all fired up
There's a flame burning in my soul
And my heart is a burning coal
I'm all fired up - I'm all fired up
Those who wait up on the Lord
Find their strength has been restored
The flames of renewal burn within
I'm all charged up in my spirit again
I'm all fired up - I'm all fired up tonight

I've been told not to let my feelings go
I've been told my emotions never had the right to show
But I have this feeling burning deep within my heart
Won't wait to let this heavenly celebration start
When the Spirit gives me the nod
I'll get excited 'bout the things of God

I feel my faith renewing - I feel revival brewing
All over the world there's a burning desire
I feel the Church is stirring and it's gonna keep occurring
Till we're all baptized in His Holy Fire

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Petra All Fired Up Comments
  1. Saihlupuii Sailo

    2019,who's with me

  2. Rick Appl

    Thanks to the unknown Christian rocker

  3. Cabral Rosas

    louvado seja o nome do Senhor jesus Cristo.

  4. Jerry Kinnin

    My first Petra Album in an 84 cutlass with a pioneer super tuner 3 deck.

  5. Bulla Briefs

    Not matter if you believe or not in God, this music is the best!!! I love Petra since forever!!! 👍👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

    Cesare Borgia


  6. Jacinda Chapman

    Jacinda ☺️ Big Peatr Fan Loves The Lord☺️😉😄🤗👍🤟😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  7. Geoffrey Rudd

    I'm fired up for God. Research Flat Earth.

    James Fowler

    I'm more believing in the holographic Universe theory. God lives in the 3rd heaven which is the realm of reality.

    Tim Grant

    @Geoffrey Rudd
    Seriously?? Dude! It's the 21st century now. Just because Satan is keeping that lie alive doesn't mean you have to listen. Also, don't you think it's time for some visual proof? Gee, I wonder why there isn't any...ever.
    @James Fowler
    Really?? Don't you think it's time to open your Bible and read the Truth?
    Sorry. Being an ex-idiot myself, I'm really tired of stupid people. AND I know that both of you have the potential for great intelligence. Find Jesus! He will cut right through those lies you have learned.

  8. andalepues

    i'm not christian, but this song rocks.

  9. paul willis

    rock is rock and they do it well

  10. Devotional Zone

    so like the album cover

  11. fast fretting

    I liked Petra better when GREG VOLZ was the lead singer.

  12. CVLOGS

    I love this !

  13. Lawson Russell

    If God would exist, he would be headbanging.

  14. Joe Helecki

    Sebastian .god

  15. Joe Helecki

    I..will..pray.. the.. lord...will . Atheist . God. Sinner ..You .Are. not. far. to..Save .You ..dont. listen..To. Other..Religions .. God . loves. You .If. you .where. the. only .Sinner. Jesus. would .Have .died. for. You...John..14. vs. 6. Jesus. said. Way. the. truth. And. life. No. man. father. But. by.. Me .

  16. Eric Daily

    THIS petra line up of band members were the best.

  17. Eric Daily

    This song and the following song, Hit You Where You Live, are perhaps the BEST 9 minutes of rock they have ever produced.

    kenneth poole

    forgot about minefield, which would be about 13-15 min

  18. Caleb Carlin

    I had no idea there was actually good 80's christian rock !!!

    Todd and Raqui Forrest

    Whiteheart... Rez.. AD... LATER Styper, Tamplin, Whitecross

  19. LoveMusic720

    Sounds like "Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me" by Juice Newton. Just sayin'! :-)


    Please don't hate on me for saying that! I love this song and actually have this record - ON VINYL!! :-)

  20. Randy Flanery

    I love these men of God! Their straight forward, God praising music helped me make it through while serving in the US Navy, back in 1983 to 1986. Thank you Petra! I really enjoy Louie's drumming. I played in a Church band for about 7 years I loved every minute of it! (Pleasanton, CA.)

  21. keyman keys

    Once again I am really missing the Christian Rock of yesterday . Why can't someone put a Classic Christian Rock Fest together ? Surely some of the old groups are still alive and willing to jam .

  22. Paul James

    Love this whole record, classic 80's metal :)

  23. Raymond Ward

    Sounds a lot like some of Starships music of the 1980's

  24. mysticx0

    im so anti religion it isnt funny but i was given this album when i was 14 and fell in love with it (got stryper at the same time and loved them too!) used to rock this album while trading baseball cards with my best friend who just passed away recently....RIP chucky.

  25. Ken Westphal

    I didn't listen to Petra until I got the assignment to do the cover art for this album. Love this album, and This Means War!

  26. Bobbylynn Moore

    Love chelation rock it has got me ware iam 28th the lord and its by brothers in Christ and I love playing the drums for Jesus he savid me amen

  27. maria perez

    I love Petra!

  28. Sebastian Chandler

    I may be an atheist, but I love Petra! some think you have to believe in God to appreciate Christian music. well, those people are dead wrong! some of my favorite bands are Christian bands. does it make me any difference what religion they are? no. I am also open minded and accepting of people and their beliefs. but, as far as rock music is concerned, I don't care what you're singing about as long as you rock good!

    fast fretting

    I don't believe in atheists,they don't exist.If there is a creation there has to be a creator.

    Anonymous Witness

    @Pawel Granatowski Maybe you have heard of some of these, but here's a list just to start:
    Resurrection Band (if you want blues try the album Awaiting Your Reply)
    Larry Norman

    Pawel Granatowski

    @Anonymous Witness thanks :) i will check them !


    @Sebastian Chandler I can understand why people could leave Christianity.I'm curious if you don't mind me askin why did you leave Christianity? I'm not here to convert that's not my job. I'm curious to know.

    darin wray

    Keep listening Sebastian! I will also use one of the Petra songs Secret weapon to ask God to reveal Himself to you in a real way!

  29. Alan Linnell

    I think this is my favorite Petra song. It's epic and has a great message. Perfect example of Christian arena rock.

  30. Jeffrey Muñoz

    Sounds like Def Leppard.

    Paul Meier

    sounds like Def Leppard?? Petra was around before there was ever a Def Leppard


    Doesn't mean that the two band's sounds can't intersect years apart... I don't think he meant that Petra copied DL.

    Paul Meier

    Only thing wrong with your thinking is that Petra was around a long time before there ever was a Def Leppard


    Sounds more like Journey in the chorus though.

    mick leeds


  31. Paulo Eduardo

    Nice song. remind me when i received Jesus.

  32. Beth Edgar

    i used to listen to music like this when i was young

  33. Manuel Bonilla


  34. Edward L

    Love this song

  35. Jesse Edmondson

    I think this song is the reason I fell in love with the electric guitar. Fond memories.

  36. Jonny Boy

    Top 10 Favorite Songs by Petra 

    1. He Came He Saw He Conqured 
    2. Stand Up 
    3. More Power to Ya
    4. Beyond Belief 
    5. No Doubt 
    6. Love
    7. Underground 
    8. All Fired Up (THIS) 
    9. Adonai 
    10. Open Book

  37. Sage Antone

    Changed my life.

  38. Simulator Gamer

    Six people need to get fired up.


    Make it 14.

    Jaco Nel

    24 now @sportsygirl8

  39. James Edgar

    This was an excellent choice as the first song on the album. It really does get you fired up for the rest of the songs. IMO, this is the 2nd-best album of the John Schlitt era (Beyond Belief is the best).

  40. Tolis Papadopoulos

    Natsu Dragneel is all fired up with this song

  41. jonn stoffer

    i like this album by this band best even though i am an unbeliever.john is one great singer and louie on drums are just awesome.some day i hope to actually purchase this cd and meet john and louie to sighn it!

    mark hentze

    hey Petra broke up in 2010.
    But if you want to try something a little(just a little) bit harder, you can try listening to Bride.
    they got a cool cd called snakes in the playground.
    and another cool called the Jesus experience.
    they sound like a christian guns n roses(never got into gnr only got into bride).

  42. Quest

    out of all the petra songs this song is probably one of the worst!!

  43. Pastor C. Rucker

    Petra was the first Christain group i lisened to when i was saved in 85 i'm now 51 and still am inspired by these songs!!

  44. Alan Chazix

    unknown petra fan? that's a good name! =D

  45. Taxiclip

    I got to see this concert live! Was cool.

  46. 123mightywarrior

    @liquidnature13 Thanks. I now know how to do it. :)

  47. liquidnature13

    @123mightywarrior There are many programs you can use to do this, most come free on your computer. Windows Movie Maker on Windows, or iMovie on a Mac. There are tutorials on youtube on how to put it together using those programs. Hope that helps.

  48. Capt_Gunzou

    Man I miss them, they were such an great band, also teaching through their music.

  49. 123mightywarrior

    How did you do this? How did you get just the music with the album artwork showing on youtube? I tried to do this, but it didn't work. Can you tell me how to upload music like this?

  50. meljpetra

    Love It - Loud !

    Rock On !

    Peace !

  51. metalhead4lifeyeah

    This song is awesome.

  52. Stu Snow

    This is the best song EVER!!!!! the best part is 2:52! Thanks for posting!!!

  53. usa816

    Love this song! TY

  54. dutchmcgee101

    You were never a Christian to begin with. You had churchianity not Christianity. God is still willing to forgive you. Romans 6:23 and john 3:16.

    mark hentze

    Is this a challenge?
    i turned against death metal.
    and set the bar at trash metal.
    i like Tourniquet.
    and Petra rocks.
    i got saved at carmans song "this blood"
    for many years i prayed for my brothers.
    and now they are saved too.
    Now my whole Family is saved.
    i was born into a Christian family.
    we were ALL christian
    (even though i fell to a lower state now i am just a secular with a Christian faith.)

  55. lambdalambdalambda

    Ya, the christian market had a lot of great talent. I grew up listening to it. Though it's hard for me to listen to know because of the silly message.

  56. Daz Adamski

    thanks also this song helps me keep my mind on the race

  57. Daz Adamski

    I rember the first time I heard this song i was just a kid my brother used to listen to petra RIP

  58. jesse moreira

    Great song! thanks, my friends, for sending this video!

  59. Dupes78

    Great band, fantastic song!

  60. bdizz77

    Awesome song, Awesome band.. thanx