Petey Pablo - What You Know About It Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hail to the king, high on the throne
Who the hell is this, answer the phone
Turn his ass back around, close my door
Get the hell up outta here, leave me alone
I'm the man round here, fuck what you heard
You looking at a kid that aint scead to dirty
This little knotty head nigga been thirsty
Just enough sugar fo, for one cup of kool-aid
I've been all the way, I mean all the all the way down
But looking at this nigga now I never could've told it
And I don't blame 50 Cent dawg turned the game around
The same thang I'm bou tto do now put this in ya mouth

International, to worldwide
What you know about it, what you know about it
Banana peels, watermelon rhymes
What you know about it, what you know about it
Eveythang I did, for the dirty south
What you know about it, what you know about it
International, to worldwide
What you know about it, what you know about it

[Verse 2]
Just when you thought that I had put back on my clothes
Look at here, there he is, flyin out the side door
Time to rock & roll, bought a bag of dominoes
Bet it up, set it up (uh ha ha, what be at the time)
North Carolina, ba-ba-back out on the road
Used to push 22's now I'm on them 24's
A lot of shit done changed, since a Range Rover
Couldn't turn them burgers over, cause the flame got too high on him
Made it a little slower for folks in them paddle boats
I might have a little motor but mines been worked on
Carefully took them two preachers and let em prayed on
Told me I can do anything that I put my name on


[Verse 3]
Every breath that I take, move that I make
Song that I sang, been fo these states
The eyes in my face, hold so much pain
And seen so much hate, I'm shamed to even say it
But thangs they done changed through GOD and his grace
My folks and they faith, these hearts that don't break
The dirt roads they laid, have just been paved
By state my claim, and stand my name
Cross the top of the tallest wall up
Rock for my prison niggas cuz I done been crossed up
Locked up, cuz I made a wrong turn ,but guess what
I took it as a lesson learned

[Chorus - 2X]

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Petey Pablo What You Know About It Comments
  1. Rickey Leach


  2. Dominick Toran

    2020 bitch

  3. ReeseyCup

    Bringin in 2020 like...

  4. Hashirama Senju

    1:30 and 2:46 PETEY PABLO SNAPPED REAL SHIT #Facts

  5. B.H.B. TV

    I hate that the first part of the song was omitted in radio play smh

  6. Jay Hughes

    This is my first time hearing this song

  7. Brandon FragJunkie

    These modern day hoe ass rappers can't fuck with this shit.

  8. SuperLettuce

    Man i used to get HYPED playing this song in my room

  9. Jack Lyons

    Underrated 😍😍😍

  10. John Walls

    Dis song go have u fight mf

  11. Don't Say Anything Mean

    I'm from Raleigh we love !!! Petey and I gave most of y'all a 👍 for liking and 🖕 for y'all mfs who didn't

    Antoine Holden

    This his best song ever

  12. HillbillyNitro USA

    Fightin' music...!🔥👊💥

  13. Tha Butcher

    Forgot about this colab..HOT AS YAH!!!!!!

  14. Don't Say Anything Mean

    I'm Raleigh Durham 🔫🔫🎆🔫🎆🔫fuxkyalllMuthafukasss Petey tha shit🔨🔨💊🔪🔪🔪

  15. Attixus

    2019 and still my fight song !!



  17. Dem boys Cowboys 007

    You on the floor shawty 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽👌

  18. Heavy Weighter


  19. Gee Red

    i dont blame you i blame ya mammy bitch she shouldnt a fuck ya daddy she shoudnt of suck his dick cause u a fuck boi like in da ass wit somn real harddd lol.. classic line

  20. Chris Paulk

    2018 still bumping this shit

  21. Phi11ip

    lol. niggas in atlanta was always throwing hands in the crunk era. just remembered how many fights i got into growing up in decatur

  22. Bill Mcclinton

    I miss crunk music

  23. Shamrock Power


  24. Lavell Tompkins

    2018 still playing this 🔥🔥🔥

    Lavell Tompkins

    Xmas-Jackson-Flaxon-Waxon I will find more

  25. Bill Mcclinton

    These good

  26. Dominick Toran

    These pretty bois now days don't know about this

  27. Matthew Zivanov

    Do you know how hard it is to find this song without knowing its name....

    Brandon FragJunkie

    Advice: if you don't know the name but part of the lyrics, Google that section of lyrics.

  28. Shawn hughes

    this why...haters druged him up set up, rick ross all of us...sell outs that want us to fight the white man that they protecting.but want to reap the benifits..

  29. Marquis Frazier

    Seen plenty folk get drug to dis shit😂😂😂miss crunk music

  30. CaveMan85

    When musik was longer than 3 minutes smh

  31. Daniel Alves

    every good

  32. NewAge R33M

    This dat shyt dat have shyt gettn seriouse quick..... U digg

  33. Dominick Toran

    I fucked her in the ass with something real HARD

  34. Infrequent Flyer

    *2018* still bumpin

  35. Benjamin

    dis way mo CRUNK than Raise Up... & i love da remic Yo Gotti & Da BlockBurnaz did to dis

  36. Tra Green


  37. James Thornton

    Petey Pablo favorite one

  38. Uchawi Beatz

    That beat goes hard damn

  39. Dylan Thompson

    2017 still bumping it.

  40. James Matthews

    I got beat up to this like 5 times

    Dylan Thompson

    James Matthews lmfao

    Hashirama Senju

    damn bro😂🤣

  41. Lakeesha Rogers

    i miss the crunk music days


    Me Too.... :(

    Shawn hughes

    all the way live on this one!!!

    Cool Boy

    Illuminati ruined it just like Bitcoin.

    Cool Boy


    Antoine Holden

    They need bring it back

  42. Kremeris Lewis

    I ain't skurred yu nukka......
    I. ain't skurred dem hoes........
    definitely ain't skurred dat tight T-shirt nukka think he swoll.....


    Kremeris Lewis that is my favorite part

  43. Ish San

    " beat a bitch to death" best line.💯💯💯

  44. Big Mama

    Still my favorite rap song of all time

  45. Eskro Jackson

    wat happen 2dis man..


    After this album he went to deathrow made an Album Same Eyez On Me (Unreleased) a Mixtape/UnreleasedAlbum Life On Death Row. Another Mixtape Call Proper Procedures (Escape From Tha Row) also unreleased and than an enormous mixtape was leaked that has a collab of songs from Life On Death Row and Same Eyes On Me that are adjusted and the sound quality is a lot better plus some bonus tracks. Than he made a few singles "Never Imagine" is a personal favorite. Now hes making another official album if i am correct

  46. Torin Sullivan

    this song goes real hard man


    God Bless America.

  48. Caleb Beasley

    longer intro

  49. Butterfly12

    Good old times...