Petey Pablo - Show Me The Money Lyrics

Show off that body you got
You got that dance floor so hot
You're working that, you twerkin that
You're checking that, like a clock

[Verse (Petey Pablo)]
Can't nobody do it like I do it,
when I do it, dog I do it
(break it down) Break it down put you back into it
Main you all ain't ready for the **** I'm doing
(get up) Get up put your drinks down
Don't want you all saucy your drinks out
All over that your cheap blouse ain't nothing but a small any anyhow
(still me) Still me I just changed the sound to the other one I had and just swapped it out
(switch) Kept something in the background, 'cause you in love with the song but you're in love with the background
Come on let a momma work for me
Make a player wanna spend some money
(come on) I don't really like to spend a money
But you can do what you do and do it well I'm gonna

[Chorus x2]

(show up) Show up, empty
Nothing in um, her..her
No Silicone, no lipo, no botox, no dumpy dump (no)
All natural, let the day spoil when another brother in this world
Good looking momma
That good and hot to death make an athlete lose his breath
And had to move that *** when you bump south
You're gonna need a couple squirt keep falling out
(for real) a 10.5 on a Rhictor scale a high number you can go to 12
shorty shaking like hell
We ought to be shamed ourselves, creator couldn't rock the bed that well
(look out) Breaking it down, riding this beat like (WOW)
Papa jail man I gun her down

[Chorus x2]

This is defiantly the wickedest thing I hear of my life!
OK! I've been sipping on that patron
(get up, get up)
I'm ready, give you what you want
OK! (get up, get up)
Might not feel the same way tomorrow (OK)
But I'll deal with that tomorrow
(get up, get up)
'cause tonight you got me feeling like I wanna take you home

[Chorus x2]

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Petey Pablo Show Me The Money Comments
  1. Smili 345


  2. Shiena Clark

    Hit tha floor brought me here

  3. goodguynow

    This beat is fire 🔥

  4. Lost Halo

    He’s got really creepy arms

  5. Judiber Calatrava

    Love it

  6. Phoenixsun1424

    Jully 2019 ?
    Still love this song since the first time I listened 🥰😍

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    2019😚step up bring me here

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    respect ?

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    Kwiecień 2019? ❤️❤️

  13. the society TV

    2019 ؟؟!!

  14. Carola Calcamuggi

    Anyone listening this in 2019?

  15. zhenya_sadokhin


  16. Charliee May

    my fave song in step up <3

  17. Phazix

    After 1 year finally I found this song... 😁

  18. KaterinaJackson


  19. AERO HDT

    Still goes hard in 2019!

  20. BuzMan

    Crazy skill :D

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    2019 anyone

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    2019? Lmao

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    2019? :))

    ➐ __SAVAGE __ 7

    ogga00 2025 :)

    I played GTA VI 6 (;

    shahbi 000

    we all

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  27. Goover kloshor

    2018,2019,2020 и т.д?)

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  29. James Taylor

    January 2019. Still listening

  30. Ohad Gabay

    Show! Me! The! Money!
    Jerry Maguiree

  31. Nastya Ivanova

    2019 anyone?

  32. Miyah Lynn

    brings me back to 8th grade dance team. 💜 Petey should make a comeback, especially if Lil Pump's stupid ass can rap. At least we understand what Petey says !



  34. Yoh boss Paulo


  35. Pak One

    how many bpm this beat ?

  36. Pak One

    2018 listen

  37. Relevencys PXT

    Se ela dança eu danço classico filme !!

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    2015 BMW E46?

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    Great instrumental.

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    i used to listen to this when i played age of empires 2.. good old times bro i cry :(

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    Bulldozer jaar song

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    This will literally be my favorite rap/hip hop song forever. They don’t make them like this anymore.

  47. Abdirahman Sheikh

    2018? Or is it Just me?

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    2 Tunechi
    "Show Me The Money"
    Emotional (2017)

    2 Tunechi

    Show Me The Money

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    21.06.2018 :D

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    in 2018, this is still the best beat for a rap song

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    2018. Still a great song

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    Best❤ 2018

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    Super fixe :-) :-)

    Iolanda Beatriz Ambrósio Quaresma

    É a minha música favorita porque foi uma honra de eu a dançar no meu espétaculo de HIP HOP . TOMEM LÁ.

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    I love this listening to this in 3/3/18

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