Petey Pablo - He Spoke To Me Lyrics

( sweet so sweet)
When he spoke to me,
(his sweet so sweet..yeah)
Just the sound of the voice,
When he spoke to me.

Sound of a god, send that chill down my body,
Now I was lifting, I tried to deny the ways I was feeling,
Cos the world had me all messed up controlling my decisions,
Had me at the point where I hated who I was, something had a hold on me,
and wouldn't budge at all, I felt myself sinking, until this all,
now all I could say was 'help me lord', and by god it hurted, I know it hurt because,

When he spoke to me,
(his sweet so sweet..yeah)
Just the sound of the voice,
When he spoke to me.

Sound of a god, send that chill down my body,
Now I was lifting,
(shhhhh..wait a minute)
Just when I thought it was over,
(shhhhh..wait a minute)
N'i was bout to through in the towel,
My heart was heavy, with a bird left being a bird in the world and not being able to fly, my heart was heavy.
(so heavy)
And if you don't know what I'm talking about then you must be crazy,
(you need to stand up) [x6]
God his got windows,
(aint that wit you)
You better stand up [x4]

Spoke to me,
(his sweet so sweet..yeah)
Just the sound of the voice,
When he spoke to me.

Sound of a god, send that chill down my body,
Now I was lifting,
I just wanna say (thank you..for everything [x4])
Every little thing, for every little thing,
I just wanna say (thank you..i said thank you [x4])
Everything you've done for me, (everything [x2])
Thank you [x3] I said thank you, thank you [x2]
I just wanna say thank you, thank you [x2]
Everything you did to me, your so wonderful, so beautiful, so...

He spoke to me,
I said thank you [x4]
Just the sound of the voice,
When he spoke to me.

Sound of a god, send that chill down my body,
Now I was lifting,
When he spoke to me,
(his sweet so sweet..yeah)
Just the sound of the voice,
(his sweet so sweet..yeah)
When he spoke to me.
(his sweet so sweet..yeah)
Sound of a god, send that chill down my body,
Now I was lifting
(his sweet so sweet..yeah)

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Petey Pablo He Spoke To Me Comments
  1. Carlton J. Smith

    " heart was heavy with the burden of being a bird in the world and not being able to fly..."

    "...and if you don't know what I'm talking ' must be crazy...good as GOD been to us...(ain't that the truth) better stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up..."

  2. Sunshine Bliss

    Thinking of my cousin Shawn he'll be missed.

  3. Derrick Foulks

    This is what I’m talking about!!

  4. D Davis

    Good as god been to us you better stand up .... Fayetteville Nc much love petey

  5. Kristina Nicole

    This song helped my anxiety thank you petey

  6. Velma Edwards

    When you've been through something, than this kind of thing comes from your soul love it come on pp

  7. Jack Lyons

    He need more recognition 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Jack Lyons

    North carolina legend 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


    10/21/19 , Athens Georgia...

  10. Greg Fulton


  11. Mujahid Ali

    Don't sleep on this song. Powerful message

  12. Street Fighter Player

    Midwest Rap especially North rap needs too get more recognition. I'm tired of the Dirty South rap. It has gotten boring.

  13. Johnathan Martin

    This song talked me out of doin something stupid

  14. Misscommentary Cleveland

    First time hearing this*****

  15. lilillphil

    2019 and still a joint

  16. Jarvis Robison

    This song keep me doing the right thing

  17. Thomasina Nicholson


  18. marquis jordan

    2019 and this record still has it's soulfulness Love It

    David Starnes

    marquis jordan You right...I been teaching these youngings I work with that even Petey had a gospel song...sometimes they beleive it, well now, but not back then when this came out. such a shame people think they gotta clean the closet out before they can come on out and just speak to Him or hear from Him.

  19. TheFatboyT

    2019..... still a powerful song... an anointed musician....

  20. TheOne 1stLady

    Still here 2019🤘

  21. Henrietta Parks


  22. Mario Pangelina

    Still playin this my kids love it too

  23. Amazon Rose

    Song will have you shouting in the club


    Real talk /honestly thank I will never forget he been spoke AMEN

  25. PokerDreads

    Yeah he put his foot into this shit

  26. Archie Stanley

    First time hearing it.....Wow I started crying this will be on my playlist... Thank you

  27. Romaine Montrelle

    God as been good to me and i love youthank for making this one.

  28. Dont Worry

    1st Time I Heard This Song I Was In Jackson Mississippi 90's Still Banging Pablo 💯🎶🎵🎼

  29. Bobby Williams

    I love this song

  30. Leorick IMBOUTIT Bell

    Still feeling this

  31. Sharon Cannon

    Love this song

  32. Nicole Goode


  33. Big KP big KP

    Giving it up petey OG😀😁😂

  34. Barbara Greene

    Virginia stand up

  35. Gay Doll

    God bless this man for making this song frfr

  36. Regel Mungin

    This my Sunday jam

  37. ??????

    Petey Pablo released a new album called Keep On Going in 2018

  38. Wenika Twitty

    👂 this song when i was 12 year old n now imma 30 years old n still play it this day. Duplin Co will always be n me

  39. Keane Maraquin

    2018, still bumping this song strong

  40. Brian McCray

    Big ups to Petey for this one.shout out to my neighbor Pete Johnson, Petey's sister baby daddy, for turning me on to this right here in G Vegas

  41. Johnny Holly

    Petey you need to come out with another Album..

  42. Thelma Williams

    I wish Petey's career would take a come back.I have always liked him.

  43. Lashay Chosen

    2018 🎧

  44. P. Williams

    Yeah Petey this one is the truth!!! Yes sir!!!!

  45. LaTonja Sharpe-Shaw

    I'm on this shyt August 23 2018! Pinetops, NC STAND UP

  46. Richard Lee


  47. Latanya Breeden

    This is our family theme song every party we have it’s played a lot my grandma is 85 and she be like DJ play our song

  48. Keith Richardson

    As I'm listening to Petey Pablo didn't know it was a song better than A Test of My Faith!! He spoke to me has a grown man driving a truck about to cry😵😅😀


    Be honest u cried.. I did also 😂

  49. Mary Redfearn

    This song will never get old! Rockingham N.C

  50. Mary Redfearn

    This song will never get old! Rockingham N.C

  51. Cain

    2018 and this is still my.go to song when I need a pick me up. Charlotte NC

  52. Clayton Johnson

    Haven’t heard this song in such a long time .

  53. Alonzo Bethea

    I play this song every day to get my day going

  54. Ranaldo Thomas

    love this

  55. Cafe de Lafayette

    Petey, can we talk?

  56. Yourmom69

    If there is a God he must have brought me here recently I have accepted God into my life, this is personal. I also think it's quite the coincedence I found a song like this. Thumbs up!

  57. A Jay

    Thank u for everything, he spoke to me

  58. Damian Buck

    June 07,2018 and I still come here for a peace of mind 💪💯

  59. Rashad Harrington

    Maxton N.C

  60. Rashad Harrington

    I just wanna say thank you

  61. Rashad Harrington

    It's just like fire up in my bones.

  62. Panther Nation

    S.C. 70s baby!🔥♨💯✔👌🕵💪😲

  63. revobrewski

    This song will never leave my playlist for as long as I live, it help me as an adolescent and got me through some shit and still keeps me uplifted whenever I'm depressed and wanna flip out.🙏❤❤❤

  64. real chris

    I love the creator

  65. Meka Johnson

    Ummmmm ummmmm ummmmm!!! Go Petey Go!!! I love love love it!!!!

  66. Chris Witherspoon


  67. Sonofthunder

    Still listen to this....all these years later!!!! Lol 2018 and still has the same effect on me like when I first heard it

  68. Selena Brown

    I hear that Al Green in there !! Love this to my heart ❤️

  69. Mean Bear

    Petey for Prez!

  70. OaklandCalifornia Hebrew


  71. Jaydin Dorsey

    This song is amazing my momma used to play this all the time 💛

  72. ChrisB


  73. Adrian Chamberlain

    Charlotte NC checking in!!!🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  74. Benjamin Stallings

    Wish Petey would do a whole gospel album like this! God gave him the instrument to reach out and help the lost and the hurting! God bless you sir!

  75. LilRedd Donaldson

    This song help me every day!!!!

  76. Jay Seeward

    Top of the south.....Henderson NC Flint St. That shit right there

  77. Dana Daughtry

    4 years clean today. He spoke to me.

  78. Bey Bey

    My song in 2017!!!!

  79. Alicia Collymore

    Still one of my favorite songs

  80. Julius Keye

    He slowed me down also

  81. Linwood Brown

    Nice cut He Spoke to Me

  82. Robin Blankenship

    First time I heard this song about a week ago, and I ❤❤❤❤ IT!! 😍

  83. Jansen Bell

    #1 song of all time

  84. melody faith


  85. Dan Shelton Meekins

    Now and Forever!!!
    Yes. Or. NO!!!

  86. Checo Knight

    petey this checo knight you made me and Greenville so proud

  87. Realizing the Realness Of Reality

    love this pp. song gives me hope thru my hard times. thank God

  88. Leroy Tyler

    petey sound better singing..

  89. Joshua McRae

    highly underrated album

  90. James Johnson

    This my jam

  91. KendonLGray

    2017 and this song still keeps me going!!!

    Lady AnJay

    I love this song too especially the ending when he says thank u over and over

  92. christopher young

    everything in life come with decisions

  93. herron wade

    aww man this that heat real deep

  94. Mitch Rapp

    910 still up in dis bitch

  95. Cierra Pratt

    i anit nun but 15 and i love this song😍😍😍

  96. Crawford Cathcart

    Amen yes God.

  97. Crawford Cathcart

    I like this song

  98. t bo

    704 stand up!!