Peters, Moriah - Well Done Lyrics

I'm headed down this narrow road
Chosen by a few
And all that I know is
You told me to follow You

I'm taking a risk and leaving it all
Not knowing what I'll go through
But I'm not alone
As long as I follow You

So when my life's a leap of faith
I can hear You say

Well done, well done
I'm gonna chase You, Lord
I'm gonna show the world Your love, whoa

I'll run, I'll run
I'm gonna run this race
To hear You say well done

If people walk with me, talk with me, looking for truth
They're gonna find out soon
If they're following me, then they're gonna follow You

So let my life speak loud and clear
Lord, I wanna hear

Well done, well done
I'm gonna chase You, Lord
I'm gonna show the world Your love, whoa

I'll run, I'll run
I'm gonna run this race
To hear You say well done

I'm so glad that I get to serve You, Lord
You're the only One I'm living for, whoa
And I'm gonna run straight into Your open arms
I'm gonna follow You with my whole heart, whoa, whoa

Well done, well done
I'm gonna chase You, Lord
I'm gonna show the world Your love, whoa

I'll run, I'll run
I'm gonna run this race
To hear You say well done

I'm gonna run this race
To hear You say well done
I'm gonna run this race
To hear You say well done
Well done

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Peters, Moriah Well Done Comments
  1. Mitchie

    2020 and still 💃🏾💃🏾

  2. epairo yashewa

    Jesus Christ is Coming back very soon let's get things right with God Yahweh now 💗

  3. epairo yashewa

    Beloved's REAL Christians should not use 🙏🏼👈🏼

  4. epairo yashewa

    To hear Jesus said well done Is all i need. God Yahweh bless you Sister.

  5. Alyza Mae Arellano -

    A song that is really well done <3

  6. Brittany Bobb

    2 January 2020 and I'm still following you

  7. Sydney Soencksen

    I love her songs and I have heard them before but I never knew it was her singing until I stumbled upon it when I was listening to for king & country.

  8. Ben Jeruta

    I love this song
    2019 and counting ❤

  9. Ben Jeruta

    I love this song
    2019 and counting ❤

  10. D A N I E L

    You’re too good to be a Christian.

  11. Jesod Rios

    Well Done

  12. Jesod Rios

    Well done Moriah Peters

  13. Lipi Langti

    Wow! Beautiful song...

  14. larry or Sticks

    I think this song would be great with some jazzy blues horns

  15. Faith Suliano

    Love this

  16. Tei Kholhring

    🥰🥰 Jesus will said well done

  17. Eloisa Infante

    More inspiration song pls.😁😍😘

  18. Banrisha Sohtun

    So good well done keep it up 😘😘😘❤❤👏👏👏

  19. Info Hub

  20. Smriti Nokrek

    This song is one of favourite song 😍😍and moriah Peters is my favourite gospel singer i love her 😙😙😙🎶🎶

  21. yige shalom

    Well done!!!

    Brittani Moore

    Well done 2019 right here

  22. Lepa Hnamte

    I'm not alone as long as I follow you O Lord

  23. jacob burnett

    +1 d^.^b

  24. Seisoh Lyngdhz

    I like that she keep smiling when she sing because she have the spirit of God Hallelujah

  25. Alicia Fraijo

    Love the way you sing.god bless you!

  26. 신과 사랑에 빠진크리스

    amazing tone color...

  27. Marcus Guilbeaux


  28. Manglo

    Happy 7th anniversary, Mrs.Song.

  29. Desmond Israel

    2019 anyone?

    God bless u :-)

    Kinsey Sharon

    God bless you too☺️

    Bisexual Distress

    God bless both of you:))

    joy mwehu


  30. Edward Sohtun

    I'm gonna chase you Lord gonna show the world your love

  31. Gregory Brown

    I do not understand why some people does not like this song and video? When you all leave this earth you do not want HIM say " I do not know you " send you to Lucifer!!!!!

  32. Libby Gardener

    Wow, is she gorgeous!

  33. sengabo marius

    Am gonna run this race to hear u saying well done .....thank u lord for loving me

  34. Shannon Sexton

    Running LORD!!!

  35. Beloved Odubu

    Still here 2019☝🏽

  36. Taylor

    I love "If there following me, there gonna follow you!". Moriah Peters is such an inspiration!!!

  37. Tomasz Gregorczyk

    She looks little weird: old and young at the same time :o

  38. Jentelle Taylor

    Before: wow she's good

    Now: wow she's amazing, good, great, awesome and more!!!

  39. Achieng' Gloria

    Moriah you were better of alone ❤❤❤❤❤

  40. Ralte OsmonHruaia

    Who is still watching this beautiful song in 2019?

  41. croccustom

    Love that song.............

  42. gillyn

    2019 anyone?

  43. Planet Jupiter

    This used to show on UP such an awesome classic but they did away with all the music which is unkool 👎

  44. Martin van Drunick

    Pinnacle of amazingness

  45. Hope Fellowship Secretary


  46. Acura Quebec

    Смотря ни на что

  47. Stella_Angy_ Plays YT

    That god can bless you all!

  48. Trevor Khisa

    Its nice she got married to joel from for king n country.

  49. Jason Monica Hull

    I just love all her old stuff so much !

  50. a&z francisco

    Some people are Christian

  51. rosette leon

    Thank you for this song Moriah!!! I needed to hear this too!!!!💜

  52. Xavier Mateo


  53. Daniela Tello

    I miss this

  54. zachary meinsma

    I love your voice! Your amazing!!

  55. vevosayi nienu

    God bless

  56. Charmaine Ruto

    i love this song

  57. Justin Carter

    Amen! Well done!

  58. Kairo Kiarie

    The Lord will bless you but have faith in GOD he will put a 😊 on your face

  59. Grace Jireh

    God bless you

  60. Grace Jireh

    is funny

  61. Joyce Lim

    your song is so nice

  62. Mystery POcket 0707

    I hate the pose right at the end

  63. Mystery POcket 0707

    I really hate this song and the video, it pisses me off, it's too smiley and giddy.

  64. benjamin menze

    Beutiful song. Been singing this since i put to birth to tell myself welldone

  65. Flavio Quizhpi

    Her. Smile. Shows. On. The. Whole. Song.

    I. Love. Her. Smile.😘😘😍😍

  66. Ni Zi

    I love her personality and I love her voice. Her smile is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Ray Prosser

    wow pretty good wow


    My favorite Gospel song!!!

  69. Jaz Michelle

    Always trust and believe u will be happy 😁😁😁

  70. Saba Tesfamariam

    Continue all your singing and always remember that you have all the knowledge and you very beautiful 😁☺

  71. Niyah Bear

    I love this song its really peaceful and relaxing I listen to this son g very 20 -30 minutes 😘😘 I'm only 8 and I understand this song

  72. Zoe Grace Pepito

    This song is my favourite song

  73. Sharon Varkalis

    Moriah you are a lovely example of God's love. I discovered you after listening to For king and country and discovered the beauty of your honouring The Lord and Joel's. Your Christian example to the world and Christians at this time is perfect! ! That is why The Lord made you wait for the first kiss. You make me so happy that He is so using your dedicated lives to shine. I listen to your commitment and your simplicity. It is all about God. I smile like a Cheshire cat when I listen to you all. Stay strong and DO NOT BE SWAYED and see what The Lord does for you AND through you.xx

  74. Manbha Sohkhia

    Nice song....😊

  75. Abby Schmalz

    Hi Moriah, I really like your "I Choose Jesus" song and especially the video where you sing it in Spanish and another language. I cant find it anymore on Youtube, where can I find it again?

  76. Gary Tedrow

    Keep going!!!

  77. Lilah Guy

    Who's here in 2018?


    2019 now

  78. Heather Rush

    Wow 👍🏻👌👐🏻🙌🏻👏🏻

  79. Unikitty FAN videos

    Love it

  80. Polina Dyachenko

    I can't stop listening to this song! Someone help me😁 it's like 54th time today...

  81. 수박소다


  82. Alia Brown

    I play tennis and my tennis coach doesn't know Christ, so I hope to share this to here so she can relate.

    Alia Brown

    (they look alike)

  83. Vanessa Chiem

    Love this so much! It's all about Jesus. She's a true worshipper who points people right back to Christ. Not many worshipers even today so sing for God. Most sing to glorify themselves.

  84. Ann Mathews

    I heard this song as it was played in Girl Defined Conference trailer.... Who else gotta know about this song like that?

  85. Malucos TV

    Po que merda ela tá cantando que ser famoso bota uma tradução

  86. Debbie Speare

    This song is so inspirational and uplifting! I love it!

  87. powersfam6

    I ❤️song so much

  88. Princess Tatyanna

    She is showing her happiness in Jesus 😊

  89. Harish Perumalla

    Please make more happy songs like this.

  90. Gary Tedrow

    God bless you

  91. Sabrina Linnabery

    Wow I'm super impressed

  92. Sabrina Linnabery

    ......a amazing amazing easy

  93. Abisheka Ajith

    Your smile, I wish God could make it possible all along your life. This song is so inspirational; simple, and energetic video. God bless you...