Peters, Moriah - No Shame Lyrics

I hear what you're saying
At the end of the other line
What you said, you'd never do again
You did it one more time

You're crushed and you're hopeless
'Cause you fell to the weakness
You feel like a fool
Wonder if there's grace enough for you

He knows your name
Every tear you cry
He knows the pain
How you feel alone

Feel the weight of the blame
But mercy longs to reach us
In the arms of Jesus
There is no shame

Your world's been shattered
And your heart's torn in two
'Cause you've done something
That you can't undo

You can't deny and you can't pretend
The loss of the innocence
And you wish you could forget
Another midnight of all your regret

He knows your name
Every tear you cry
He knows your pain
How you feel alone

Feel the weight of the blame
But mercy longs to reach us
In the arms of Jesus
There is no shame

Once you know He's forgiven you
And you've forgiven yourself, too
Let His mercy flow
Till you're white as snow

He knows your name
Every tear you cry
He knows the pain
How you feel alone

Feel the weight of the blame
But mercy longs to reach us
In the arms of Jesus
There is no shame

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Peters, Moriah No Shame Comments
  1. Sabrina Sirott

    Soooooo beautiful

  2. Alina Xiong


  3. Freakypasta Man

    Wow!.... this songs speaks volumes to me. I beat myself up over sins I've committed. its hard to believe that such a great sin can be forgiven, but Gods grace is even greater. He knows the pain I feel. My world is really shattered cause of decisions I've made, but God is still God

  4. Justine BAJIKA

    very nice song😀😀

  5. Vicki Gentsaryuk

    Everything in this song is so true! love it

  6. ReigniteTheSun

    So many regrets but my biggest is that my love story didn't turn out perfectly like Moriah and Joel's--saving their first kiss and et cetera for their wedding day. Someday maybe I can forgive myself, like Christ has already.

    Angie Olivia

    +ReigniteTheSun same :( i dont think ill ever forgive myself

    Allison Nguyen

    +Angie Olivia Hey, it's ok. I know that feeling. God's already forgiven you, and He completely understands what you are going through. He knows your weakness, and He still loves you. All you gotta do is open up your heart and say, "God, help me." We weren't meant to do this alone. Also, His mercies are new every morning. Right now is just a moment in time, and sooner or later God will give you the grace to forgive yourself. Remember that He loves you and good plans for your future, and He can turn your past mistakes into something beautiful!


    @Allison Nguyen your sweet words made me tear up. Thank you for sharing them with me. :') I'll try to remember that.

    Allison Nguyen

    +ReigniteTheSun Wow this made my day😊 that is so cool bc someone just told me earlier about how God can use you to minister and love and encourage people wherever you're at. Have an awesome day!

    Angie Olivia

    +Allison Nguyen thankyou

  7. Marylyn Mau

    forgiven self^^

  8. SS S

    Esta musica é *PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT* !!

  9. Leif Espedal

    I have a hard time forgiving myself.

    Leif Espedal

    +Jessica Russell Thankyou :-) I've been working at it. How are you doing today?

  10. Fresh Start

    I love songs that has a message to it. This song is great.Let God use you.

  11. Kianna Harrison

    I love this song! Every word is 100% true. praise God!

  12. Code G.I.R.L

    I cry every time i hear this. because this is so true

  13. CombatPianist

    So it's true. You can't know God from the bible, you know Him from your heart. God's let her see people from exactly how they are, and this is her telling us how he sees us. (How she sees us, in Him.) We're not with God. Christian or not, religious or not. We are all the same. It doesn't matter what you have, or how you have it. You know God from your heart. Period. There's no way we can truly see the grace of God put on others, unless it's been put on ourselves. It's like a filter over your eyes, and you can finally see. You can finally breathe. 

  14. Tyrick Coleman Ty

    I really loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this song because it speaks n have true meaning

  15. Candace Cudjoe

    What a beautiful song.

  16. Thang Huu

    How can i download Free this song

  17. _pink__aura_


  18. _pink__aura_

    I've took a picture with Moriah at my chruch. She was playing there.

  19. Tin Bolo Moseley

    I am loving all Moriah's song! <3

  20. Kerinafly4 angel

    Oh I really adore this song it is amazing

  21. cat quack

    Thank you Moriah ...for this song... I'm gonna print it out and put it in my bedroom to read often... Thank you...Keep singing...Keep writing...pray God will bless you.

  22. Carly Hynd

    Amen to that!!! It's so true!!! I LOVEEE Britt Nicole too! :))

  23. Carly Hynd

    Ikr!!! :) I love finding awesome new Christian artists! They may not be as famous as some, but their songs are amazing and often more meaningful than a lot of other ones!

  24. Carly Hynd

    you're very welcome!! :) yes, Jamie Grace is awesome!! and yeah I just recently decovered some of Audrey Assad's songs and shes's very good too!!! :)

  25. Carly Hynd

    Amen! He DOES care for you!:) "I will never leave nor forsake you" Hebrews 13:5 :) also a good song is "Known" by Audrey Assad! and "Holding on" Jamie Grace :)

  26. Poem Harrison

    Man she has loooooong hair... :D

  27. Natalie Pritchard

    B. A. U. T. FUL. This song is simply beautiful!

  28. Cedrick

    your songs need to be famous! the message of your songs strongly influences people. I want them to hear your songs. God bless you!!! hope you'll receive the mtv trophy in heaven. :))

  29. itsabe11

    Amen. Thank you Lord for this talented young woman.

  30. Janie Frank

    One of my favorite of Moriah's songs.