Peters, Moriah - Miracle Lyrics

Here's a simple melody to tell a simple story
About a girl always incomplete
All because I let the world take my heart
It came back broken apart
My hope was gone, gone till You rescued me

With Your love, love, love
Anything is possible
Love, love, love
I believe in the miracle of love

Sunlight woke me up today, new life covered in grace
All my sins are washed away, I've been redeemed, oh yeah
You called my name and my heart gave in
I came running, left everything for Your hope, for Your joy
For everything You are to me, but most of all

For Your love, love, love
Anything is possible
Love, love, love
I believe in the miracle of love

Love with no boundaries
Came down and found me
Just when I needed it most
Can't understand it but all I know is
When hope was lost in came

Love, love, love
Anything is possible
Love, love, love
It's the miracle love
Anything is possible love
Singing in the morning of love
Anything is possible love
Singing forever of Your love
Your miracle love

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Peters, Moriah Miracle Comments
  1. 마블어벤져스


  2. Gravecb7 Accord

    She looked way better when her hair was long I love her music it's truly about Christ this song is deep and emotional

  3. Cristal Custis

    Still listening 2018 redeemed by the miracle of love..anything is possible. 🌺

  4. tissy koshy

    miracle of love

  5. Gretta Umunoza

    I'm relating too. When l try to understand it using my logic, it becomes long and tiring and my strength has faded. But l know it's true, so l'll keep that!

  6. Moriah. slim Talbert.

    I. Hayuw

  7. P Mayo

    Love this!

  8. Tomás Rodríguez

    New favorite song :)

  9. Сделаем Вместе!!!


    Moriah. slim Talbert.

    Сделаем Вместе!!! More 😭😭😂 iah

  10. Tajma PERERA


  11. Cutie Pie Queen

    love this amazing songs

  12. MarsEdits

    god is love

    Leif Espedal

    1 John 4:8
    "8Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love."

    thea loves

    MarsEdits God is love :)

  13. Hera Helene' Macalalad

    May I download the song? :D Hehe. Thank you so much. God bless :)

  14. Maria Fernanda

    #día3de365  ♥♥ *-* 
    my hope was gone... until you rescued me ♥ lord *-*

  15. 11teiko

    Such a beautiful song. :)

  16. Moorissa Tjokro

    I can totally relate. Thanks Moriah.

  17. Lya'cee Elle

    Adorable!! Praise Him for He makes the impossible possible!!! He's LOVE...

  18. Eva Carmella

    Wow...! (there are so many things i could say about this song and your lovely gift of music from God, so ill just sum it up with that 3 letter word)

  19. Hailey Diaz

    i love it <3

  20. Angel Robertson

    I love your songs and it keeps me encouraged when I listen to them :)

  21. Tishaya Gilbert

    julia walton you love moriah

  22. Seth Coulter

    Special, special girl for sure. Great work of God in her!

  23. Emily Rivera

    Dude, this song is awesome!!! Glory to God!!!

  24. Rachel Desouza

    I really love ur songs

  25. evalman

    go girl

  26. Viljoe Sua

    I love this song! My life is reminding of this song, very related to my lifestyle.

    Thank you Moriah for keeping inspiring!

  27. Kasey Gray

    THis is the best song ever! I <3 you for this!

  28. Laurencia Humphreys

    This song is very nice.0.o

  29. Joseph Collington

    Her songs are just too short! Man!

  30. Marvin Demosthenes


  31. sweetla98

    <3 I love her so much ^,*