Peter Tosh - Lion Lyrics

This song sayin lion iron but you cant go to zion see for example there are lots of guys who were dreadlocks who is one million miles away from rasta there are like night to day.
See and I know concept of rasta mean righteousness.
You talkin' about lion, iron, but you can't go to zion
Talkin' about lion, iron, but you far from zion
I only hear you words
But I don't see no works
You think my father's a fool
You never get away
No matter what you say
Cause you have broken my father's rule
And then you come around, lion, iron, but you can't go to zion
Talkin' 'bout lion, iron, but you far from zion
Knots on your head
Talkin' 'bout you dread
And you believe, that is all
Long hair on your face
And your works is disgrace
You and the wicked them must fall
And then you talk about lion, iron, but you can't go to zion
Talkin' 'bout lion, iron, but you far from zion
Preach lot in the days
And you kill in the nights
And you believe, that is right
Put down your gun
Or your days will be done
You won't be around, to have no fun
So I am the lion, iron, and I must go to zion
I am the lion, iron, and I must go to zion
I am the lion, iron, and I must go to zion
Cause I am the lion, iron, and I must go to zion
No bet you, lion, iron, and I must go to zion
I am the lion, iron, and I must go to zion
Cause I am the lion, iron, and I must go to zion
No bet you, lion, iron
Dress back baldhead bwai
Step back likkle pick out tail bwai, me is a big bwai out dere

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Peter Tosh Lion Comments
  1. BRad From The Valley

    You denied Christ Bob Marley Tawabashi Peter The Rock we lift you Up in Love tot he Most high..I not listen thsi song move to Creation

  2. JAHbymeside forIverandIvermore

    dress back ball head boy, he not talking bout bob..

  3. Emma Dadzie

    Nice tune

  4. Drarest Dbetter

    Peter The Tosh the only reggae Lion living in Zion

  5. Evans Ameku


  6. Francis ade

    Rip bro

  7. Mat dizpee

    You cant go to Zion?!!

  8. Jay Ram

    Lion says number seventeen
    Zion says Seven in
    I'm IN!!!

  9. Pierre CASTOLI

    Si bob marley et le roi du reggae toi tu es le zamouray reggae Mr. Peter TOSH RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr.!!!!!

  10. UV UV

    i am Jewish and i can say Peter is a prophet and a saint and brought me closer to god. he was fighting for the black man and I know we Jews have a different path to conquer than the path black people need to conquer, but we both need to break through the mentality of 400 years of slavery and both decedents of king Solomon. Jah is Jehovah- one god

  11. Karla Jannete Cruz Martinez


  12. Abdoulaye Sangare

    Tosh je ne pas lui comparé il reste toujours grand

  13. Matt Rowland

    !!Much Respect!!

  14. kenneth Elias

    It looks like he is taking about Bob

  15. Northern Ascents

    Such a shame for Peter he went through some police brutality ,hostility and still kept writing beautiful music for us to enjoy ,he didn't want to be the backing singer for Marley so he went solo and gave us his best ,a true reggae legend thank you for your words Peter rest in Zion in peace brother ,

  16. logan

    tosh is still the best sorry bob and sons

    MoMaghribi. -

    U there, haven spoken truth.

  17. Eric Alen


  18. Fantasy World Radio

    A lion is a Lion

  19. Samoa Moni

    Lovely way to convey a wonderful message. Nice tune.

  20. RB Tracks

    Talking bout lion, iron but you can't go to Zion.. fake rastas wearing locks and fake colors


    Crazy coincidental how many "real rastas" happen to be in the comment section of reggae songs on YouTube.

  21. Hommy Dikole

    Peter tosh he is in Zion

  22. Brady Dugan

    rasta means righteousness build your temple from withinnot your dreads and break breadstop talking ....its about action

  23. Walter Marvym

    continuo no conceito de que é uma resposta para iron lion zion de bob marley, pesadíssimo, viva Tosh.

  24. carlos porras

    fue la oveja libre del jah el mas provocador love forever

  25. carlos porras

    otro rey de reggae hay mas de uno. one love

  26. Jinsu


  27. Sammy Abuhilal

    Most people forget that peter brought rasta and reggae to bob marley. Few of the songs that bob sings, peter created


    Reggae didnt exist when Peter came to Bob and Bunny

    JAHbymeside forIverandIvermore

    yet peter humble enough to know competition is a waste of time.

    JAHbymeside forIverandIvermore

    truth must be told

    RB Tracks

    subg88 don't say bullshit, Toots and the Maytals invented first reggae by their song Do the reggay

  28. Prez Shaka


  29. willieluncheonette

    The next August 1971 Wailers yielded two songs, Lion and Here Comes the Sun. The song is an attack on wolves in sheep's  clothing---the dreadlocks ghetto gunman who preach love in the day and kill in the nights. Peter sings and plays organ with just Bunny on harmony here.


    please explain. I can't understand the last spoken words.


    Please share a link , it would be blessed to listen

  30. Stacchio Azzilonna

    this song sayin lion iron but you cant go to zion see for example there are lots of guys who were dreadlocks who is one million miles away from rasta there are like night to day.

    see and i know concept of rasta mean righteousness.

  31. fiyah987

    ANCIENT 💥💥💥 KONGO 🔥🔥🔥 I ✨✨✨

  32. Orlando Eeckhout

    I ones saw a guy with a kind of rasta cap with fake dreads; it was absolutely disgusting. 


    That would be embarassing.

  33. ziontrain888

    Jah rastafari ~    

  34. EzMoney420


  35. Ursula Bornhauser

    de original...............nuff blessings jah love



  37. JohnnyCanuck

    Thanks Bro :)

  38. DeerofNaphtali

    even though he made this song b4 Bob's iron lion Zion and he's talking about fashion dreads like Al Anderson the American guitarist from the 2nd original wailers. It does make you wonder especially after so many interviews when he says he knows so many secrets of this world that he wouldn't tell but that he would put it in song. or maybe in paranoid

  39. lysamynelly

    Italy is Rasta

  40. JohnnyCanuck

    You should really do you resource before you comment , sorry but I'm a big Lover of Peter ;)

  41. Ras Iya I

    This song sayin lion iron but you cant go to zion see for example there are lots of guys who were dreadlocks who is one million miles away from rasta there are like night to day. See and i know concept of rasta mean righteousness. That is the meaning of the song.

  42. stelljes4

    Obviously he doesn't aim it at marley, he's aiming it at those who use rastafari for personal gain and wear dreads for style, rather than the true purpose

  43. TheRickynow

    To be honest, i don't think people will ever stop debating the meaning of this, but its not a response to Iron Lion Zion. This came before that.

  44. InstantMoneyAllStar

    i dont get this song, it better not be referring to Bob Marley!!!, Bob had a song called Iron Lion Zion...if this is a response this is reprehensible!

  45. Laecio lopes lima

    é a minha vida!

  46. monsanto irby

    peter was one of best.see you have to feel the riddim!!!!!

  47. TheRickynow

    Yes it is! And to be honest, i didn't know that till i looked it up.

  48. renwick conolly

    is that Bunny Wailer on background vocals?

  49. renwick conolly

    sing it Peter!!!...

  50. ArtistAve

    Real vibes rasta, rasta is all about positivity and righteous living put in action , doing Jah work not for the glory of man but the Almighty ! Tosh couldn't have said it any better!

  51. Deez Pants

    He's fakin jamaican

  52. Darth77Pimp

    where's the sound on this track?

  53. Samuel Nyawie

    you are man

  54. darlene querino

    som d JAH ,,,

  55. Richard Boateng

    I like your comment. It brought a smile to my face.

  56. inferno tomi

    yes hes far but atleast he knows that rastafari is the right way

  57. avral aziz

    one love peter tosh

  58. Lyver Kamassa

    with his unconsciousness, he blind women, distracting their mission ... make them morally and physically sick.
    for excessive brutality came from behind, many women wear diapers.
    ladies do judgment and be attentive to yourself and what you do.
    useful to be careful only to love oneself ... and be attentive to other
    obserser mesdame messieur and if you are dealing with a rotten fruit
    you seeking to make life miserable

    natural oneness lion ras el buddah.....ijahm di lion

  59. Lyver Kamassa

    a real man is a man conscious of his actions ....
    it does not have to be proud by showing that his way is the right one. never shown it ... discovers the truth is, it is a pathless land.
    an unconscious man is a man who is not aware of the consequence of his actions.
    he seeks to show awareness but is not aware of what he think or aware of what he does.
    it propagates a false truth, these are false pretenses.
    to collect and exhibit all his trophy.

    natural oneness lion ras el buddah

  60. Prez Shaka

    I love it brother peter tosh

  61. SholaAjijala

    I fully agree with you clay2nine.

  62. TheRickynow

    So right!

  63. Kushprincess66

    Dress back bald head bwoy lol..serious lyrics..gr8 album

  64. YahGodIs

    He has redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me,
    For there were many against me.
    Psalm 55:18

  65. Soljah Solrac

    Yes every action has a reaction! -learn this youngin you "are" in control of your destiny, controled by your action ,yes ,Peter ,was the man but would of been here still if not for pride///

  66. mra19100

    well you could just as easily say that their talent killed them.If they werent so talented they might have have stayed together...its a nonsense argument."another place and time"??? if Peter was an alcoholic he might have been in a bar when those guys sobriety killed him!!!! like i said ,its a bullshit argument.
    what will be will be . Peter is the man

  67. Soljah Solrac

    uhhh ....yea but if he would of not been so proud, along with his cousins pride, they would of stayed together and probably been in some other place and time ,plus he new dem thugs was gunnin for em ,,,dont know? but pride killed them fo'sho''

  68. mra19100

    didnt bullets kill Peter?

  69. Soljah Solrac

    Your soo wrong , "The Wailers" = Peter , Bob , & Bunny , were greatest when ONE , they tried to recreate the assume trinity melodies they had when they went solo but never did achieve that original blend they had when young , what killed them was pride ,as you can hear in this songs and its intro :(
    Long Live" The Burning Wailers"

  70. marcin asd

    Snoop LION

  71. Exodus Pessoa

    Great Point

  72. TheRickynow

    Blessings ....

  73. t -rah

    One love brother

  74. Humble Lion


  75. Jack Bauer

    i am christian but
    i love pete

  76. emonn23

    he's in zion

  77. clay2nine

    It was good that Peter and Bob didn't remain in the same band. Both men had too much lessons for the world through their messageful songs. Remaining in the same band would have suppressed some of these great songs that we are listening to today.

  78. MultiDeepblue1

    One of the best songs ever !!!!!

  79. Kushprincess66

    Dress back ball head bwoy LOL RASTAFARI!!!!

  80. Kushprincess66

    Preach love in the days, and you kill in the nights and you believe that is right..nuff people ah trod so..serious lyrics..

  81. Luke Lawrence


  82. Lorenza Milano

    this is MUSIC. Forever bless jah!

  83. Rootsgal

    Not too many that are the "REAL DEAL". * LION, your far from ZION*

  84. mediahater

    @TheZionfyah he says "dress back baldheadbwoy" ! for sure i asked chezidek, hes a big jamaican singer and know !

  85. Dreadless Rasta

    "Knots on your head, talkin bout your dread, and you believe that is all.."

  86. mediahater

    @mediahater I HAVE ASKED CHEZIDEK ! HE SAYS THAT THIS AINT NO BOB DISS ! at min 3.32 he says "dress back baldhead bwoy" .

  87. TheRickynow

    @fock75 Blessings...

  88. fock75


  89. mediahater

    @TheRickynow me neither. its "bless bob marley bwoy" or "(a)dress at bob marley bwoy" . i really cant decide... but why would peter say that bob thinks his father is a fool ?

  90. TheRickynow

    @mediahater I have never been able to hear it clearly enough to tell. Interestingly, lyrics sites can't seem to agree either!

  91. mediahater

    @TheRickynow what he say 3.32 - end ?

  92. TheRickynow

    @N4LO I am so pleased you like it!

  93. Colonel Buendia

    @TheRickynow you're right, i bought today this is wonderful! :)

  94. Eiind

    @marloes5 great album overall, noticed little green apples wasn't up so i uploaded it now