Peter Tosh - Can't Blame The Youth Lyrics

You can't blame the youth
You can't fool the youth
You can't blame the youth of today
You can't fool the youth

You're teachin' youths to learn in school
That cow jump over moon
You teachin' youths to learn in school
That the dish run away with spoon

So, you can't blame the youth when they don't learn
You can't fool the youth
You can't blame the youth of today
You can't fool the youth

You teach the youth about Christopher Colombus
And you said he was a very great man
You teach the youth about Marco Polo
And you said he was a very great man
You teach the youth about the Pirate Hawkins
And you said he was a very great man
You teach the youth about the Pirate Morgan
And you said he was a very great man

So, you can't blame the youth of today
You can't fool the youth
You can't blame the youth
You can't fool the youth

All these great men were doin'
Robbin', a rapin', kidnappin' and killin'
So called great men were doin'
Robbin', rapin', kidnappin'

So, you can't blame the youth
You can't fool the youth
You can't blame the youth, not at all
You can't fool the youth

When every Christmas come
You buy the youth a pretty toy gun
When every Christmas come
You buy the youth a fancy toy gun

So, you can't blame the youth
You can't fool the youth
You can't blame the youth
You can't fool the youth

'Cause what was hidden from the wise and the prudent
Is now revealed to the babes and the sucklings
What was hidden from the wise and the prudent
Now revealed to the babes and the sucklings

Lord, call upon the youth
For he know the youth is strong
Jah, Jah, call upon the youth
'Cause he know the youth is strong

So, you can't blame the youth
You can't fool the youth
You can't blame the youth, baby children
You can't fool the youth

Don't blame them
Not their fault

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Peter Tosh Can't Blame The Youth Comments
  1. regeboj

  2. Japala Black

    Stepping razor redhot

  3. Jobson Dias

    Vida longa ao sr PETER

  4. Jeff Valliere

    Maximum respect ✊🏽

  5. ndoto mtaani

    You cah blame the youts

  6. Jess Alvarez

    💛💚❤ from Argentina

  7. leonardo carvalho

    Vou envelhecendo ouvindo isso, maravilhoso. 2019-2020 Lery GO..

    marley Way

    Esa gerasao jamas vai faser musica asim

  8. ignatius maziofa

    interesting to hear the origins of this point it was not quite as we know it now

  9. Carey James Majeski

    Love Peter. Telling the unpopular truth, assassinated by government thugs. My kids will know.

  10. marco Tulio

    Fuego in Babylon!!

    Jon MacDonald

    Fuego pon babylon shitstem

    marco Tulio

    @Jon MacDonald Good Vibes!

  11. t҉ i҉ s҉ h҉ a҉


  12. DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    Maybe not then but def now. I'm blaming the youth. And the generation that are pissing all over them and telling them it's raining. Jesus is the Answer and Trump is his agent, carrying on the message that peter Tosh delivered.

  13. Ogboriefor Omokhagbo

    You can't blame the youth- Hmmm this applies to Nigeria.

  14. Pico Da Neblina

  15. Catherine Codjia

    Thanks !

  16. puterossputeross Bowelly

    Amp buzzback throughout. Killer old school mike on speaker. Thanks for sharing 👊

  17. Be kind man, not mankind.

    Heard this song for the first time tonight, I'm from Mexico so the Christopher Columbus part really hits home.

    Glendon Codling

    Love you from Jamaica.peter Tosh for life

  18. Don Ubani

    A great guy. Very intelligent.

    Glendon Codling

    He looks very for in Life

  19. Izabel Dias

    thanks very much......fulanodetal

  20. 野田辰昇


  21. Ricardo Marley


  22. jah soja

    Salute to the greatest..RIP brother..

  23. Owen Graham

    This is a profoundly moving and revolutionary album! I hear him calling souls to come up Higher and rise to a place of being a true son or daughter of Zion. He was a civil rights leader and inspirational speaker, who sang. The confidence these songs can instill is a prayer and a song, as I imagine. He is beckoning the listeners to come apart and be a separate people, aware, actualized, and free. This music stirs the fires of freedom and self-realization in my soul. Thank you, Peter.

  24. Bornaking

    One of the best reggae collections of all time as far as I'm concerned and with THE best reggae writer, singer, performer, musician, artist that ever hit the stage out of Jamaica. And there are many greats as we know. Personal pref this ain't a Peter or Bob thing!!! These seem to all have been recorded during the Wailers years and it got that song "Love"!!!! Prophets don't stay so we have these wonderful recordings. My favorite songs of all wailers records are the 3 or 4 that feature Peter Tosh. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Bob but they are two very different individuals and Peter Tosh always drew me and he is responsible for helping me come close to Jah Light once again. Rest in Peace my brother, hope I don't disturb you, cause I'm jammin' this loud and long!

    Islamia Yusif

    yes there is none like him.

  25. Locomotiva 77

    Mano esse é dos Clássicos pow os cara nasceu pra isso tá no sangue é igual o futebol eo samba no
    Brasil ... instrumental raxa moringa... rastafarianismo música louvar a Jah ....

  26. Richard Appiah

    Great man may his soul rest in peace

  27. Berta Lara

    Dem a Fi Get a Beaten!... Classic Tosh. Tank yo brada.

  28. Kananou Gaston

    Root's rock reggae king of king réspé peter tosh ✊✊✊🎶🎶🎶kanaky jah love 🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨

  29. Kwasi GYAMENAH

    You cant blame the youth indeed

  30. pulse. mission.gpkaraib

    merci P ETER TOSH

  31. Charles Adu

    Peter i will never forget u,rest in peace.

  32. Francis arhin-koomson

    You can't blame the youth for the illegal migration,trafficking, robbery, kidnapping but blame the politicians ( the stealers of our resources) P. tosh is right- DON'T BLAME THE YOUTH

  33. Stacey Harris

    I and I loved this album! Thanks 🙏

  34. Dan Field

    Buc Buc Buc Buc

  35. thiago thadeu


  36. Durães Trampus

    E bota o teu kkk

  37. Durães Trampus

    Um grande percussionista , um grande guitarrista, um grande cantor!!!!!! Very very good

  38. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    Richie havens does his thing on hear comes the sun,and ms Madame Nina Simone as well.

  39. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    Wade Robson Dan greed okra fried pork chop wigfrey- you're guilty! you're burn open the gas chamber!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    I love the old hymn go tell it on the mountain, rasta's version.

  41. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    I love wanted dead or alive and. nuclear war his last album,my brother has it on cassette.

  42. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    you say tif the jerk off wears a pimp suit and give white people fried chicken, you call so called comedian all she do is act so stupid front in mix company. you can't fool the youth, not at all you can't fool the youth... go ahead Sir Pete.

  43. Jose Perinaldo

    Carambaaaaaaaaa!!! Madeirada no meio da fumaça. Dê eeeeee. Maisss

  44. eu mergulhao com Julian marley Carlos

    peter tosh segundo homen do reggae

    Jose Nivaldo

    Na minha opinião cantava mais q o bob

  45. Murari Haridas

    музыка достаточно простая, без изысков и наворотов, часто будто наштампованная каким-то регги-станком

  46. Official Ramize Yardsoul

    legend. #2019

    Glendon Codling

    D TuneIn to Peter Tosh music find knowledge

  47. robert hewitt

    Peter was a visionary,,,,RIP BRETHREN

  48. Theo Van bremen



    Wake up song

  50. Robert Stringer

    Not forgetting he was a awesome guitarist +musician seen him live brilliant

  51. Billy Bob

    Long Live Peter Tosh!!!!!!!! A true revolutionary!!!!

  52. Getúlio Neto

    Tijolaaadaaa no meio da fuça esse disco!! Monstro sagrado! Mistyc man!!!!🔥🍁🍃🇧🇷

  53. Rajado e dois tempo

    ciclano amigo teu que me indicou no canal!!!

  54. Dzumbu Munyai

    this was a man, who speaks the truth ,I enjoyed his singing

  55. James Mhango

    You teach the youth the cow jump over the moon.

  56. Renee Lopez

    Nice ear candy can’t stop tosh

  57. jay derosier

    Tosh man ii

  58. Meshak KEÏTA

    Best vision of spiritual and also physical fight! Love peter Toch , forever

    carlos porras

    Love hno🇪🇸

  59. Matsobane Seloi

    Peter 'the Prophet' Tosh. Go tell it on the mountain .... South Africans Love you Ras Tosh!!!!

    carlos porras

    Love hno🇪🇸

  60. Priscilla Bella Sunshine Eagle

    The Rainbow marked in our palms

  61. Ricardo Santos

    Marley Vive!!! Aloha'.

    Glendon Codling

    This is Peter Tosh.not a marley

  62. Lerato Motaung


  63. richie A

    See i smile brother man...Peter Tosh is very important to my daily life as i walk. Praise the father as i listen...Stay blessed

    Glendon Codling

    I agree with your brother in his last interview he told Barry G that it's not his music it's the people music I've been listening to him for over 45 years I'm still do

  64. John Diehl,jr

    Love you sir

  65. spiral stones tribe

    🙇🙏☺😁 LAMBSBREAD👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  66. Glenis G.

    Love his voice!!!!

  67. Axel Natural

    Thanks For This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Daniel Gutiérrez

    Always the great Peter

  69. kənhæmut kənhæmut

    The Rasta general Peter Tosh lion ina Zion

  70. Ben Ketuta

    Ras don't die,since 1987 to date is three decades but still he lives in our hrts.can't blame De yout.He was invaded in his home and killed.

  71. Fabio Sousa

    Seems as if he is dising Bob Marleys song iron lion zion..3 rd song

    Glenis G.

    Fabio Sousa well.... I wouldn’t call it a diss. There is a message he was telling.

  72. Fabio Sousa

    If God has made men to one day fight the Devil, then Peter was one of them.

    Glenis G.

    Teflon Eibeat'East Africa if that’s the case why is evil still around today? You don’t have much intelligence do you?

    Teflon Eibeat

    @Glenis G.Evil is still around because people Love their Sins. Spiritual wickedness in high and low places.

    Joseph Umrah

    @Teflon Eibeat Totally agree with you Teflon.

    Glendon Codling

    Totally agree with you a million time Peter Tosh fight the devil he flash lightning

    Peter Ogu

    Teflon Eibeat'East Africa that’s what the church taught you eh? I remember those days, believing in the “son” of “god” who died and magically erased our sins then resurrected three days later... boy u have to grow up and make sense to things because innocence is different than ignorance

  73. χρηστος καγιας


  74. Jose Perez

    Solo hay 2 chingones en jamaica leyendas peter y bob juntos eran lo mejor .oye el disco talking blues

  75. Mohamed Keita

    Rip peter tosh

  76. Jana Vegana

    Nonsense Babylon teach the children the truth

  77. corrine taylor

    the stepping razor, anything u can do I can do it better,,im the toughest...R>I>P

    Wilfried Domke

    prove it.

    Beeblebrox One

    Are you from Christchurch? We might have met through Hayles.

  78. Abdelhalim Mhamdi

    Herb truth jah glory

  79. Paul Mart

    Thanks so much!

  80. michael johnson

    Big up Peter rasta never die

  81. Lucas de Souza

    Que disco do caralho!

  82. Lucas de Souza

    The real enemy of the babylon system, an "inocente" criminal, the older brother, dangerous man for any evil government. Irie Ite! thanks Peter McIntosh. Bumbo klat!

    Wilfried Domke

    agree! FBI! CIA! killing him!

  83. Tigris Euphrates


  84. aye n naw

    The youth has to b tot what we were not .....respek. Man
    Still listning today bush docta
    Rest easy ....mon

  85. Eric Toomer

    Great Mix

  86. Edson Jesus


    Rodney Cockatoo

    Blue ridge mountain boys

  87. Masta Link VEVO

    Still listening 👂 right now 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  88. Hugo Bos

    1 Can't Blame The Youth 0:00:00
    2 Arise Blackman 0:03:14
    3 Lion 0:05:47
    4 Maga Dog 0:09:32
    5 Go Tell It On The Mountain 0:12:23
    6 Here Comes The Judge 0:15:38
    7 Four Hundered Years 0:19:07
    8 Soon Come 0:21:39
    9 Here Comes The Sun 0:24:03
    10 Little Green Apples 0:27:18
    11 Them A Fi Get A Beatin' 0:29:54
    12 You Can't Fool Me Again 0:31:45
    13 Leave My Business 0:34:18
    14 Love 0:37:40
    15 A Little Love Version 4 0:40:34
    16 We Can Make It Uptight 0:43:14
    17 Evil Version 0:46:09
    18 My Sympathy 0:48:22

    Hugo Bos

    last record is actually 'No sympathy'

  89. watersky fishes

    "You can’t fool me" Peter Tosh
    All humanity was fooled in that way, except the "power ego people" who chose to play those division illusion tricks upon us... For luck we have some unconditioned people, genius like Peter Tosh, Jiddu Krishnamurti, ... To make us notice what the sad truth is... They know how humanity is so easily fooled and still choose to be on the real side of unity and wake everybody up! We have to make our truth happy again!


    The price here in America is high man but yu can't smoke yo money yu have to buy

  91. Lenworth Matthews

    L matthews 666 ooo u o m c.f. f matthews 2 27 LENWORTH 444 666

  92. rastaman mwetti


    Carl Gentle

    The wailer consisted of 3 extremely superbly talented men..its hard to choose a best of..

  93. Everton Hylton

    clarity, back against the wall that's when one faceses the morrow. seen yourself as your brother..

  94. Everton Hylton

    I love the original rythem no remix keep it real good things always keep back, still can't hide..

  95. Joshua Wilson

    Great album, but Amah should crack a smile and not judge a book by the cover!!

  96. rustygoldfanatic

    Peter is the one who taught Bob everything he knew!!!!!Peter was a gift from the almighty.

    Thomas Joseph

    Fi real

    OGGOAT_ _

    Kinda much talent in one band

    Mcolisi R Dlamini

    Undisputed Truth

  97. mehrmazd

    Bob is the Legend And Peter Is The Greath .Both Of Them Are My Favorite . ISmoke Two Jointe.......

    Glenis G.

    mehrmazd Peter is also a legend. Quit the lies. 🙄


    bob is an impersonator , without peter there would have been no bob marley as you know him today