Peter Tosh - Black Dignity Lyrics

Lagidamawi rasfetari, medhani alem
Tenayistilgn, Igziabhier amlak
Qedamawi tekoro, medhani alem
Negus nagast, izi Itiopia

Lift up thine head, o ye black dignity
And be ye lifted up, ye ever-loving black dignity
And let the King of kings enter thine heart

For in a little while and the wicked shall not be
They shall be cut off like the grass
And wither like the green herb
So trust in the Lord and do good
And wait patiently for Him
And verily thou shalt prevail, Selah

I branches shall not wither
And whatsoever I do shall prosper
I shall be like a tree, planted by the rivers
That bringeth forth fruit in season, Selah

So lift up thine head, o ye black people
And be ye lifted up, ye ever-loving black people
And the King of kings shall come in, Selah
Wake up thine slumbering mentality
Come closer to reality

Recognize thy dignity, thy integrity, thy quality
Fret not because of one who prospereth in his way
For in a little while
The evil-doers shall be killed crum [?] paralyzed
Love Him and live, hate Him and die

Lift up thine head, ye ever-loving black people
And be ye lifted up, ye ever-living black people
And the Lord, God shall come into thine heart
Seek Him and ye shall find Him 'cause He can be found
Wake up thine slumbering mentality and live up to reality

Live black, love black, think black
Our God is black

Qedamawi ras fetari, medhani alem
Igziabhier amlak, tenayistilgn
Tokoro chilola, neguse nagast, Itiopia

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Peter Tosh Black Dignity Comments
  1. Sanele Sonkosi

    The whole universe is pervaded by a black element which is the source of creation. Black is not only beautiful. Black is powerful beyond measure!! Amandla!!

  2. Soniyah Aljeff

    Real conscious lyrics. Think black Our Gid is Black.

  3. Lilitha Potye

    Let Babylon fall and burn... Holy mount Zion rise again... Ras Tafari is our Leader!

  4. Kayiza Evergreen

    petertosh will always be my mentor and the reason to every achievement in my life

  5. Justyn Coleman

    2 racists watched this

  6. Maxy Mum

    wicked men dont know anything about that.

  7. Facetious1

    What was that bullshit he was rapping in the beginning?

    Maxy Mum



    Was he rapping some bullshit like he was speaking in foreign tongues?

    left-hand yogi

    It's not "bullshit". It's Amharic....


    Well, thank you. It sounded like some jive made up like speaking in foreign tongues nonsense in churches.

  8. Bongiwe Qwetha


  9. Glendon Codling


  10. Versionary

    Came on a Joe Gibbs 45. If anyone has a copy to sell, please drop a line.

  11. Rog Devilman

    peter tosh the great

  12. wasiax

    Negus Nagast!
    RasTafarI lives and reigns!

  13. mikerasta84p

    @KILLBETTV yes rasta thx 4 the comment.. .1 love 1 heart...

  14. Mosin54r

    Black is beautiful, baby! Great song

  15. mikerasta84p

    Yes mi bredren!!!!!!!!!