Peter, Paul And Mary - Tell It On The Mountain Lyrics

Go tell it on the mountain, over the hill and everywhere
Go tell it on the mountain, to let My people go.

Who's that yonder dressed in red, let My people go
Must be the children that Moses led, let My people go
Who's that yonder dressed in red,
Must be the children that Moses led
Go tell it on the mountain, to let My people go.


Who's that yonder dressed in white, let My people go
Must be the children of the Israelite, let My people go
Who's that yonder dressed in white,
Must be the children of the Israelite
Go tell it on the mountain, to let My people go


Who's that yonder dressed in black, let My people go
Must be the hypocrites turnin' back, let My people go
Who's that yonder dressed in black,
Must be the hypocrites turnin' back


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Peter, Paul And Mary Tell It On The Mountain Comments
  1. hackhampride

    Good song but the real ISRAELITES are so called black Americans

  2. Greg Archipow

    I was under the impression that this song was from an Afrimerican(you saw it here first) opera called "Black Nativity"someone correct me if I'm wrong

  3. musicfanBRA

    Great song for Passover, and at 2:35 theres a pic of PP&M with the Beatles!

  4. Wacko Jacko

    Looks like the guy on the left might have molested someone before that picture at 0:29

  5. masa oji

    This is a song for tonight?

  6. David Anthony Stone

    They were a real ensemble. Best in live
    Venue. That harmony is virtuosity
    Miss Mary and The Boys

  7. RN Healer

    Thank you so much for uploading this wonderful spiritual rendition of one of my favorite folk songs. Peter Paul and Mary were perfect for this song. They were the greatest for singing rousing flok songs for we for Children Of The Sixties.

  8. fumpa umpa

    This should be in the far cry 5 soundtracks

  9. Gerry Sandell may have been aware,...the histiory books say Dylan, the Beatles, PP&M met up this day NYC 1964

  10. Judith Bradley

    How close to what we are going through in this country kinda like the era is being repeated

    M L

    We tried to right wrongs back then, I don't see that today.

  11. LoveisLifeJOBMUSt

    Wow I've been hurting but it felt so good to listen to this I needed to hear this and I love that there was picture of this group and The Beatles together! ☺️🎶🌸🎸 put so Koch joy in my heart. Thank You Jesus for hearing my cry please keep giving me Your peace. I pray and speak life and peace over the whole world right now without ceasing. I will keep believing that Love will make a way and everything will be healed and whole.


    It is an inspiring song.

  12. AllenChanThree

    I like this version in that Mary takes the lead and Peter and Paul blend in.


    The wonderful thing was that all 3 were talented singers who could each sing lead. Much credit must be given to
    Albert Grossman who brought them together by auditioning folk singers and creating the group.

  13. WouldYouKindly

    "That Jesus Christ is Lord"

    Sönke Franz

    I think it’s a version for Passover. I know „Jesus Christ is born“ for Christmas „The Lord invite us“ a German song for the communion

  14. WouldYouKindly

    How curious it must be to be a Jew who refuses to acknowledge that Jesus of Nazareth is their long awaited Messiah. "It is impossible that a prophet can be killed in any place other than Jerusalem."

    World Lee

    kiss my ____!!

  15. Mark Muffs

    Sure love the accoustic guitars in their songs. Makes a great melody

  16. Mike Morgan

    I still have this Original Album and it plays great !!!

    Mark Muffs

    Long live vinyl, oh yeah

  17. Bueno Obra

    .....seems like a Religious song.... Thanks, PPM for the song.... Thanks, Mary for the song....

    Laurie Hammeke

    Please read my post on YouTube.


    @Magali being an ISRAELITE isn't a religion it's a nationality.
    But the real JEWS are the so called black Americans that went into slavery on ships.


    @hackhampride A nationality only if the people live in Israel nowadays. Otherwise they are nationals of the country they live in, whatever religion they may or may not believe in. And "Go tell it on the mountain" is definitely a religious song as is about the birth of Jesus Christ and about stories written in the bible.


    @Magali jesus is a made up name to hide his true name YAHAWASHI.
    There wasn't a j in Hebrew when he walked the Earth.


    @hackhampride to me the whole thing seems to be made up. I don't care for these relgious fairytales. Nobody with a "J" or whatever name has "walked the earth" whatever that may be. Sorry, I just don't believe in that sort of crap. But believe what is adequate to you, just don't bother other people with it.

  18. Fabio Pereira

    Só conhecia essa música na Voz de Peter Tosh!

  19. One Guitar Worship

    Hi! Have you seen this song in percussive fingerstyle guitar on an old train bridge with dangerous gaps in the beams looming every step to a death gripping fall below?!? Let me know watch you think!

  20. Roger Eisinger

    Thank you catman916 for a beautiful video of Peter, Paul and Mary. R.I.P. Mary. We all miss you.

  21. catman916

    I believe that "Wade In the Water" was adapted from this old song.

  22. Lola Lola

    I like this song- reminds me of Eva Cassidy's Wade In the Water.

  23. rob38dd

    Thanks for posting this recording. It is much clearer than other versions posted.