Peter, Paul And Mary - Jesus Is On The Wire Lyrics

Run down church
Red clay
River covered
In a smoky haze

Sunday morning
The fire is out
Sunday morning
No one about

The earth is soft
This time of year
Boots get caked
From there to here

Down the road
Route 25
They found this boy
He was barely alive

Jesus is on the wire
So far away, higher and higher
Jesus is on the wire

They took him down
Off the fence
Cold as ice
Almost dead
They said that he
That he slept with guys
They said that he
Deserved to die

Jesus is on the wire
So far away, higher and higher
Jesus is on the wire

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Peter, Paul And Mary Jesus Is On The Wire Comments
  1. William Duncan

    This song composed by Thea Hopkins!

  2. Bill Souster

    Rest In a Wire, For Matthew Shepard

  3. David Steinbring

    This is hard to think of.What can I say?This wonderful boy was one of Gods children.What gave those other people to have the right to do what they had done? If you don't like someone for anything,then just stay away from them!I know people are not what I'm saying.Thats there right.But it's not what any one says.Its about the way that Young Man who to endorse that Fucking Shit!!!He was and still one of Gods children.They say God takes the good ones.But,this time he took a Great one! My blessing to all this happens to.i have a great Husband of 19 great yrs.Whonow is fighting Cancer that will never go away.When it happens God will be getting another Great one.And his name you will be able to see is David S.We decided to keep our own last names.Just putting it out there....

  4. David Steinbring

    This was a hate crime!!! I can not say any thing about this.Because I am so pissed off about it those Fuck people should of got the same way that they did to them!!! J.W...I' am using my partners e mail for now that way you know it's Me and not Him...

  5. Daniel Crocker

    For me, this song is about the brokenness and blindness that exists in society that prevents us from seeing Jesus-- that sacred, beautiful humanity, that image of God incarnate, that child of God- in those we consider the "least" among us.

    Matthew tied to the fence draws parallels with Jesus crucified ("on the wire"). For me the words, "so far away" reflect the remoteness of Matthew in his hour of great suffering and need. And simultaneously that in that hour, Jesus was very close to Matthew. And that Matthew, in the beauty of his person, was closer to God-always- than some might have supposed.

    In Matthew's hours of suffering, as he went farther and farther from physical life, he was soaring "higher and higher" above the sky of Laramie that sparkled, above and away from the the cruelty and darkness of the world-- a cruelty and darkness that he was not made for and that was not made for him.

    This song is simultaneously profoundly sad and beautiful.

    Paul Heffron

    Daniel, the profound truth of your thoughts could not be expressed more eloquently or with more understanding and compassion. Many thanks.

    Ron Delby

    I have had the same feeling as you about this I do not beleive gay people make themselves. I beleive it is a gene passed on in famalies. It pops up in every family. People who say they have no gay people in their family may not know that someone is hideing it from fear of ridicule. It has been as long as time, even in cave man days probably. I have seen animals behave in homosexual traits. I have seen sissy men marry and raise children The sterotype of all gays being effeminant is from uneducated people. They have never walked in the shoes of gay people. I have seen men you would never know...rough guys that hunt, fish that are gay but they have to hide it....

  6. Richard S. Brown

    Thx Guys!

  7. Robert W

    It is nice to hear Mary's voice (w/o the commentaries).

  8. Scottie Baxter

    RIP matthew shepard.

    Robert W

    RIP all of the people, who are different from societal norms.