Peter, Paul And Mary - Early In The Morning Lyrics

Well early in the morning, about the break of day,
I ask the Lord, "Help me find the way!"
Help me find the way to the promised land
This lonely body needs a helping hand
I ask the Lord to help me please find the way.

When the new day's a dawning, I bow my head in prayer.
I pray to the Lord, "Won't you lead me there?"
Won't you guide me safely to the Golden Stair?
Won't you let this body your burden share?
I pray to the Lord, "Won't you lead me please, lead me there?"

When the judgment comes to find the world in shame
When the trumpet blows won't you call my name?
When the thunder rolls and the heavens rain
When the sun turns black, never shine again
When the trumpet blows, won't you call me please, call my name!

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Peter, Paul And Mary Early In The Morning Comments
  1. James L

    818 dislikes as of 16/12/19. What is wrong with people?!? This is sublime.

  2. tonino Italiano

    This tune tears my heart apart every time..

  3. Aaron Clyde

    Which one's Mary ?

  4. kimbo 306

    Christ! the Great Songs Just Kept on Coming! What an Era!

  5. Edward Pate

    Wonderful! There is just something about Mary Travers, so beautiful.

  6. Justin Smith

    Still sounds good!

  7. 戸谷健二



    This is a beautiful song. The vocal harmonies and guitar sound great.

  9. John Austin

    Can't they afford a mic for Mary?

  10. Hugh Lennon

    They could at least have bought three microphones and give her one too...

  11. Rynml Dz

    0% Bitches
    0% Drugs
    0% Lambos
    100% Talent

    Heather Alexandra

    Rynml Dz:  Well said!  I agree with all that.  Heather

  12. Aurora Schaefer

    Beautiful. AURAPHIL thanks for sharing. GOD bless!

  13. Music Man

    If I don’t know anything else in life, I do know this ... and that is ... Peter, Paul and Mary could do no wrong. Their talent and music is truly missed but at least it lives on FOREVER.

  14. Tony Marcovecchio


  15. Michael Mazola

    Written by Gordon Lightfoot...👍

  16. Baskerville22

    This reached only No. 91 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1965

  17. Warren NZ

    My heroes when I was learning guitar in the late 60s

  18. Wolfsky9

    Classic Counterpoint Harmony, by real pros ------------RIP, gorgeous Mary.-----------WolfSky9

  19. chris tull

    fantastic version

  20. Mikey_Suze Four

    *Early Morning Rain*

  21. Joseph Mc Cammond

    I love this song as it brings back so many memories of being on the road and far from home while serving my country.

  22. Mike Mitchell

    Liquid gold. Words and music in such harmony that your soul crys out for more. God bless PP&M.

  23. the statementallity

    Just lovely

  24. Pascal papou

    Joe Dassin la repris en french, bip

  25. Rampage Clover

    What a pile of willy...

  26. A Cor

    Beautiful version

  27. Rixar13

    Irish Bunny -> Remember Fondly.

  28. Evelyn Coghill

    Got to be one of the most beautifu musics. love it .

  29. 小和サマダ

    how many have japanese been listening pp&m now?

  30. Claude Rebello

    Chased this tune for ..eternity.. many thanks U TUBE ..!!

  31. Rene Dulnuan

    Len len Lab

  32. Watson Franks

    one of the greatest of all time

  33. Gary Clark

    Takes me back to a time of flying a twin prop out of an old airport with all the ambience of a bus depot...

  34. David Corson

    Thanks to Gordon Lightfoot who wrote this great song.

  35. Knut Dr.Sagner

    Wonderful, you don‘t hear something like that today....

  36. Kevin Patterson

    Gordon Lightfoot wrote and composed the song in 1964, but its genesis took root during his 1960 sojourn in Westlake, Los Angeles. Throughout this time, Lightfoot sometimes became homesick and would go out to the Los Angeles International Airport on rainy days to watch the approaching aircraft.[1] The imagery of the flights taking off into the overcast sky was still with him when, in 1964, he was caring for his 5-month-old baby son and he thought, "I’ll put him over here in his crib, and I’ll write myself a tune." "Early Morning Rain" was the result.

  37. frank stark

    good version. best done by elvis presley.

  38. Greg Cugola

    I sat in Geneva Airport(Cornavin) 1996.
    With this song in my ears,

    Waiting for a plane to fly me out of there.
    Leaving my six year old daughter behind, unable to say goodbye, unable to do anything about it.
    In the early morning rain.....with no place to go....

  39. Heather Alexandra

    This is my favourite Peter, Paul and Mary song.  Thank you.

  40. Bob Milner

    Great cover of a Gordon Lightfoot song.

  41. Bull Durham

    It is odd to think that evil was brewing inside of Trump, during those times.

  42. Nilton Rospi

    Mary....very powerfull voice! God Bless you, RIP Mary!
    You will be always on my mind!

  43. takatoshi suzuki


  44. Dan63


  45. Denis Flachat

    on écouterait des heures !

  46. jervaz

    I want to know who are the assholes who this song and performance a thumbs down do I can punch them in the 👃!!!
    I think I see a Mellineal!

  47. dhscpa1956 Smith

    I remember performing in a puppet show in the park is summer of 1964 with Puff The Magic Dragon playing as theme (a new song then). Memories of the past can be as sweet as PP&M or as sad as a lost love

  48. carpenterabc

    ...this how one feels...when you don't have enough money to pay your bills...and you are humbled....

  49. Stephen Chock

    So many sweet memories of the 60's with the simple but profound harmonies of P, P, & M. Classic and always picked meaningful songs.

  50. simon e

    There are no song writers of the calibre of Gordon Lightfoot today.

  51. bhodges00

    Nice song written by Gordon Lightfoot.

  52. Mikey_Suze Four

    I miss all 3 of them! :'-(

  53. greenbeagle13

    Best version of Gordon Lightfoot's masterpiece. Every time I hear this I think of some poor soldier in Vietnam, homesick and tired of fighting, tired of seeing his friends killed... Hauntingly sad.

  54. ena hoektap

    Paul Weller' s version is raw and emotional. I love it

  55. Gitaarles Den Haag

    I miss this kind of performing & songwriting: just acoustic string music and beautiful vocals... Oh man, you tend to forget how good these people were!

  56. Michael Williams

    My favorite group to listen to I played my fathers album for hours every day I could sing every part on every song but the big man upstairs decided he was going to take my vocal chords 2 years ago damn i wish I could sing again

  57. Jeremy Good

    You have to give props to the bass player too. It's a shame he wasn't included in the TV shot until the very end.

  58. belle mcellis


  59. MrPoupard

    I've just discovered them. Their sound is achingly beautiful.

  60. BearHeart13

    Love them! Such great harmony. Got to watch & hear them at the Hollywood Bowl in the early 70's, and they were consummate performers.

  61. Johnnyreb Palmer

    I first learned this as a marching song. "In the early morning rain, with a rifle in my hand, an aching in my feet, and my boots are full of sand"

  62. Brandon Buckingham

    One of the most beautiful songs you could ever listen to.

  63. john kihara

    it has been pouring fr the last 6 hours, this song just puts me in my place with a hot cocoa curled up inthe sofa

  64. Les Gee

    Love the guitar picking on this very song. It inspired me when I was in high school and my parents gave me my wish... a Martin D-18 for my graduation fifty years ago. Not long ago, I brought it in for servicing and was offered an unbelievable amount to sell it. No, I wouldn't part with it for a million! I played it for our kids when they were toddlers. I just did "Puff the Magic Dragon " on it for our grandchildren.

  65. Ellen McCullough

    Still lovely after all these years...

  66. Nanz Boldimage667

    ediors choice for this song! thanks PP&M

  67. Tim Volk

    Ah, the first of the cannabis and caffeine crowd. The counterculture beatniks changed the world for the better.

  68. Anita Huie


  69. Johnnyreb Palmer

    Takes me back in time too. In the early morning rain, with a rifle in my hand, an aching in my feet, and my boots are full of sand....

  70. LarryEF

    I was 20 and sloughing in the paddies when I heard this song. Great memories, unforgettable buddies here and gone.

  71. Msluvleelife

    yes i totally agree with others. I am 63 years old and i remember the love in my heart during this beautiful time in spirit. Deep change :

  72. Amy Winehouse

    This song also sung by Elvis. Looks like Peter Sutcliffe on the left.

  73. steve creamer

    Total brilliance... Try and capture this proper version on your local juke box if you can.. Hidden gems they called...??..... Come on.. Lovex this ki nda of music back t hen when I wS 5 ish. Listen in me Mums transiztor Radio... NEvwr had tv... One voose mai n... JUdy Duram.. Seeker's un forgettable voice behind great tunes..(eg) They live on forever i my earz..

  74. Chuck Fortier

    Thank you Mary for everysongs you made for us

  75. Infidel Lover



    i also like Elvis Presley version of this song

  77. Beverley Wells

    Ron damico
    and what beautiful hair she had too

  78. B JL

    Wow, she has brilliant hairs...

  79. Viktor Hartt

    Love this one, prefer Elvis' cover!

  80. StringTherapy

    My favorite version of this song

  81. Sleepy Dog

    who's the bassist on the right?

  82. Domingo Zavala Marttini

    Lo que más me impresiona de este video es la chica con su hermosa cabellera natural y saludable sin los innumerables tratamientos que hoy se aplican las mujeres.

  83. Floyd Brennan

    Mr. Tesla, can you please build me a time machine so I can go back to the 60's when music was really music and we weren't infested with political correctness and other madness of today?

  84. Floyd Brennan

    This is what you call true talent and class, boys and girls. Mary's not flashing her boobs all over the screen during the performance and Peter and Paul are not gangsta rapping about grabbing Mary's booty. This is when music was practically equivalent to having a spiritual experience and people sang about MEANINGFUL things in life and didn't resort to cheap theatrics in order to sell records. Musicians absolutely loved what they did and it really showed in their craftsmanship.

  85. Sean Dobson

    I am 64 now and still love and play this song.

  86. Noel MrMonyong Verzosa

    Early morning rain

  87. Walter Carter

    0:58 29 year-old Mary sure looked hot in a dress and pumps.

  88. Curtis Heirston

    I remember this from my childhood... Diet Nam...Clark AFB P.I.... first time I heard I was immediate connected to it... by pain a 9yro should never know.. . may God Bless my pop...

  89. avi8tr11

    Mary is a stone fox!

  90. J Seddon.

    Surely It does not get any better than this ? Live music.. Look at the Mics

  91. Rene Dulnuan

    Albay Magayona Godez Serpent Eagle Warzones Eternal DecipherShip Mothership of empress Godez Hera-Diana on Thea Gaea Fronts Timeframes! Pictured Wow George Smile an everlasting smile!

    Rene Dulnuan

    Monkey Eating Eagle on Albay account complete transfer of stocks deciphered visions of Prophets on simon and garfunkel !

    Rene Dulnuan

    Rapid secret transfers of infos to Mothership Mary Gaea Thea!

  92. Amiin Omer

    It feels like I love Grey.

  93. Kristin Pfanku

    I never get tired of listening to this version of the song.

  94. Mike Sisley

    As an 18 year Marine I can relate to this so many years ago. Many a goodbye I have said to a life like normal people get. After 30 years serving, what did all those goodbyes get me? Lonesone, lonely, by myself. Yep.

  95. Doublees