Peter, Paul And Mary - Cruel War Lyrics

The Cruel War is raging, Johnny has to fight
I want to be with him from morning to night.
I want to be with him, it grieves my heart so,
Won't you let me go with you?
No, my love, no.

Tomorrow is Sunday, Monday is the day
that your Captain will call you and you must obey.
Your captain will call you it grieves my heart so,
Won't you let me go with you?
No, my love, no.

I'll tie back my hair, men's clothing I'll put on,
I'll pass as your comrade, as we march along.
I'll pass as your comrade, no one will ever know.
Won't you let me go with you?
No, my love, no.

Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, I fear you are unkind
I love you far better than all of mankind.
I love you far better than words can e're express
Won't you let me go with you?
Yes, my love, yes.

Yes, My Love, Yes.

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Peter, Paul And Mary Cruel War Comments
  1. Sean Walsh

    They just hum the sad ending...
    "They marched into battle, she never left his side
    'Til a bullet shell struck her and love was denied
    A bullet shell struck her, tears came to Johnny's eyes
    As he knelt down beside her, she silently died"

  2. AJR Universe

    Yep you already know why I came here

  3. haha haha

    Ahhh, the birth place or one of my favorite songs, good part, AJR

  4. Randy Simmons

    Back in the 60's my school teacher played this record and wanted us to learn this song

    David L. Morehead

    My chorus teacher did too, and we did learn it. What I remember most was trying to decipher the word "e'er" Was 9 years old and poetically challenged !

  5. Lord Jadus

    Good thing our hero doesn't want his girlfriend to get into trouble with the law.



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    World War 2
    Korea War
    Vietnam War
    Gulf War 1
    Gulf War 2
    Congo War
    Syrian War
    Yemen War
    Personal War

    Clem Quaye

    wow, Kyei, i least expected someone from Gh here. Pleased to meet you

  7. CJ Syblik

    all I can hear is ajr screaming vocals now...

  8. Cosmic Chatter

    such beautiful sounds for lyrics so sad.. a timeless song. PPM can fill you with joy or break your heart

  9. Everything León

    Thanks AJR

    Rita P

    You’re here too?


    @oscar o baoill Are you retarded?

    Instrument Hoarder

    @Firewing61 i mean, I've never heard of them either :/


    @Instrument Hoarder So then you can simply search them up lmaooooooo

    Instrument Hoarder

    @Firewing61 I don't really care that much to search them up, i just thought it was toxic how you called Oscar retarded...

  10. bEllA Mcfailure

    *The good part sent me* (ajr)

    oscar o baoill

    What is ajr?

    Sam Rhydderch

    oscar o baoill their a modern band that made a song based off of a harmony of this song

    Joshua Eyer


  11. Jayden Yamada

    Huh, thanks ajr

    oscar o baoill

    What is ajr?

    Rita P

    oscar o baoill a band that is truly amazing

  12. David Smith

    today we bury honor and the toughest man in Arizona

  13. Karen Gaff

    So sad 😭

    Robert Byrd

    No that is the saddest part. What if she is killed but he survives?

    Fred Bentley

    The cruelty of war. A woman cannot bear to have her lover go off and fight without her. Fearing he will die in battle and she will grieve forever.
    She finally convinces him to let her go.
    What if he does not die in battle but can return to her if she had waited for him but she followed him and she dies in battle?
    He must return but has no one to return to. He grieves for her eternally never forgiving himself for allowing her to go with him :(

    Maureen Louise

    Makes me cry

  14. ok boomer