Peter, Paul And Mary - Christmas Dinner Lyrics

And it came to pass on a Christmas evening,
When all the doors were shuttered tight,
Outside standing, a lonely boy-child,
Cold and shivering in the night.

On the street every window
Save but one was gleaming bright;
And to this window walked the boy-child
Peeking in saw candlelight.

Through other windows he had looked at turkeys,
Ducks, and geese, and cherry pies;
But through this window saw a gray-haired lady
Table bare and tears in her eyes.

Into his coat reached the boy-child
Knowing well there was little there
He took from his pocket his own Christmas dinner
A bit of cheese and some bread to share.

His outstretched hands held the food and they trembled
As the door it opened wide
Said he "Would you share with me Christmas dinner?"
Said she gently, "Come inside."

The gray-haired lady brought forth to the table
Glasses two, last drops of wine.
Said she "Here's a toast to everyone's Christmas,
And especially yours and mine!"

And it came to pass on that Christmas evening
Whene all the doors were shuttered tight
That in that town the happiest Christmas
Was shared by candlelight.

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Peter, Paul And Mary Christmas Dinner Comments
  1. Louise Staats

    Reminds me of Jim Croce's song, "It Doesn't Have To Be That Way"

  2. beldengi

    And idiots far and wide claim that the Pogues song about Christmas in New York is the greatest. This song is infinitely better and infinitely more important

  3. Marquita Martin

    I grew up with this album. My mom was a grade school teacher and she would play this album for her class every year.

  4. Juanita Imhoff

    To me this is the purest expression of what Christmas should be


    so true. It's devastating how many people forget this.

  5. GeraldTheBusDriver

    great song

  6. tedmerr

    Evokes the spirit of Christmas and the concept of generosity and humility better than anything I've ever heard.

  7. Daniel Celano

    This is the song about spending Christmas alone.

  8. pennypay1

    My mom used to play this album all the time, as I loved it as a child. And when she comes to my home this Christmas, I'll surprise her with one of its loveliest songs.

  9. ikungfuyou2

    Luv this song

  10. jazzy fizzle

    I hate i boo


    You must hate your grammar class even more.


    if your telling me you hate this song then something is really wrong with you


    don't feed the trolls

  11. LordDrakoArakis

    I really like this song and the message if provides. If I may ask, I would like to use this tune for a holiday video project I'm doing. Would it be alright if I used it? You will get full credit for it. Please inform me as soon as you are able.


    The copyright belongs to the composer, not to the person who put it on the internet.

  12. Chad Smith


  13. Leigh Alkire

    Still one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time.