Peter, Paul And Mary - Boa Constrictor Lyrics

I'm getting swollered', by boa constricator
I'm getting swollered', by boa constricator
And I don't like snakes one bit

What'a ya know
He swollered' my toe

Oh gee
He's up to my knee

Oh my
He's up to my thigh

Oh yummy!
He's up to my tummy

Oh fiddle
He's up to my middle

Oh glum
He's mashing my lungs

Now look here snake!
I don't look good with this long tail on me
That's about all I can say snake, except give me a break snake!
My torsoe's cold and it's starting to mold
Boa Constrictor...How much can you hold?

Oh Yes
He's up to my chest
Oh heck
He's up to my neck
Nearly all-len
He's up to my chin
Oh dread
He's swollered' my head

SNAKE Burps..."Excuse me."

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Peter, Paul And Mary Boa Constrictor Comments
  1. dudovich13

    I'm 60 years old and I remember this song from elementary school. I still love it, odd as it is.

  2. Long-Haired Luigi

    When as a kid, I always thought this song was WEIRD.

  3. vanessa martinez

    I sing it in my School

  4. Vitalify

    i like the laughs at the fact that the kids watched someone sing while literally getting eaten by a boa constrictor

  5. Ashley Finch

    I’ve sang this kind of stupid song at camp before.

  6. Andre50a

    This is such a cute song. My brother and I do variations on it when we annoy each other.

  7. VicGeorge2K6

    This was originally a poem from the book Where The Sidewalk Ends.

  8. Matthew Carlon

    my god I haven't heard that song since kindergarden

  9. CooperCollins TheGamerAndAnimator100

    I sang this at the dinner table back in 2004 as a 2 year old with my family,

  10. Veronica The Sloth

    My childhood song right here 😂😂

  11. Elizabeth Daniell

    My brother loved this song as a kid, would sing it for hours. Great overall kids album, my favorite childhood music memories are on this album.
    Before technology, the little record player was the way to entertain kids.

    Katherine Booth

    Elizabeth Daniell we did too

    Darfon America

    I so agree. Such incredible memories singing these songs to the kids.

  12. elfbeee

    Alright, story time:

    Back in the late 90s, my family stayed at a hotel for a family vacation on the day of my birthday. Now, this story proves not to be about me, but rather my sister. From day 1, my sister has always had a VERY powerful voice.

    You see, we saw PP&M during that night, and Mary sang this song. At the 0:40 mark, we learned just how powerful my sister's voice could be when she screamed "WAIT! WAIT!"...

    We were pretty far back, and were astonished when Mary paused and said "...Wait? I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor!"

    Ashley Finch

    concretebuilding LOL


    Yes Yes!

  13. Daniel Celano

    The song sounds like it's performed at a concert.

    super tottler land

    Probably because it actually was.

    Daniel Celano

    Or maybe it actually was performed in school.

    super tottler land

    that's a possibility, too. it's not comin for popular singers to perform at elementary schools these days, but maybe it used to be popular in prior years.

  14. tlrblt

    I sang this to all my kids

  15. MichaelHansenFUN