Peter, Paul And Mary - Autumn To May Lyrics

Oh once I had a little dog, his color it was brown
I taught him for to whistle, to sing and dance and run
His legs they were fourteen yards long, his ears so very wide
Around the world in half a day, upon him I could ride.

Sing Tarry-O Day, Sing, Autumn to May.

Oh once I had a little frog, he wore a vest of red
He'd lean upon his silver cane, a top hat on his head
He'd speak of far off places, of things to see and do,
Of all the Kings and Queens he'd met while sailing in a shoe.

Sing Tarry-O Day, Sing, Autumn to May.

Oh once I had a flock of sheep, they grazed upon a feather
I'd keep them in a music box from wind or rainy weather
And every day the sun would shine, they'd fly all through the town
To bring me back some golden rings, candy by the pound.

Sing Tarry-O Day, Sing, Autumn to May.

Oh once I had a downey swan, she was so very frail
She sat upon an oyster shell and hatched me out a snail
The snail had changed into a bird, the bird to butterfly
And he who tells a bigger tale would have to tell a lie.

Sing Tarry-O Day, Sing, Autumn to May.

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Peter, Paul And Mary Autumn To May Comments
  1. Wado Rocks

    Peter in one ear Paul in the other and Mary smack bang in the middle. Love my headphones.

  2. Margaret Trenchard-Smith

    Oh, this is lovely!

  3. Mike Krug

    I heard this song yesterday for the first time and I'm a big fan of Peter Paul and Mary. Beautiful song

  4. Michael Franklin

    AUTUMN MIST! I can hear you Puff. I will wait forever if I have to.

  5. Mark B Fensler

    Flip side of "Don't Think Twice, It's Allright". This song is so peaceful and once I hear it, I can hum it all day.

  6. Carlos Martinez

    I'm a pretty thick skinned and this little song brings tears to my eyes.

  7. Ron Delby

    Never heard them ever do it live? Lovely song, kind of like Puff

  8. LR 3

    This is beautiful

  9. Andy in NOVA

    Still loving this gentle song in 2019.

    "And he who tells a bigger tale would have to tell a lie..."

  10. musicfanBRA

    So sweet! Love it.

  11. moweddell

    Now that I have reached the age of 75 - I play this song often, along with "Puff the Magick Dragon"... They remind my own childhood and wonderful memories!. My early life was filled with innocence, simplicity, dreams, play, and make believe. Now that I have grown up and have raised my children, gr-children, gr grand children, I now realize the pleasure my mother and father must have had while enjoying and watching me ride around house on a broom stick horse playing cowboys and Indians. . ..... A truly past age of innocence many have not had an opportunity to experience.

  12. Liz Klosowski

    Listening today, the first day of Fall 2018. Still adore PP&M. <3

    Colin Filkins

    Liz Klosowski I’m listening in May 2019 :)

  13. david brooks

    Once it's in your head it just won't go away!!!

  14. Toni Bush

    So many memories,used to listen to this on my little record player in the 70s...just love it. Brings a tear to my eye, so pretty and innocent...and the harmony between these three is impeccable. Lucky me got to see them at the Circle Star Theatre in Redwood City Ca,circa 1977. ❤💛💚💙💜💖

  15. Christopher Cody

    Tim Murtaugh, Dwight Smith and I sang this song every Sunday at Ports’O Call San Pedro, California From 1968 until 1969. Later, I would sing it to my future children at night before they went to bed. Very magical song indeed. Someone mentioned that it was written by the great Bob Dylan. I’ll have to check that out.

  16. UwU

    This is our music class song

  17. wolstenholme100

    The Seekers are still going strong:

  18. Dale A. Beaulieu

    Charlie Ross, Mental Ill charlatan, con and psychic-sexual illusionist uses predator techniques to make-whoopee with innocent bipolar/borderlines or anybody, any gender, genderless, with a pulse, or if dead, a fairly fresh cadaver.

  19. Levis the 67

    Hey superb!

  20. Elizabeth Lingurar

    When I was a little girl, my mom would sing me this song every night before bed, and when she did, everything felt small and safe no matter what had happened before then.

  21. Fred

    As of 2/3/18, 13 thumbs-down to this lovely song. What, not enough ho's and big butts in it?

  22. Science with David

    My dad sings this to me every night. So I go to sleep.

  23. Mary Bishop

    I hope PP&M gave credit to Bob Dylan for writing this song. It's VERY similiar to his Tattle O'Day song on his album
    Another Self Portrait. I too remember this song from my childhood and never knew where it came from until i recently
    heard it on the radio. Then I discovered Bob Dylan wrote it and thought maybe I knew it from an old PP&M album.
    Did anyone else know this song from Bob Dylan?

    David Anthony Stone

    This is and old song not written by
    Bob Dylan.

  24. Alex Roodman

    "Once I had a little dog...

    His legs were 14 yards long..."

    Mary Bishop

    what brought you to this song?

    Mary Bishop

    (see my comment above)

  25. moweddell

    This song continues to remind me of my childhood, where dreams, make believe, innocence, and simplicity still existed.


    moweddell ♥️♥️

  26. David Anthony Stone

    One of the best singing ensemble ever the Great Peter Paul and Mary     You had to see them live   wow

  27. moweddell

    A true song from youth ! A time of simplicity, innocence, and full of dreams, and adventures that have apparently been lost forever.

  28. james hong

    this is a good song right

  29. Mark Muffs

    In the last few years I've started playing a lot of flip sides of my 45s and found gems such as this. Such beautiful pictures and a wonderful song to accompany it.

  30. Wolfsky9

    OMG, I've not heard this song in forever ! I miss those days so much! As I turn 70 y/o, I know every day how much less I am--& how I miss my youth. -----------------Wolfsky9, 69 y/o

    Mark Muffs

    well I'm not too far behind you at 62. I miss my youth too but I have my music and my house built in 1952 so I never entirely left my youth.

    Sea Star

    Hi Wolfsky.
    It may not be of much help, are not alone. Will be 70 in about a year, and it hardly seems possible !

  31. Satan

    I remember singing this in 1st grade :') Still sing it today ^-^ RIP old elem school :(

  32. moweddell

    A greal musical lament of children's memories and dreams when the land of Honalee seemed real.  Listening to this song still brings back the reflection of ones past childhood  and memories. What a shame that the innocence of childhood becomes lost.

    Ricardo Gaerlan

    +moweddell What a wonderful and true commentary on lost childhood and innocence. Thank you. My feelings likewise.

  33. William Thomas

    This was one of my favorite songs in music class in 2nd grade! So glad I found it. Thanks for uploading!

  34. Doug Riske

    tranquil balance, soothing harmony. calming presence .
    How good times were when I savored these songs as a youth.

  35. David Anthony Stone

    everything PP&M sing is just wonderful

  36. Poisonbird

    We sang this song in Music Class in the second grade


    +Newbie Rose me too

    Mark Muffs

    wow so did we. I was in the 2nd grade starting fall, 1962 when their music was doing well.

  37. rorrt

    Until 2 minutes 46 seconds ago, i had never ever heard of this song...
    I really like it, its really good.

  38. Abbie Smith

    Really nice. What wonderful voices. Thank you.

  39. Camille Parker

    My grandfather would sing this song to my Dad and my Dad passed down the tradition of singing it to my sisters and I every night. So relaxing and a wonderful childhood memory. <3

  40. ron damico

    I have never heard of them ever singing it at any of their concerts. I bet in their later years they would've polished it up like they did with "Where have all the flowers gone" I liked the latter version much better than the one on their 1st album.

  41. King Kong

    oh my god!!! there are five 5 thumb down!!!!! 5 WHO DO NOT KNOW, 1. Love of family. 2 love of friendship, 3. kindness to human being, 4 kindness to animal, and 5. Kindness to themselves..... they are so..... unhappy...... I'll add my thumb up!!

    Sea Star

    :)) and a kiss !

  42. Barbara Bianchi

    It's B E A U T I F U L !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Frank L

    Yes Kongu, this is wonderful song for all of included. And who better to sing it ?

  44. KonguZya

    Today at college, I thought of the little frog verse, and sang it in my head. I remembered it from when I sang it in elementary school. It's so amazing to hear this!

  45. sibionic

    That's the sweetest thing I've ever read!

  46. lillypads2011

    I sing this all the time to my little sis. And my pop used to sing this to me when I was younger than I am now. I am 13

  47. Joyce Jeffries

    I sang it to my daughter too, she's now 44.

  48. olaysketchup

    @olaysketchup *evoked

  49. olaysketchup

    This song is so dope. We used to sing it in elementary school choir and I still remember the strange feeling it evicted in me!

  50. Spyes23

    So beautiful! Thank you for the upload, these three are simply amazing :)

  51. Alison Kettleson-Connell


  52. terry o Michalek

    Seriously - - -I AM Terry O'Dea - -and this was MY song in the 60's - -we sang it at every opportunity - -THANKS Peter Paul & Mary!!!!!

  53. huhryezen

    I absolutely LOVE this song!!! Still cry when I hear it...if I am REALLY listening to my heart through the music....

  54. MayosLounge

    Beautiful song and video*****

  55. Evan Overby

    The song just sort of rolls on, lulling me to....snore...

  56. AlaskanInExile

    Drifting Meadow - Great job with choosing of photos and timing duration to go with the music. Very pleasant to watch. Thanks.

  57. FemaleGallade

    We would sing this song in elementary school. Oh, what lovely memories...

  58. Andy Price

    I love PP&Ms harmony

  59. bmsmith18

    A wonderful song that has been with my family and me for a long, long time. Thank you for posting.

  60. Deb Whicher

    I used to sing this to my son at bedtime every night. He'll be 18 tomorrow and he's grown into a wonderful man and musician.

  61. Glorified Truth

    @helencheddar - I agree 100%. When I was 18 once I heard this song at a party and had to leave, it made me so sad! Sad in a nostalgic kind of way, I guess, although I'm not usually sentimental.

  62. helencheddar

    i love this song. This song is so happy yet so sad to me in some reason. Very happy things seem sad to me i guess.

    Sea Star

    I understand. Perhaps happy things seem sad because we know they do not last.

  63. Pete Vanourek

    I love this song. Reminds me of the innocence of childhood before all the bullshit sets in.

  64. mumd2003


  65. SpaceKyd

    When I was very young I would always ask my dad to play this on guitar and sing it to us. Memories indeed.

  66. Nyxferno

    FINALLY! Someone who has uploaded this!
    So many memories :')

  67. Alienpubes

    my god...this song is beautiful.

  68. Andrew C.

    Beautiful images. For some reason I woke up wanting to hear this song. Thanks.