Peter, Paul And Mary - 500 Miles Lyrics

If you miss the train I'm on, you will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles
A hundred miles, a hundred miles, a hundred miles, a hundred miles
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles

Lord, I'm one, Lord, I'm two, Lord, I'm three, Lord, I'm four
Lord, I'm five hundred miles from my home
Five hundred miles, five hundred miles, five hundred miles, five hundred miles
Lord, I'm five hundred miles from my home

Not a shirt on my back, not a penny to my name
Lord, I can't go a-home this a-way
This a-away, this a-way, this a-way, this a-way
Lord, I can't go a-home this a-way

If you miss the train I'm on, you will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles

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Peter, Paul And Mary 500 Miles Comments
  1. Alan Goldman

    Proper lyrics beautifully sung

  2. MR. Zag zagata

    Remember me when i am gone Google.

  3. xjr1300nut

    Think of my Mum, Dad and little brother when ever I here this, god I miss them...

  4. amp3cx10000a7jp

    The distance of 500 miles is the distance from Tokyo in Hiroshima City where the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945.
    I think it is the worst indiscriminate killing of mankind.

  5. Arleen Betos Butner

    I’m allowed a dream. Folk music returns. If only I could share that dream. I lived without a leash.


    So "Jab koi bat bigad jae" is a copy of this song!Kumar sanu g went too far🤦

  7. Peter MacKay

    Sweet and delightful, nectar for the soul. Thank God we had Peter, Paul and Mary and that we can still enjoy their lovely sounds today.

  8. 이상용

    참 좋은곡입니다..

  9. 篠崎康夫


  10. Michael's youtube channel

    This is pretty much the sadest song I have ever heard. And this is the best version.

  11. Robert D

    There is a hindi song which copied this song...jab koi baat bigadh on

  12. Champa Putih

    Home is our sweet place in life

  13. Lawliet L

    Nghe quài vẫn hay!!😂😂❤

  14. MR. Zag zagata

    My last words will be , I love you Google.

  15. Keith Steva

    Yes, still listening....

  16. Roddy Cooper

    Still here 53 years later

  17. jack t

    nothing like the original

  18. Beth Putnam

    I grew up in the 60's. This music transports me back to a more innocent time

  19. jtange08 granny

    god where did my heros go love the old folk please come back Dylan Kingston Trio so many more yes i am a sheep waiting for the retun of the shepards


    Emotionally touching, thanks Peter, Paul and Mary. Beauty like always...

  21. haiyang li

    Best vision ever

  22. NSR Music

    How beautiful you are- wonderful song ♥️

  23. Frank Malone

    PP&M came into the cafeteria at Berkeley before they became famous and spontaneously began to perform. I was a busboy that day, and the word spread so fast, and the place became so jammed that I had to leave a cart in a corner at the end of my shift.

  24. Ellsworth Green


  25. Vishal Barman

    This song makes me homesick even though I am at home

  26. rockerkaunglay. mdy

    2019 myanmar

  27. famkimi fanai

    Anyone listing in 2k19 on December...

    William Vietinghoff

    I am listening at 9:38 Wednesday night on December 11, 2019 and I hope I will again and again in the years to come.

  28. Sandra Kenny

    Love this song sang by many 500miles sang by Peter Paul+Mary r,I,p Mary 😘,livery version by them ,they will always be remembered for their folk music +protesting of the 1960 agenst ignorance of people of no shame ,thanks to all the folk singers+people of the 60s,💝💟👍👏✊✋👋👌✌️☝️👆🌼🌹💐🌈☀️🌏🎸🎷🎼💜


    Beautiful song!! The kind that makes us travel

  30. MR. Zag zagata

    You helped me , And i was afraid you were going to hurt me again, You are the man , A better man then i, I love you now and forever friend.

  31. Shreyak Chakraborty

    Rajesh Roshan copied this to create Jab Koi Baat bigad jaaye in the movie Jurm.

  32. นิพนธ์ ประสงค์ทรัพย์


  33. Tim Webb

    mr.inbetween anyone?

  34. Wolfsky9

    I was 16 y/o when P.P.&M. did this at Newport. all I knew then, was that this was an unforgettable moment.--------------Wolfsky9

  35. Dipali Kshetraphal

    Legendery country song!!;❤️❤️

  36. Varun Pandey Pandey

    Very nise

  37. Daniel Stump

    I wonder what year this was.
    Maybe about 1962?
    We sure had it good then.

  38. Technical Kane

    Hindi Song Jab Koi Baat copy from this haha poor copycat indian

  39. Drcthru

    Proclaimers song is "I'm Gonna Be" not 500 miles!!

  40. kiboto jakhalu

    9 pm , Wednesday ,20th November 2019.........Lord iam 500 miles from my home

  41. Andrew Mielke

    We will miss you , mary

  42. Kency Chan

    That’s a sound from angle

  43. Miles Thompson

    Brought here due to “Mr. Inbetween”. Such a truly incredible song

    Sarah Baranski

    such a sad episode too.monsters and socks are important have been good episodes too.such a good show

  44. Bar

    Mr Inbetween ep 8, anyone else?

  45. Samson Hui

    Accidently found this song when searching for I'm gonna I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) after watching How I Met Your Mother. Man!!! This song is so good, so glad I found it.

  46. Jeff Rolan Dineros

    Sending love to all those who are away and feeling lonely.

  47. Hercules E Mirela


  48. maria victoria salita

    The movie Shattered Vow brought me here. Such a lovely song.

  49. Jose Irusta

    Mr. Inbetween brought me here....

  50. justinj1zalientoxic

    I'm gonna go cry

  51. sheri solomon

    not a penny to my name...........

  52. Lera Savina


  53. Helen Ruiz


    Helen Ruiz

    For you

  54. Abhishek Singh

    The legendary song "Jab koi baat bigad jaaye" came from here. ❤️

  55. Anand

    Who is here after "Jab koi baat bigad jae"?

  56. paul meahan

    This is such an emotive song. For anyone who has experienced a separation of any kind. 💕😪

  57. MR. Zag zagata

    Google YouTube I forgive you for what you have done , This doesn't mean you must like me.

  58. Robert Conti

    You asked. And we answered. 127 replies, now 128!

  59. Ricardo Zapata

    Mr in between season 2 brought me here what an amazing song so much soul to it

  60. Michael d'amico

    whoops, not the song from the proclaimers.

  61. Agent Coop

    Mr. Inbetween.

  62. John Mccourt

    love it

  63. Killer Queen

    My late grandma used to play this song to my dad and his siblings when he was young. He showed it to me for the first time last week and he explained what it meant to him. It was such a moving moment and listening to this song makes me feel nostalgic, especially since my grandma passed away quite recently, just over a year ago.
    This is the only song that will make me cry...

    Christel Tan

    I remembered when I heard this song as a kid it sounded so sad I went to my bed and cried

  64. Juan DeJesus

    Mr. Inbetween S02E08


    Mr. Inbetween...Thank you Ray

    Danny 69

    Same here;-)

    Joseph Roberts

    yup, took me a bit to find the proper version

    N B

    Amazing. Christ what a song to use.

  66. somchai boonsuk

    I am 52 now. This is the first song i practiced singing when i was 11. It always brings me happiness every time i hear this song.

  67. Sophia Huang

    It is what my father has been through....I miss him

  68. Miles Edgeworth

    One day everything we love will disappear, but we'll meet them again when our time comes.

  69. Jackie Mcmeekin

    What a beautiful, passionate song sung by this consummate trio! If only music like this was composed today. The lyrics of yesteryear were introspective, we’re passionate, had meaning. 🥰👍☺️

  70. Eliza T

    born 30 years after the song came out, but listening.

  71. Connor Martin

    This is one of those songs that everyone should hear

  72. Chort Vozmite

    Of your generation, Mary. Pre boomer. Loved you then and forever. You'll never be forgotten. One of a kind, sweetheart.

  73. Dim Bulb

    Paul Stookey reminds me of Anton LaVey.

  74. Mike Mitchell

    Listening in 2019, reliving the 60"s of my youth. What an age of hope. How far we have fallen. I am sick to mu soul.

    Tracy Perry

    It is sad that the hopefulness and positivity has receded, but I still listen and hope for the world. It's not wrong to hope

    Rhonda Boncutter

    I was born in 1953, have grown up with the best of music, but this group is my favorite!

  75. Hank Saints

    always listening

  76. Linda DiAntonio

    Still listening just like in the 60s

  77. Lucas Almeida

    3 years... =(

  78. MR. Zag zagata

    500 miles away from you Helen.

  79. Colin Lu

    I'm listening in October 2019 :)

  80. SkyHook . Drones

    Just as beautiful now as then!

  81. Doki Quin

    Songs like 500 miles. The real music, just by its mellow tone and lyric would please your sorrow souls... ❤

  82. Anuj Pamnani

    Jab koi baat bigad jaaye is copied from this song😂😂😂

  83. 180withscope

    better then the Proclaimers 500 miles

  84. wackney hick

    bass too loud

  85. Rusty

    Don't know what "original audio" means, but it sounds like a studio recording, not live.

  86. Bo Dean

    A great song, this is when music had vocals that was understandable with harmony, tone and clarity without the use of electronic gizmos. Thanks for posting

  87. Christop well

    First English I learn from father. Rip


    Is this the original version of the song? can anyone confirm here?

  89. John Barrick

    Lived in Taiwan from 63-65, and grew up with this off a Chinese Bootleg. It always takes me back.

  90. Val Willson

    when raining, my mom used to play this song for me when i was little because I'm afraid of storm. what a memory

    Rhonda Boncutter

    God Bless those memories!


    That's so sweet, rainy days still bring that sweet nostalgia for me too

    Jean O'Day

    Precious Darling, just reading what u just wrote embraced me so💐🌹

  91. unclealand

    One of my favorite voices. Mary Travers.

  92. Billyjack050

    I saw Mary in Brisbane at least 25 years ago , sooo good , still the best concert I have eve been to .

  93. Random User

    anyone listening this to their grave?

  94. Mustafa Taslim

    This song brings back memories of the days gone by.

  95. XT Nguyen

    Golden times, truly artists !! Nowadays it's just noise !!

  96. EechenOFFICIAL

    2020 anyone?

  97. Stevie Tane

    Love this version....  so melancholic, brings back memories.

  98. Rongie Sadia

    Came here because of Bro. Eli Soriano 😊❤️. MCGI knows 👍