Peter Green - A Fool No More Lyrics

Yes, I've packed up my clothes
I'm moving away from your door
Lord, I've packed up my clothes
'Said I'm moving away from your door
I've been your fool for so long
An'babe I won't play that fool no more

I gave you all my money
I work as hard as I can
I came home early one morning
I found you with another man

Babe I've packed up my clothes
I'm moving away from your door
'Said I've been your fool for so long
Lord, I won't play that fool no more

So goodbye baby
You don't even care
Yes I have a love so strong
But you treat me so unfair

'Said I've packed up my clothes
I'm moving away from your door
You know I've been your fool for so long
An'babe I won't play that fool no more

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Peter Green A Fool No More Comments
  1. Sergey Shanovniy

    Питер спасибо, сколько девочек я затащил в постель под твой голос и твою гитару!

  2. Jommers McDermott

    Dude is cold no doubt at first your like " ummmm i don't???" Then BLAM! Lol your like " ok im stayin where's the beer" lolololol

  3. kenneth furlong

    well thrunbalax the mac had many guitarists most of them eneded up in the nuthouse or un able to function ithinking that maybe it was early cursfrom the two witches in Fleetwood mac later lol killing them off so their mediocre music could sell lol

  4. kenneth furlong

    steve ferguson is a guitarist everyone should hear also check out nrbq he was from my hometown Louisville Kentucky

  5. kenneth furlong

    wow hold on ! this guy was the same guy who walked away from music became known as the morgue man by children in the neighborhood ? he was walking around with his fingernails a foot long and discheveled its awful ive been to that place no one knows why it happens and you don't know if you can ever get life back rip mr green I know

  6. beerwolfzx9r


  7. Thrunabulax

    I never really listened to Peter Greene before. He's the original genius behind Fleetwood Mac, am I right?

    Lloyd Robeau

    Yes he is !!

    Michael Steven

  8. Zdravko Galešev


  9. Larry David

    666 dislikes

  10. Danny Boyle

    He is one of the best ever!bb king said so!sho nuff.

    Jack FABIAN Kawau


  11. Robert Russell

    Peter Green was a gifted soul, God bless you Peter Green.

  12. Fred Moore

    A shooting star...

  13. jamz0007

    Absolutely fookin brilliant

  14. BigAl69666

    Boss!!! !!! !!!

  15. TheSpidey1969

    Wow - what a piece of blues!

  16. luis flores

    Fuck that's a badass mothafucken me in taerz.

  17. Pepi Mateo

    Absolutamente rendida al blues!!!! Que maravillosos guitarristas..... PETER GREEN, Alvin Lee, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Jinmy Vaughan en fin lo amo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  18. Monkey Frame

    slow dance music "grab your partner"

  19. The Rook

    I first heard Peter Green when i was 13 and living in KeriKeri New Zealand, today i'm 53 and i still can't help myself but grab the nearest 6string and sit back and jam with Pete like we have this kinda of special connection happening in the moment, i listen for those subtle phrases that grab my soul as he plays and every time i learn something new.. Dec 2019

    Jack FABIAN Kawau

    Same but in matamata 1969/70 I'm 58 now but still play him when i can

  20. Michael Shaw

    Peter Green is said to have been a lost mind This has been said of many great artists of whom Peter Green is most certainly one Love to you my brother

  21. sterianos karatzovalis

    Εκπληκτικός!!!! Peter Green

  22. William Miller

    Is this the original Fleetwood Mac?

  23. Pat Williams

    he sounds like Hendrix in voice and playing style

  24. Johnny T

    He made his last significant recording (Green Manalishi) at the age of 23
    Yet he is still arguably the best ever British blues guitarist
    The sad thing is that we probably never saw (or heard) the best of a simply amazing talent

  25. Kolo Esta

    I remeber this song from my childhood in Poland back i the 80ties

  26. Carmel Dennison

    I just love this guy.. he really plays from his heart and soul❤️✌️

  27. Eld Jr

    Green is the color you get when you mix blue and gold.

    Eric Hyde

    Clever haha

  28. Daniel James

    All you women out there, do you see what you do to us? 😆🤔😎

  29. Paul Rose

    Stevie Knicks said that Linsey Buckingham would take over from PG and handle it no problem. It was then that I realised she lives in a different universe to us. Not one I particularly would want to be a part of of.

  30. j lindell

    peter had serious mental health issues at an early age. in his prime he was the greatest blues player. clapton may of been more technical but peter had that ear

    kayra sururi

    Green was more technical than Clapton, it's just that he didn't show off and just played the blues. Other than this, I completely agree

    Corey Dean

    He had the soul yes I'm black and love the FletWood


    That sound! Phenomenal

  32. Marce Blues

    de los secos este tipo

  33. konrad herrmann

    best guitarist with john mayall

  34. David Glowacki

    Look at his fingers in the photo.Would have made an excellent piano players with those long hands

  35. Lavandar Blue

    Love Love Love! who would dislike this?

  36. Dynamorg

    This is one great classic electric blues song. Can't get enough of it.

  37. 猫のジョン

    I love Peter Green, so much.

  38. J Skillo

    Ye they forget the brothers have soul and can play.

  39. Paolo Massa

    When I listen to this song, I go into trance,


    and when I listen to this song, I want to fall to pieces.

  40. iebah1

    If Malmsteen would listen to this carefully, he might understand why less is more.

    Carlos ed Jimenez

    Speed can be an amaizingly expressive, check out Zakk Wylde's farewall ballad

    Orchid Malevolence

    Some speed can be emotional. Check out Voice of the Soul by Death

  41. Verona Sands

    Wow!!!!...Greenie sure sets off some deep feelings...just turn the dial to 10..light up & enjoy..the vibe is here is going to heaven😜🎸🎶

    whodat be?

    Say it ain't TRU.


    This song can be compared with led Zeppelin's iconic song since I have been loving you... mesmerizing

    Jose Lopez

    Since I've Been Loving You and Tea For One. Both amazing Led Zeppelin songs and yes very reminiscent of this Fleetwod Mac song.

  43. Cole Bowman

    Took me twenty years but I finally have that guitar! A Gibson Les Paul! Such a fine instrument!

  44. b b

    Hey im 30. I wasnt around when peter green was going down. Yet now i no his music his close to my heart. Im heartbroken, for reasons any heart broken woman would be... an peter green is helping me thru this god almighty hurt.

  45. hugh smith

    My Dad once said its not the notes he plays, its the ones he doesn't

    David Glowacki

    Deep dude,deep


    Your dad was very very wise man.

    Chris Colabella

    Bob on. I look at all the guys flying up and down scales and honestly, you might as well go learn to be a skilled typist.

    Steve Mendelson

    Taste instead of too many notes. BB was very tasteful, sparse well chosen notes. I happen to really like Michael Bloomfield tho his body of work is sometimes irregular, but his best cuts are perfect. He speaks to me. But there is no one best guitarist. I´ve listened to the blues since 1964 and I could list 10 great guitarists and yet that would leave out so many. Why the great need to assert one is better than the other?


    More is less...less is more! Well said Hugh.

  46. Luna Selene

    What a bitch! He doesn't deserve that kind of slut!

  47. janet gilmore


  48. Beau Fitz

    I thought Slow Hand moved my being, but Peter Green moves my soul !

  49. Steeve Daw

    Until my ears bleed.

  50. Steeve Daw

    Not a synth or an e in site. Just lots of good 'ol stuff.

  51. Steeve Daw

    A Carlsberg Special Brew production.

  52. Steeve Daw

    I saw Eric Clapton try to do this. It just wasn't the same....

    Trans/Am Lovr

    With all do respect, Peter's feel for the blues is beyond Claptons

  53. Steven Welk

    Peter Green name the band Fleetwood Mac not Mick Fleetwood. Peter put that band together.

  54. Missmissimo Chingon

    Led zeppelin....too....since have been loving you...

  55. Paolo Massa

    I've been following rock, blues, and fusion for over 40 years ... but I've never listened to a deeper, more exciting and beautiful song like this

    Rebecca Patton

    Listen to Don' s Tunes on you tube and you will be so satisfied...i promise

  56. johnny4blues

    Absolute masterpiece!

  57. bart simpson

    Simply superb

  58. Всеволод Папшев


  59. Martin Walters

    Peter Green... god fuck. The ONLY real blues player from England. And I'm from California. Seen them all.

  60. matthew james

    Somewhere in deep Bluesville...

  61. Johnny T

    It`s only a great guitarist playing great guitar.
    He was 23 when he left Fleetwood Mac .
    Had he stayed healthy,God knows what he could have achieved.

  62. Craig McCauley

    Always great music!

  63. Lise Burgher

    you have an awesome music taste. always said that you'd get along with people who like the same music easily

  64. Brian Cullen

    Originally recorded? When where?

  65. mountaingoat1003

    Pretty damn good for a freaked out acid head.  Or for anyone, really. This is what guitar playing is all about.

    He fared better than Syd Barrett and Rocky Erickson and Skip Spence.

    Vegetable man! Where are you?

  66. Lisa Weaver

    Blues Music Forever!

  67. Alan Stephenson

    Who are the 643 mentally deficient imbeciles??

  68. Pierre Petry

    Nothing to do with the first version!A part of the voice still so sad and soulfull.I wonder if it's not snowy white playing solo here..I saw Peter live as this was recorded and he could hardly play.Most of the time it was the second guitarist who played lead.I was very sad and despite!

  69. Mastadon Wesley

    Puts you on another plane of reality. Groves you to your absolute core ahhhhhh pure satisfaction!!

  70. Shiv Az

    do someone's have the live video of this song ? post here please

  71. Michael Enright

    ??? Dare i ask

  72. thanos Skam

    what the fuck is going wrong with these 642 people ???????????????????

  73. Rondo Hunter

    I had only heard of Mr. Green through his early association with Fleetwood Mac but lost track after he left. Never heard this solo side of him. Damn look what I have missed! I've never heard this song before but it's going into my media player you can bet that. Now I'm on the hunt for more.

  74. Christian Jacq

    Un Grand moment !

  75. Dave Demaine

    Superb guitar as always with Peter Green .

  76. Che is my Hero

    One word, Flawless. Amen!!!!

  77. hal biggiam

    I dig R & R, but Blues are in my soul.

  78. Conrad Dean


  79. ToddtheExploder

    Who miked Peter Green’s amp here? And what amp was used, and what microphone(s)? Settings’R’Us, please respond.

    The Unlucky Logan

    Probably orange amps

    whodat be?

    @The Unlucky Logan dunno

    whodat be?


  80. Marcin Szadyn

    This is a good good song. When you play it for your girl, then her clothes fall off...greetings from Poland

  81. Lisa Lane

    A Genious and A Legend😉
    ♥️£¤V€♥️ & P€AC€🕊 All, BLESSINGS All.

  82. Andre Meinert

    This great piece of Music shows how ridicolous Mainstream Music today is !!

    Giulio Grifi

    Andre Meinert...PLAIN TRUTH, MY FRIEND !!!

    Hunter Hemingway

    when the suits came in to make some money...pieces of shit

    konrad herrmann

    always was

  83. Harry Cooke

    So good wish i had seen them live so mis good music like this

  84. Andre Meinert

    Simply wonderfull

  85. J R

    Absolutely sublime!!!

  86. They're Alive!

    I just love Peter's tone so much! He has a great touch; gentle but when he cuts loose and turns up the volume and just pushes those tubes and gets em so hot that they might burst... it's over with <

  87. Pancrazio Sarchiapone

    Legend ❤✌

  88. David Hightower

    None better! Been a fan since the sixties and like him even more now!

  89. Darryl Fitzys

    Peter’s songs all make me feel like I gotta throw up and throw myself off a bridge.

  90. richard collacchi

    greeny gave his guitar to gary moore who also played the blues to the max

    blou h2o

    No things to say..... Good vibration

  91. Charlie Brown

    It's not the notes he plays....It's the notes he doesn't play.

  92. Rick O'Hara


  93. Юрий Заболотский


  94. Aswi Ranto

    I know this pain 💔💔💔💔

  95. George Moore

    I am not fair to a lot of great guitar players because I measure them against Greenie. you see my dilemma. Oh I am aware of many great players but Peter is my hands down favorite.

  96. GoodVibesOfficial

    ♪♫♥ ;)

  97. C Sablan

    Out of phase sound. Purity.