Peter Gabriel - Whole Thing Lyrics

Whole thing will still go on without you
Something will still be there to move me
Coz my own thing is always to inspire you

One that I love I dream beside
One that I love I dream beside
One that I love is close as I can get
The one that I love I dream beside
One that I love I dream beside
Sometimes I can't remember
Sometimes I can't forget

Thole thing will still come down without you
It's nothing to do with all of you
But my own thing is only to protect you

One that I love I dream beside
One that I love I dream beside
One that I love is close as I can get
One that I love I dream beside
One that I love I dream beside
Sometimes I can't remember
Sometimes I can't forget

Each night in bed my dreams take me over

Whole world still goes round without you (over and over)

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Peter Gabriel Whole Thing Comments
  1. tm502010

    This is a fake video! Just the song tied to another song’s video entirely. *Show some respect! If you are going to use someone else’s video and music on your channel, at least do it right.*

  2. Angelo Caruana


  3. Michael Davis

    Fake video. I love the song, love the album it's on, Big Blue Ball. I actually love the song the video is from. This video is from promotional material before the release of Up, Live in the Big Room, probably More Than This and maybe No Way Out or the other songs they played. I even love the production techniques emerging at the time the tracks were laid down and later mixed. Digital FX allowed a previously impossibly dense mix. Listen to the guitar synth "shimmer" on the bridging section (around 1:19). Yes used similar gear to record and mix around this time. Hear The More We Live, especially the last pass of the verse at 3:22 Of course you will need full quality no compression source and reproduction and great cans to really hear the fantastic density of of the sonic space

  4. juan diaz


  5. Patrizia Bonini

    Bella bella

  6. Kristof

    it's bloody boring. your music just do not refresh the air. it stinks of old ideas. I was such enthusiastic of your music. can you do something before you fall down dramatically?? pls

    Christoffe Sedao

    Well Count Dracula - the whole world goes along without you . . . when was it anyone's responsibility to tickle your balls . . . how bout you put out some music instead of lazily criticizing someone who has given plenty.

  7. r s c-household

    this is an excellent tune; but does everyone not hear the unintended similarity to 'feelings, nothing more than feelings' old cliche clunker song in there? Its only one note diff at the end. HOWEVER, who on earth would listen to such a clunker, and good that he revamped it into something actually useful instead of Clunker Feelings hogging that line. Im sure there are 50 other songs that use it, its basic fifths.

  8. ETHAN539

    EXCELLENT !!!!!

  9. Lauren Lindauer-Clark

    Like the song, but what's up with the video? Is Peter singing telepathically?

    Jon Loomis

    +Lauren Lindauer You might like the CD, "Big Blue Ball" produced by Peter - on which this song appears. He wrote, sang and compiled a few tunes - along with others from around the world, in his studio in the UK - at around the time of "Desert Storm" to emphasize the unity in diversity per cultures across the globe.

    r s c-household

    yes, actually he does but he moves his lips when he does it usually.

  10. Kęstutis Samuolis

    that is what we listen...everyday....little bit philosophic...

  11. Bell Vardy

    love it obviously words from the heart, typically music with depth from the great man peter Gabriel. Thank you.

  12. Sandra Karbo

    traducir al español o portugues gracias

  13. Sandra Karbo

    alguien puede traducir esta cancion al español por favorrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........urgente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mariela Perez

    +Sandra Karbo Existe Google Traductor, puedes traducir al planeta entero...

  14. Mike F

    Love Peter Gabriel's music...... awesome....

  15. Wuthering Carlo

    this is not the Whole thing video.... it refers to Darkness!

  16. energybengt

    having the visuals not synched with the music attracts one's attention  ... the visuals  tell a 'physical story' . 

  17. apollomemories73

    Sorry dude, but you're just far too young and don't really understand what Gabriel's Genesis was all about and what they meant to people. I'm sorry, but youtube just doesn't come remotely close to being at a real concert and if you find that satisfactory, well there's really no way in trying to explain it to you. Personally, I've wanted a reunion since 1975 and got one in 1982 and a breath hair away from a full blown Lamb production in 2007. Such a wasted opportunity was a fundamental travesty.

  18. johnofett

    just re discovered this song and what a wonderful track it is too!!!...:)

  19. vampirella67

    I have always loved this song <3

  20. Nella Crosiglia


  21. MsSchwarzerrabe


  22. TheTimananda

    love the old DanElectro guitar !!!

  23. Margaret O'Brien

    Just love the guy, music music music

  24. Lindsey The Pirate

    I recognize Tony Levin and David Roades from his secret world live tour, which I adore.
    #Teenager that knows good music
    <3 Peter Gabriel

  25. Mitchell P

    back to your best team {peter}
    work with your team they are great

  26. Mitchell P

    African beats
    the whole world
    still goes round
    round and round you

  27. Yehuda Panzer

    I like Peter's creativity. Each new work is great ever !

  28. @MrBunnyMunro


    of course!
    i've made this video of NO WAY OUT and DARKNESS studio footages %B

  29. Kownacki Adam

    I was 15 when I heard for the firt time his music.Amazing!!!!Blood of Eden.Love it!!!!

  30. Kownacki Adam

    Tony Levin looks like a new born.i love peter gabriel.His music is so magical and hot!!!!

  31. Mel Rob

    sorry no tony levin on new album im boycotting

  32. Ale Maya

    @jiddu1970 ahh! thanks:) good to know!

  33. jiddu1970

    @AleMayaOM Not really, I'd rather say King Crimson and Yes.

  34. Ale Maya

    @jiddu1970 hes the one from planet x or dream theatre, right?

  35. pauldewitt77

    Thank you for re-asserting that...
    I felt like dying inside when I thought that Peter had lost thwe ability to use that incredible voice on que...
    Seriously.. I love the man and all that he does, and Sting too...
    How many puppies did these guys have to kick in a former life to be so ravaged by time? (My rant against the universe, pay no heed :)

  36. istersen

    absolutely extraordinary... he is one of the best.

  37. Kownacki Adam

    it dosen't matter how he looks now but....his music....i love his music so much.....his album the last tamptation of christ is wonderful!!!!I AM POLISH....

  38. Rimone Media

    He's so good now he just has to think the lyrics and they come out the PA.

  39. Edwin Riley

    he still looks uncomfortable!!! go look at old footage of pete recording 'security'!!!

  40. @MrBunnyMunro

    yeah, and i already have it :)


    I had a dream couple of days ago. I was standing in a record store and was looking through a a rack of CDs and i then i saw a new Peter Gabriel Album. It was a white cover and had black/purple scetches on it. I woke up before i could listen to it :(

  42. mehoff jack

    I used to deliver groceries to PG in Box, U.K. never got to meet him though.

  43. Dthorn912

    great song but i dont get the video

  44. U2coholics

    @QiMful i agree Up was a great let down but i love all the music befoe up .

  45. Enigmatized

    sorry folks. just found out by watching cash cab. this song is from "big blue ball". still wan't a new peter studio album.

  46. Enigmatized

    OMG. i just got on to peters web site and i'm not happy. scratch my back is full of cover songs. am i dreaming or is this true? what the "h e double tooth picks" are ya doing? we luv ya man and want a new album!
    p.s. all right, i'm o.k. now. we are all just looking forward to the next album!!!!!

  47. Enigmatized

    o.k. somebody out there help me on this one. when did this come out? how new is this? sounds great! i've been waiting (haven't we all) for a new studio album for what seems forever. does anybody out there know?

  48. victor perez

    Tony Levin Autentico-buen musico.

  49. @MrBunnyMunro

    be attentive!

    I wrote in vidoe's info, that the video is HANDMADE, it's totally unofficial, I've made it by my own using the videos of Darkness and No Way Out

  50. Edward Yelin

    I can't belive the people that are bashing Peter for producing another masterpiece. I suspect though that the video is just some random out of sync footage and has nothing to do with the actual recording.

  51. Brian Temo

    Wow, amazing song.

  52. raydar58

    This is a Great & Different Music/Vid.
    WHat a concept.
    But it looks like the song is done and they are all listening while new drum tracks are being layed down.?
    But I like how they're never at the mic kinda thing.

  53. jiddu1970

    he's Tony Levin, great bass player.

  54. @MrBunnyMunro

    actually, it's a mix of NO WAY OUT and DARKNESS videos from STILL GROWING UP bonus-dvd)))))))))

  55. David A

    Rock on Peter. Lyrics, depth, soul and passion - the perfect combo to stay eclectic and underground

  56. N C-K

    But never was...and for a reason.

  57. Danny Clarke

    I know haha...Tony aka the Immortal Bass God Stick Man xD haha I know theres many excellent bass players out there but hes easily my fav!
    Ive been lucky enough to see him live with Peter once here in Dublin a coupla years ago in a lovely venue, Marlay Park, it was brilliant, epic! cheers..d

  58. Geeky Bee

    But compare it to the rest of todays 'music' and its far from "samey". Brilliant I'd say. His sound is constantly refershing so I don't see why it needs renewing.

    PG doesn't owe you anything.

  59. Ralf Pelzer

    Great....Thanks for the TIP....Greetings from AACHEN...Rael

  60. Black Cap Baron

    Genesis was a good pop band. I prefer their pop music over most other pop bands. But it still can't be compared to the musical brilliance and creativity that they had with Gabriel and Hackett. The skill set they showed through their music rapidly declined after Hackett left and i assume they did that on purpose, to become more famous and make more money. Since they became more popular with Collins, we Gabriel era fans are like a cult, But to be honest, i wouldnt want it any other way :)

  61. Claire Hounsome

    Wow, is it me... or is Peter Gabriel, getting more georgeous the older he gets????!!!
    Lucky, LUCKY wife & beautiful children...
    I can only hope, Prey & wish that i get to see this great man at his best, live on stage! XX Thanks Peter, you are amazzzzing! x

  62. André M. de Souza

    Greetings from Brazil.
    I agree with AdipositasSuillus.Some sick bastards in my country prefer a dumb entertainment (like soap operas & psychosoccer) and f*** with enviroment.
    I wanna 2 prefer hear artists like Kate Bush, Kraftwek,Peter Gabriel...And actors with social work like Angelina Jolie,Brad Pitt & Leonardo Dicaprio.
    They are an inspiration & make think (and work in a local level) to build a better world.
    TKS to read & Happy April Hollydays!

  63. williestyle35

    Somewhat true,Genesis were less progressive after Steve Hackett left.But it was also not always easy to tell Peter Gabriel left on the studio albumssorry.Hate that Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford always tuned out(and mixed down) who ever left after Anthony Phillips.Remember they always told us the truth in those concert interviews('Genesis are like a democracy,the majority rules').Peter's solo stuff has taken him places,I don't think he could have gone with a group.Thank god for Tony Levin

  64. Martin Hallerbach

    Again.. I strongly agree..
    well.. "Then There Were Three" is a fine album which I like very much.
    Not already so "Collinsified" like the later ones of Genesis.

  65. Martin Hallerbach

    I strongly agree. No one ever mentioned Steve, who had a vast influence on Genesis. Listen to his "todays" Music.. he's still a guitar genius und fine musician. Peter gave the art and his voice (Which could at first not realy discerned when he left) but Steve gave a lot of musical style.
    The Difference is: Peter is quite in depth, a Mozart of our time while Steve, well... froze at the point beeing a guitar genius.

  66. canvoodoo

    I'm not Peter's output has only gotten better while Collins has plummeted

  67. Guitar Dude

    And Then There Were Three is still one of my favourite albums. I think they stayed pretty true to Genesis until Collins got the big hit with Misunderstanding (On Duke). After that it became Phil's band - not Genesis.
    Everyone is going to hate me for saying this but I think Hackett leaving made more difference than Gabriel leaving, although I am a huge Gabriel fan post Genesis.

  68. lealdragon

    Per your suggestion, I watched 3 videos by Elbow. Sorry to disappoint, but I found it nothing like The Master. See, it's not so much about the TONE of Peter's voice, as it is about how he USES his voice. Peter reaches deep down inside your soul, and raises up your pain, where it can be healed. His voice is the most emotionally evocative of anyone on the planet. The only singers who come close are Thom Yorke, Davey Havok, & Rob Halford, & they all have totally different voices...but they USE them

  69. lealdragon

    What we mean is that the deeper, more serious band died after Peter left. (Though TotT & W&W were excellent efforts) They just went POP after that, a totally different band, should've had a different was ok pop fluff, but NOT GENESIS.

  70. trevizons

    Nice song, but it doesn't move me, Pete is still a great musician and composer though. If you are a Diehard Hackett-Gabriel Genesis fan and a deep admirer of that era this kind of music and even the post Hackett Genesis albums will be hard to fulfill your spiritual musical sense once you listened to those old masterpieces ... Yes, we're all pissed off because there is no Gabriel- Collins- Hackett- Banks-Rutherford reunion, and a new album of the five of them together ... Nah! Fuck them !

  71. trevizons

    Nice song, but it doesn't move me, Pete is still a great musician and composer though. If you are a Diehard Hackett-Gabriel Genesis fan and a deep admirer of that era this kind of music and even the post Hackett Genesis albums will be hard to fulfill your spiritual musical sense once you listened to those old masterpieces ... Yes, we're all pissed off because there is no Gabriel- Collins- Hackett- Banks-Rutherford reunion, and a new album of the five of them together ... Nah! Fuck them !

  72. Doc Rock

    That's complete bullshit. Genesis have changed several times during their brilliant career, otherwise they would have died like so many other groups. Or in other words: If Genesis has been a joke since Steve left them it must have been a damn good joke.

  73. Euchrid Eucrow

    Great track, great performance by some great musicians.

    But tell me something, add an 's' to the end of 'Big Blue Ball' and tell me it doesn't put a 'whole' new spin on 'things'.

  74. Angry Chicken

    JohnyVirgil (hace 6 días)
    "...Listen to Wind and Wuthering and A Trick of the Tail, excellent Genesis Prog without Gabriel."


    "The music was probably at least 50% Banks in those days, he was the driving force. Though I think Gabriels melodies and lyrics completed it, you can't even say he was 100% of the band."
    Sluf6 (today)

    i think that gabriel, steve hackett and tony baks were de 66,66% of the band

  75. gingerbreadface

    yes, Up was certainly one of his best. it sounded very contemporary, proving that Gabriel is still relevant long after his generational peers have got stuck in a creative rut. now if only he'd hurry up and release the follow-up - "I/O"!

  76. @MrBunnyMunro

    in my opinion UP is one of the best albums ever

  77. JOhn WHiteClouD

    It's interesting the way we label things .... who is to be called a musician?To be a musician means to really know an intrument and to know musical theory.The Beatles I think weren't exactly musicians,but they were great artists creative minds,geniuses in their own right,and were the avant garde in pop music. Also I could say that you dont have to be a musician to still have the capability of creating extraordinary music and musical concepts and to get where anybody has been capable of.

  78. JOhn WHiteClouD


  79. JOhn WHiteClouD

    And Gabriel wasn't clearly 100% Genensis. Gabriel was a great frontman, a great lyricist, a great singer and performer, but he wasn't not even 30% of the music. The Music was Banks, Rutherford, Hackett, Collins ... It is so like that that Genesis got probably even more popular when Collins started as a the lead vocalist, and they made really great records after Gabriel.Collins also demosntrated to be a great singer too.

  80. JOhn WHiteClouD

    It seems a lot of people are really in need of enlightment ... the obviuos reason is that not everybody can make progressive rock, and anybody, including all these losers you see on MTV, can make pop music. You have to really master your isntruments and also have musical harmony knowledge, you have to be a musician for that. Gabriel is an artist, canceptualist, not a musician in the sense of the term. Like Lennon, Marley, Morrison, they had highly creative minds not confined to music only.

  81. gingerbreadface

    the only relevant work Gabriel did was So? Hogwash. Its actually one of his lesser albums. Peter Gabriel 3 was his best work.

  82. JOhn WHiteClouD

    How do you qualify success as a solo artist? If in terms of financial gains Phil did way better, If in terms of the artistic and conceptual terms Gabriel did better. But to be very honest I cponsider that the only relevant work Gabriel did was with So, the rest of it, no big deal. Phil didn't come close to the worst work of Gabriel. I rather prefer Genesis during the 70's and 80's than Gabriel at the exeption of So.

  83. JOhn WHiteClouD

    Wow, it is really difficult to communicate these days ... a band it's not only music, his frontman is always a crucial part of a band. When I said tha Gabriel wrote the lyrics of most the songs doesn't make 10% of Genesis. When he left Genesis, he couldn't keep making progressive rock for obvious reasons. In turn he started producing a cross of pop music and art rock, intelligent rock or whatever is could be called.

  84. JOhn WHiteClouD

    You have to understand Gabriel's role in Genesis. The musical genius was 90% coming from the true musicians, Rutherford and Banks, and Collins, and Hackett, and Phillips. Gabriel was the main lyricist, he sometimes played a simple flute solo, and probably produced some melodies in some songs.Gabriel was never considered as a remarkable musician, but as a remarkable artist,with a very distinctive voice,with the ability to come up with new concepts in music, able to write very complex lyrics.

  85. JOhn WHiteClouD

    There's no problem, it's just my opinion and it seems that some people wants to argue with me about it. Ok again, I'm talking about the ability that some artists have to reinvent themselves, like Bowie and Elton. Gabriel showed a clear superiory in 1986 with So, with a never heard before sound and videos, but after that something happened, and he seemed more interested in soundtrack, teaming with middle esta and african artists, etc.If we don't change, innovate, evolve, etc. we just die.

  86. JOhn WHiteClouD

    There are things that are related to taste, other that could be discuss objectively. When you talked about Elton's Chords it shows that you don't know about musical theory. Period. You don't know what I'm saying because otherwise you wouldn't have said what you said. You can tell a lot about people just by paying attention of what they say. You don't have the experience or the knowledge to discuss some themes. But you'll learn, and you're learning. Also I can tell that you're around your 15s ..

  87. JOhn WHiteClouD

    My former comment in comapring Elton and Peter was only in terms of keeping the artistic edge alive and not copying himself over and over. I'm a great admirer of both. I hope you learn to understand these things. That's the cool thing about youtube that you can learn form the people who knos better. Have fun with the Big Blue Project, or whatever you wnat to listen dear PAUB.

  88. JOhn WHiteClouD

    Gabriel is a progressive artist, more interest in innovating and creating new concepts in music. He really gave percussion an importance that didn't exist before him. Also, in the eighties he heavily influenced the sound of pop music with these rythms ideas, a crossover between technology and tribal sound. Also, Gabriel is a strong lyricist which Elton is totally not. So it's difficult compare them because they have done their part in the history of music.

  89. JOhn WHiteClouD

    If the UP tracks are good or not it's a matter of taste, and I'm not arguing about that. They are really far from being geniuos ... About comparing Elton with Peter, you can compare them as artist but not as composers. Elton is a traditional pop music songwriter and he has more musical knowledge about musical composition than Gabriel could ever dream of. That really shows that you don't have a clue about real musical composition, harmony, tonal cadences, etc. Gabriel has a totally diff approach

  90. JOhn WHiteClouD

    And please don't get me wrong, I still love Gabriel, he's one of my all time favorite composers and performers. In my top ten list of best ever albums "So" it's in third place only behind Lennon's Double Fantasy (omit Yoko's tracks please...)and The Beatles' Revolver. I've been listening to his music more than 20 years now and he's been one of my greatest inspirations.

  91. JOhn WHiteClouD

    PAUB it's not about fitting a style, it's about reinventing himself and keeping his original edge,see David Bowie, Elton John, decades have passed and they still have it, they've lost it a bit, but is still there.Up was just a mix of really bad tracks and some decent ones but copies of his previous albums.I like Sky Blue but it was written in the same tone of Lovetown,it's a nice song nice lyrics but it's nothing innovative like he used to record.Now he's copying himself and very badly.

  92. ΛΞЯ-

    robots...this is a poor fake...

  93. JOhn WHiteClouD

    After listening Gabriel for more than 2 decades this song is nothing compared to his previous works, The Gabriel of Mercy Street, San Jacinto, Shock the Monkey, Red Rain, it's simply gone .... So to the people that say this is awesome they don't have a clue ....

  94. alcantara06

    Peter is not able to make a bad song. This is AWSOME.

  95. m hubin

    young evil twin! They are awesome in concert if you ever get the chance

  96. lilsomar

    Whole thing will still go on without you
    Something will still be there to move me Cozy my own thing is always to inspire you, 1 that I love I dream beside,1 that I love is close as I can get, stimes I can't remember,Stimes I can´t forget.Whole thing will still come down without you,It's nothing to do with all of you, But my own thing is only to protect you Each night i bed my dreams take me over
    Whole world still goes round without you over & over. Gabriel,touchs deep with this big blue ball

  97. @MrBunnyMunro

    there is no official vidoe for this song