Peter Frampton - Same Old Blues Lyrics

Morning rain keeps on falling
Like the tears that fall from my eyes
As I sit in my room
Staring out at the gloom
That's rain, it's the same old blues

I can't help, I can't help but thinking
Like when the sun use to come and shine in my back door
Now the sun has turned to rain
All my laughter has turned to pain
Yeah it's a pain of the same old blues

Sunshine, sunshine is all you see now
But it all, it all looks like clouds to me
When I sit in my room
Staring out at the gloom
Yeah it's the rain, it's the same old blues
Yeah it's the rain, it's the same old blues
Yeah it's the rain, it's the same old blues

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Peter Frampton Same Old Blues Comments
  1. Mitch Gawlik

    I knew Peter had it in him. Great cut on this album.

  2. Timothy Roe

    Across the genres, Peter's about as good as it gets! Thinks back at his career, pretty impressive!

  3. Wayne Sepe

    Great album - i see this baby goin all the way to number 1.

  4. Lisa Lane

    Peter Frampton please come to the Saint Augustine Florida Amphitheatre. Thank you for the Beautiful Amazing Music. Still Listening 2019.
    💗£¤V€💗 &
    🕊 P€AC€🕊All, BLESSINGS All.

  5. Ulisses Ramos13


  6. cyninbend

    This is my favorite on the album! What a song/performance! I want to hear his new concert under the stars....

  7. Sid Bonkers

    Musical magic

  8. Rodrigo Bortoloti

    Great Peter!!! Wonderfull music. Come to the Brazil.

  9. Glenn Dooks

    Good blues

  10. e douglas pratt

    Peter's '54 Les Paul Custom, pictured on the cover, was lost in Venezuela in 1980. Peter thought it had been destroyed in the fiery take-off crash of the plane carrying all the band's gear. Thirty years later it was discovered by a Curacao part-time luthier who worked full-time for Venezuela Customs after a teen brought it to him for repairs. When Peter got it in his hands after 30 years, amazingly, it was intact. He plays it at every gig and on this new album. -Doug Pratt, Atlanta, Georgia, USA


    e douglas pratt , I know of this story apart from the luthier being involved. An extraordinary story! I wonder how Pete rewarded that teen .......what an amazing inspiration going forward for a young guitar player. What goes round, come round. It’s a beautiful piece of visual art as well is that beautiful instrument. Oh music for the soul. 🌞💫

    e douglas pratt

    @RocksteadyRuth Ruth, we're speakin the same language of heart & soul, on The Path. I'm sure Peter's on the same path and did the right thing for that teen and the Luthier. Peace, Doug


    e douglas pratt I’d love to hear that twenty+ yr old on his guitar If only all of life’s outcomes were such awesome stories. 😇

    Rebel Warren

    What an amazing story!!!

  11. Janet Hess

    Beautiful! Hope to hear some of these this August at Blossom!