Peter Cetera - Rain Love Lyrics

Rain Rain Love
Rain Rain Love
Rain Rain Love
Rain Rain Love
Threw out my old raincoat
Set sail without a boat
For places somewhere far beyond my dreams
As the sky came pouring down
I lay down on the ground
Like I was dreaming, I let the feeling wash all over me

Rain Love Covered around me
Rain Rain Love Finally found me
This time you're gonna recognise
One drop will open up your eyes
Rain Love

It's the colour of every sky
It's the way to change the tide
When the world is crumbling down on you and me
It's the calm that lifts the storm
It's the promise that keeps you warm
When you don't understand, just touch the guiding hand that comforts me

Rain Love...

Takes this lot to make you realise
No greater love could ever fill the sky

Rain Love....

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Peter Cetera Rain Love Comments
  1. PragueImport

    I love Peter Cetera's voice and pretty much everything he has ever sung with Chicago and alone, but signing with a Nashville-based label removed him from a broader public view. He toured a bit in 1995, but that is it. We, on the West Coast, did not hear much of him until David Foster brought him back in 2002 or 2003.

  2. gdnctr

    Never heard this one before; GREAT!

  3. mayu ishi

    LOVE IT❤️

  4. Thee Kellbell

    brass @ 2:45 reminiscent of Chicago

  5. Delmarvellous

    Best song on the album. So joyous!