Peter Cetera - Just Like Love Lyrics

See the color of roses
Sail across America
I couldn't wait to find you
I'm looking for a miracle
And somewhere out of the blue
In the heart of getting by

It only takes a second to learn
It only takes a second to hurt
And it's just like love to be the hardest thing
It's just like love to be everything [Repeat]

An illusion of laughter
Lost in a desert sky
That's how I feel without you
I can't take another night
Somewhere out of the blue
From my heart and in your eyes


Oh I can feel it all
Right or wrong I'm here
Here for you

[CHORUS (Repeat to fade)]

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Peter Cetera Just Like Love Comments
  1. paul camacho

    a frikken musical crime this song wasn't a hit...

  2. Mari B.

    Walgreens music lol

    Beth Leary

    Mari B. listen let's fuck and I'll show u love

  3. Super Gravy

    In 2001 I was a teenage Metalhead working at a Walgreens pharmacy and I had a hard time getting used to the very slow and mellow music that the store played through the overhead speakers. This is probably the first song that I heard there that I really liked. My musical tastes have mellowed out a lot through the years and the decade I spent working there probably has something to do with that lol.

    paul camacho

    same with me, I used to work in a retail store around the same time, and when I heard this song I immediately loved it..the problem was finding out the name...but i knew it was peter cetera and i searched youtube trying different names until it popped up...and still here in 2019

  4. Estibaliz Arceo

    I love this song.

  5. Roberto Rosendo Molina Castillo

    I came back to my beloved native Chile. I left my life in another near country, I wait, for ever.Now I want build again my life finding the love, the progress and the beauty of the life again. This song wake up my hopes.

  6. Roberto Rosendo Molina Castillo

    Thanks for to be, dear Peter.

  7. gdnctr

    Beech Tree (Fagus sylvatica) behind PC in the album cover. Nice.

  8. gdnctr

    Hadn't heard this one before; GREAT!

  9. mayu ishi


  10. mayu ishi


  11. Howart Chavez


  12. mayu ishi

    When I was traveling in NY,
    I found "another perfect world" !
    I remember beautiful memory.

  13. Roberto Rosendo Molina Castillo

    The music of the Heaven.

    Norma Wilson

    Love love.

  14. Antonio Iraeta

    un clásico de los mejores te quiero Peter cetera, isistes unas hermosas canciónes

  15. mayu ishi


  16. paul camacho

    a totally underrated classic..

  17. mayu ishi

    PETER CETERA is the BEST!!!

    Selly Purwanti

    Yes he is!

  18. mayu ishi

    Peter Cetera is GREEEEEAT!!

    Selly Purwanti

    Long lasting love by Mr. Cetera!

  19. miguel gutie

    Peter Cetera.. FOR EVER!!

  20. RovinX xxx

    its 1 of his lesser known songs but imo its a great !

  21. Debra Fisher

    Peter Cetera was in Chicago, Illinous