Peter Cetera - Feels Like Rain Lyrics

Here I go again
Hanging on to the bitter end
All alone
Nothing left to lose
Don't want to face tomorrow
I can't sleep tonight
Blame it on the weather
Till I get over you.

Feels like rain
Feels like I'll never fall in love again
There's a cold wind blowing every cloud my way
And it feels like rain today

Taking down every picture
Hanging on every wall
Broken dreams, painfull memories
Like the times I never listened
And the times I didn't try
It's gotta be the weather
'Cause you're not here with me

Feels like rain
Feels like I'll never fall in love again
There's a cold wind blowing every cloud my way
And it feels like rain today

Regretting every minute
Since I watched you walk away
Cause it's not the same without you
And now the clouds are hiding
Every sunny day
I guess I'll stay inside again
Cause it feels like rain today

Feels like rain
Feels like we'll never fall in love again
There's a cold wind blowing every cloud my way
And the clouds are hiding every sunny day
and the storm is coming so I'm here to stay
'Cause it feels like rain today
Yes, it feels like rain today

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Peter Cetera Feels Like Rain Comments
  1. Nivaldo Taboão

    Peter Cetera sua voz é inconfundível, música boa é para sempre.

  2. Di Bn

    Life is healed with the shower of love...

  3. Pretty Neighbor


  4. taboomarypaul

    love all my songs.alltell a story about me.

  5. Aileen De la peña

    I like this song

  6. Deborah Thompson

    Peter Cetera This song means so much to me. Beautiful song ❤️

  7. kevin S. Brojosk

    Perfect music

  8. gdnctr

    Never heard this one before; really like it.

  9. Egidijus Jonaitis

    Polska, Magyar....!!!

  10. Rowena Tolete

    This is the REAL MUSIC and luv it muchhhh❤❤❤

  11. ferjpq

    El mejor cantante de todos.....

  12. Rowena Tolete

    Mr.Peter Cetera ur'e d' Man......❤❤❤

  13. Renato Torres

    Eu tô viajando nessa canção!!

  14. Maria Gonzalez


  15. Johny Mapanka

    Man music to my ears Khorixas Namibia. Ronny.

  16. Johny Mapanka

    Greate music and its raining in khorixas Namibia

  17. Medicine Man

    Another fantastic ballad from Peter Cetera! Hard to believe this came out seventeen years ago. I would love to hear a new album from Peter!

    Joseph Skuse

    There are rumors that he is coming out with a new album in early 2020. His first release in 15 years since “You Just Gotta Love Christmas” (2004).

    Cindy D

    Hi there!
    New music from Peter?
    Did you hear this from a reliable source?
    Thanks and have a great day!

    Joseph Skuse

    No I read this from a YouTube comment when I was listening to one of his songs “Even a Fool can See”(1992). The commenter said there are rumors because Peter has been absent from his site all year long and hasn’t been touring lately, then he explained that Jeff Coffey (ex- Chicago member) said Peter is making new music. The new album will either come out late-2019 or early-2020.

  18. Priest

    I got a Facebook friend from Hungary Budapest named Aranka,she recommended me this song. . And now we lost contact,she was suffering from some paralysis disorder,if anyone could help me to get her contact

  19. Rosy NIcolau

    su voz es un remanso de paz, es excelente su forma de interpretar... me encanta!!😻❤💗🎶

  20. Leila Da Silva

    Mais uma linda canção na bela voz de Peter Cetera. Grande artista!

  21. Everton Diamante

    # Peter cetera💗💓💖

  22. Jonass Moura

    linda canção

  23. Crystal Diamond Ventures

    This song is beautiful

  24. Shawla Khan


  25. Carlos Gonzalez

    Inmensamente agradable , las canciones de Peter Cetera todas buenisima 👍👍

    Corsia Cabrera

    Me fascina Peter cetera una gloria verlo en un escenario como lo pude disfrutar en el anfiteatro de puerto plata RD.

  26. 1902amc

    Wow..............just, wow

  27. Celio Oliveira

    linda música do Pete cetera

  28. Askalanty Amaliyyah

    saat km pergi, aku baru mengenal arti menyukai dan menyayangimu..aku ngerasa kehilangan..ya allah,,mengapa dy tdk komit dgn sy, kl mmg aku dan klgku salah..aku hanya bs menangis..dy tdk bs mempertahankan janji dy...

  29. Зидарова Наталия

    супер голос супер музыка супер мужчина

  30. miguel gutie

    Peter Cetera!! any song from Peter 

  31. steve baggio

    Simply Perfect, Simply Peter:)

    Susan D Garman

    Simply and perfectly said.

  32. Cristhian Boitel Fabián

    ¨Here i'm going again¨ increidible, very good composer

  33. joankendricklyons

    Peter Cetera is awesome. This song is so magnificent!

  34. Patrick Murray

    Nice drum work on this.

  35. Contractor Groom Lake Road

    His voice reigns supreme above all current singers. Peter is the ballad legend with the gifted, unique voice. His voice will be remembered forever.

  36. Donna Advincula

    this song is dedicated to WENNY (james) CAMARO.....

    it indicates the hurt you made of me......
    hope youre happy now for making me wait with nothing......
    i still love and miss you though.....
    thanks for the love.......


  37. Robyn Ruefer

    Any song from Peter is perfect!! :) I hope he surprises us with more.........

  38. Bloodsucker

    @npeg76 his voice is the one that would stick to your memory for so long, loved their songs (chicaco) during the 80's and even at this time still love hearing his beautiful voice.... a great artist

    good youtube is here you get to hear great songs that are no longer played

  39. brian craig

    the album might be called another perfect world but it is another perfect song from cetera.

  40. Patrick Murray

    A little "You're the Inspiration" moment at 2:30

    Yara De Blanco

    Patrick Murray buen recuerdo

    Yara De Blanco

    buen recuerdo