Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks Lyrics

If I told you things I did before, told you how I used to be
Would you go along with someone like me
If you knew my story word for word, had all of my history
Would you go along with someone like me

I did before and had my share, it didn't lead nowhere
I would go along with someone like you
It doesn't matter what you did, who you were hanging with
We could stick around and see this night through

And we don't care about the young folks
Talking 'bout the young style
And we don't care about the old folks
Talking 'bout the old style too

And we don't care about our own folks
Talking 'bout our own style
All we care about is talking
Talking only me and you

Usually when things has gone this far, people tend to disappear
No one will surprise me unless you do
I can tell there's something goin' on, hours seems to disappear
Everyone is leaving, I'm still with you

It doesn't matter what we do, where we are going to
We can stick around and see this night through

And we don't care about the young folks
Talking 'bout the young style
And we don't care about the old folks
Talking 'bout the old style too

And we don't care about our own folks
Talking 'bout our own style
All we care about is talking
Talking only me and you

And we don't care about the young folks
Talking 'bout the young style
And we don't care about the old folks
Talking 'bout the old style too

And we don't care about our own folks
Talking 'bout our own style
All we care about is talking
Talking only me and you
Talking only me and you

Talking only me and you
Talking only me and you

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Peter Bjorn And John Young Folks Comments
  1. gams

    me gusta si los conociste antes de que fueran furor👉

  2. Auroerchen

    Love it!

  3. team sadboys

    i just used shazam in kaufland

  4. Knoludge Beats

    R.I.P to Kobe
    R.I.P to all the people who are still searching for this song

  5. Julien Mo

    i dont like it xD

  6. Wall 83

    Emily krïeger i miss u

  7. Lewis Saville

    No joke been trying find this song for a week and all I’ve done is whistle too it

  8. Roxanne Roche

    Why do I get a kind of school shooter vibe from this

  9. Dia Betes

    This song gives me nostalgic memories i don't have

  10. Petr Kartavenko

    Sound good!

  11. LittleJeno

    This song was the best fifa 08 song

  12. Xanda Silva

    Its very very very cute! Love so much! My favorite song♡

  13. •M_ur!nho

    gossip girl

  14. david nwokoye


  15. lee mappley

    Easy 😜

  16. Adair Lerma

    Que clase de Foster the people es este ?

  17. Blue Beetle

    Why does this song make me want to do DIY

  18. ############


  19. Dicas Úteis

    *_Há alguém aqui escutando essa música em 2020?_* 😍

    Ana Carlla Martins de Lima

    Meu horóscopo disse que essa era minha música de hoje.

    Dia Betes

    And a hip a hop a hippie to the heeby deeby dooby to you to

  20. Mike Hunt

    I play this to my twin girl's on Alexa every night to send's them straight to sleep, they love it lol !!!

  21. Tubagus Rahmat

    Dapet lagunya

  22. Jorge Espinoza


  23. Jorge Espinoza


  24. Jorge Espinoza


  25. House Of Gold

    Guys 2020.. yeah dude

  26. wetzin alvarado

    the mid 2000's soundtrack

  27. Joshua Wilkie

    I have always admired thee Artistry presented with this 0ne fine TRACk. I intended, meant to portray; both the visual and Audible effects affect Me sublimely. '. The Whistle is voice A straight 7s absolute, what an entrance created. I would Love to have some Still Shots of this Clip on Canvas, does anybody know where too find? Thank You Peter Bjorn And John add Victoria Bergsman, this Time as guest solid marvellous Vocalist/Singer Chic : > < : This Track is still so much fun!_!I-i!_! 

  28. idkwhatthisisanymore

    **at homebase you can get an extra 50% percent off**

    Ellie Field

    Omg yes


    Quien escuchó esta canción de pequeño

  30. obiwan kenobi

    2020 🎉

  31. Magna Zilá Silva

    Muito linda!
    Delícia de música!!!
    Não canso de ouvi ❤

  32. Aaron Aamir

    fifa 08 anyone?


    Aaron Aamir 😜

  33. El Bartula

    2020 and i still listening this song

  34. Carmen Rivera

    Como se atrven a copiar los vikingos del norte??

    Beto UwU

    La de los vikingos del Norte es un cover de esta xd

  35. Regulus The Glory of God

    Pensé que nunca la volvería a escuchar

  36. Miguel Hernandez

    This IS by definition the FIFA song!

  37. Heisenberg Escobar

    XoXo, Gossip Girl

  38. Pablo Kuroro Souza

    Muito muito foda!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Dayra Campoverde

    he sounds like Lennon

  40. Mad Hatter's Gala

    Air New Zealand used this song on their inflight safety video .... how I found out about it !!

  41. DonVito

    Fifa08 ❤️

  42. Cookie


  43. Fabiano Vieira

    Who is Peter Bjorn and who is John? Is Peter the one with long yellow hair? He looks like a Peter.

  44. Andrew Victor

    Tava malzão vim ouvir esse tesouro😍

  45. Lois Wendt

    Was searching for a different song, yet found this one. Pure nostalgia this

  46. CoralCarne372

    This should be called
    The Homebase Theme

  47. López obrador

    Esta canción no se pero es muy relajante

  48. ANewLoud

    It is funny this illusion that most have, that they are the quirky ones, the outsiders, the ones that would go against the masses, and have that special moment with a special someone. Like in this tune, But the truth is, they wouldn't. Most would go along fulfilling their fears and the mass society's expectations of what "love" is supposed to be, that is, on superficial terms who you shoud choose in the eyes of others, to be successful. Ultimately deeming most lonely, and a lot being nostalgic for sentimental songs like this, reminiscing how they could have been if they had dared to stand out. Most people don't meet anyone interesting or anything out of the blue, as they are shit scared of taking any chance in social life.

  49. Chris Lm

    Yo vengo por los vikingos del norte xd

  50. Matheus De Oliveira Gomes

    Escutei essa música pela primeira vez na MTV, que saudades.
    Vendo agora em 2020

  51. katerin yocelin Rodríguez lopez

    Vengo por la historia de lapiz

  52. HRBFC Josh


  53. Karrimor18

    Seems to me like the female singer has the shortest of solos at 3:17 and 3:44. Can anybody listening on earphones confirm this?

  54. István Kovács

    I remember this song from the old days when I still watched tv. And music channels like MTV played actual music instead of being racist against whites 24/7.

    Niall Addis

    Dude MTV we’re still showing naff tv back in the 00s

    István Kovács

    @Niall Addis My english degree fails me when I try to understand your comment. Could you rephrase it please?

  55. Marcos Caceres

    I feel very happy when I listen to this song I don't know why but it gives me happiness when I hear it!

  56. Yeferson Panda

    que hermoso escuchar una cancion de hace años que nunca pudiste recordar


    A bloke was playing this song at work, I stopped him and asked its name, it's on an album called ACOUSTICS 2013.
    But what advert is it off?
    Edit: Wife's just told me that it's Homebase.

  58. Tuto


  59. mohvi

    this song always reminds me of wonho <3

  60. Marty Schwartz Here

    This song deserves every bit of credibility it got.

  61. Fernando rundom

    El chico del vídeo y la voz es similar que mark foster de foster the people xd

  62. López obrador

    Like si vienes por la historia de lapizito soy fredy

  63. Марк Очиров

    Guys, please record the song "Goodbye, Again, Or" on your anniversary in the Studio ? or play it live

  64. dana gamer

    Alguien más vino por la historia de lápizito 😂☹️😁

  65. Sietse Vliegen

    This song is everything for me, whenever I hear this my whole youth is coming in flashbacks! First Fifa I bougth as a kid... man this song legit makes me cry! It is the best! If only I could whistle I would whistle this the whole day!

  66. Lasaration

    This was when a young Justin Beiber did extra work in animated 2D music Videos!

  67. Aimee Perez

    Alguien más viene por las historias de soy Freddy?

    Ángela michel Zubia molina

    Preséntese hahaha

  68. Alejandro CZ

    Vengo por las historias de lapizito

  69. yann debacker

    I thought the boy was learning the girl how to kiss, then that would be real savage

  70. Lara


  71. ᄅᄅᄅᄅ

    Playing as Ronaldinho on arena mode for 2 hours and not getting bored

  72. supriadi kartadarma


  73. John Ramos

    Dejen su like si la oyen en este 2020🔊🔊🎶🎵🎶👍🏻👍🏻😎🤓


    ?por que muchos espanoles conocen esta cancion?

    Pepe Juan

    Puede que sea por el fifa 2008, o al menos ese es mi caso

    roberto eterno

    Sonando en radio D9 del Perú, larga vida al rock..y al folk...

    Jesús Rodrigo Bermudez

    @GingeNation Disney Channel películas de críos salía esta canción...

  74. Annette Schunck


  75. CO MICS

    This was me and my wife song until she become a bitch!

  76. Chris Lewis

    Just subbed thinking I might be number 100k ah well this song has legendary status in my life xxxx

  77. Aaliyah Mukasa

    Who’s here from dynasty searched “whistle song from b&q advert “

  78. ღ vale - draw ᐛ ღ

    Esta canción es perfecta para escuchar mientras estás viajando _de mañana cuando recién sale el sol , o de noche cuando apenas hay estrellas uwu 💞🌻;;_

    A alguien más le gusta escuchar la canción mientras viajan? :D

  79. Arturo Perez


  80. Mirto N.

    You know you love me.xoxo

  81. Francisca Thenée Serrano

    this is like james and alyssa of teotfw

  82. Arnaud J.

    *So is the singing girl Peter, Bjorn or John ?*

  83. Slash

    I hate old folk

    ღ vale - draw ᐛ ღ

    _~Xupa la pixula~_ :D

  84. Jeferson Salviano

    Fifa 08 -_-

  85. Antonio

    Algo de buena música que ya esta en extinción 👍🏼👍🏼

  86. nobody knows

    I used to listen to this as a kid, I remember the good days

    Lev Kranchevko

    Me too! ^^

  87. Eos pcx

    Conocí está canción por los Vikingos del Norte:

  88. Yobinauq

    We need a slowed + reverb version of this masterpiece.

  89. Akeniwa UwU

    Súbete a mi troca

  90. NRA_Vanux

    bin ich der einzigst deutsch hier oder was ? ich liebe diesen song uff einfach nur geil alter

    LeD Zep

    Habe ich das erste Mal ca. Oktober 2008 im Radio gehört.

  91. Martin Of

    FIFA 08 ❤️

  92. Elne Fasto

    Just remembered this song but not the name of it...
    Searched: "whistle song"


    Well you´re not alone...

    Mariana Vacaflor

    Elne Fasto same

  93. Álvaro Jose Coutinho Araujo

    Trilha do filme quebrando a banca

  94. Lucas Coronel

    2020.... Y sigue sonando!!!

  95. matteo maccioni

    Fifa08 brought me here

  96. Kaio

    2020? Brazilians or Americans?