Peter Bjorn And John - Lay It Down Lyrics

Hey, shut the fuck up boy
You are starting to piss me off
Take your hands off that girl
You have already had enough

Hey, shut the fuck up boy
You are starting to piss me off
Take your hands off that girl
You have already had enough

You sure can get it up
At least that's what you say
You don't know how to stop
You just can't walk away

And when we saw her face
You said she's something else
I know you just can't wait
It's more than I can take

You just can't play it down [x2]
You just gotta lay it down

Hey, shut the fuck up boy
You are starting to piss me off
Take your hands off that girl
You have already had enough

Hey, shut the fuck up boy
You are starting to piss me off
Take your hands off that girl
You have already had enough

It's getting hard to see
Through all our history
I guess it's in your blood
On that we can agree

And when we saw her face
I said she's something else
She was your only hope
And still you let her down

You just can't play it down [x2]
You're just gonna let her down

Hey, shut the fuck up boy
You are starting to piss me off
Take your hands off that girl
You have already had enough

Hey, shut the fuck up boy
You are starting to piss me off
Take your hands off that girl
You have already had enough

Hey, shut the fuck up boy
You are starting to piss me off
Take your hands off that girl
You have already had enough

Oh-oh [x3]

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Peter Bjorn And John Lay It Down Comments
  1. Ross Lamont

    Who's still listening to this in 2017?

  2. Marco1280

    so cool

  3. Kayan Pontes

    hey shut the fuck up boy! You are starting to piss me off

  4. William Nort

    i love it!

  5. crobarus

    N ot bad

  6. Clementine Boyd

    Whenever my best friend and I are in public together and someone is pissing us off, we'll hum this song to let the other one know that we are pissed off.

    Ross Lamont

    Clementine Boyd haha that's so cool

  7. Matiezisu

    1:33 Dr. Zoidberg (\/) O,.,O (\/)

    Rick Martínez

    Te mamaste 😂😂😂

  8. Wajshu

    zajebisty kawałek

  9. xXDavitchiXx


  10. Johanne Kirkeby

    no... I am trying to argue on people ruining funny comments by writing things that do not matter one bit

  11. floby37

    well, they cost something, but you needed them for something else, they're stille there, but we can say they are redeemed... and cardboard : find a box =)
    lol, are we trying to argue on "funny" comments?

  12. Johanne Kirkeby

    even though you have sharpies at home, they did cost something initially, and how is cardboard and string free?

  13. floby37

    @geothug21 sharpies : have them at home
    cardboards + string : free
    actors : friend
    dance moves : still priceless

  14. Xch4r3nd4X

    randomly downloaded this song! but its the best random song i've ran into lol

  15. geothug21

    sharpies: 12$
    Cardboard+string: 10$
    Actors:50$+Party :D
    Dance moves: PRICELESS

    This band has more creativity than any other, this is my heros. making the best music since 2008.I <3 THEM. better than any other bullshit on the radio

  16. kelseynsuggs

    this is so......weird lol but so weird it is normal :l

  17. sl1ghtlystoop1d

    @pawbassist terrible idea

  18. dahlialee1

    always makes me smile.

  19. amandapanda32092

    john lennon lives

  20. james belas

    i want to go to this party now, it looks so live :P

  21. MajorJakobs

    Spy Crab 1:32

  22. Despicable Dogs

    I like how young folks played at the start LMAO

  23. lildavey09

    The 80's are over PBJ...they're over. Shhhhh, it's okay for them to be over. Yea, I know, Jean's Jackets were pretty sweet, God knows I rocked one, we all did!'s time to move on...let go...let go

  24. Adam Janes

    this music video is trippy! and it's pretty funny! :)

  25. Dean

    I can't tell if these people are weird Europeans or just super fucking white...

  26. Ronty

    That is so the feeling that you sometimes get when you're on a party, had some beers and failed to get the one good looking girl there, just to see her a few minutes later hanging around with the biggest douche on the party...

  27. Frikkin Crapper

    fucking Swedish people

  28. Angus Emmerson

    whats the song that starts playing at the start then lay it down starts

  29. djdragonhalf

    @scottdunham22 no, you shut the fuck up boy :D

  30. Scarlet Styles

    This shall be so overplayed at my party

  31. Veronica Ibarra

    This video is fucking hilarious!!!! Hahaha. God, I love it. :D

  32. Sierrabelle

    I lol'd

  33. Erik S

    it has dubstep influences in the bass it seems, IT WORKS REALLY WELL

  34. LetiziaRocca

    OMG I am soooo addicted to them!

  35. Georgi Popov

    the video is....... odd and why does it start with young folks?

  36. Brianna Peterson

    hey, shut the fuck up boy haha love these guys

  37. reyesenr


  38. TOUATI16

    love them ;)

  39. TittiesMcgee Esquire

    Indie as fuck

    Lucas Ydal

    TittiesMcgee Esquire hey shut the fuck up boy!

  40. mywoundedrhymes


  41. Weiz jake

    lol crippy, nice rhythm.

  42. Goeddl1

    bestes lied4eVa

  43. jazmin cortez

    hahaha FTW!

  44. ManUtd4life096

    Those people dancing at the chorus makes me crap my pants with laughter. =D

  45. Natalie

    I loove this, hilarious and catchy

  46. radbrent

    dude.. they're so good. peter bjorn and john... one of the best bands of our time.

  47. blank

    agh!!!!! i bought tickets SO EARLY for the sf show but they had to cancel :(

  48. WordWithCriss

    same here!!! i didnt know they were so good live!!!

  49. callmebilliejoe

    yea so did i... it was awesome! i wish they had played longer..

  50. WordWithCriss

    mhm!!! wasnt there ending solo amazing?!

  51. Internet Freak

    Holy Crap so did I! Last Night!

  52. WordWithCriss

    these guys are amazing live!!!! i saw them with depeche mode at bank atlantic center. they played this song!

  53. James Pollard

    the first time i heard is was at the depeche mode concert at the hollywood bowl... they were the opening act !

  54. vagalope

    This song sounds so cool I really don't mind the cursing.

  55. Lukav

    Yeah, good shit!

  56. duke duckett

    lol @crab dance dude at 1:31

  57. Kevin William


  58. Alejandro Alex

    Can't wait to see them open up for DM later this month.

  59. yeeeeeeeeeah

    i remember sorting through the discography, listening to this song once, deleting it, and chuckling.

    i'm not going to re-download it, but watching this video it makes more sense.

  60. Niall

    you are so fucking wrong it's perfect just cos it's not mozartesque lyrics phrasing doesn't mean it shit

  61. Erik Swenson

    i like the video more than the song

  62. wolver1n

    fick dich rei drex ju...

  63. Robert Blais

    I like the song, I thought the video was kind of obnoxious

  64. Fitzyex

    They are darn creative love this song and the music video...
    Nice work.

  65. TOUATI16

    love them...

  66. starkbasser


  67. Thene Singleton

    I'm not sure what just happened....

  68. hedlik

    play some Exploited next time! ;)

  69. Jade M

    seeing them tonight :D ^_^ supporting newton faulkener at the itunes festival <3 lol

  70. xyberfunk

    yes.. i have 2 actually

  71. gahan101

    have you got a ticket for DM on US tour yet?

  72. xyberfunk

    Hell yeah baby!! :-)

  73. gahan101

    Opening act for Depeche Mode on the American tour leg.

  74. Aaron McLean

    love that chick in the white dress, she kinda scary. she
    scares me.

  75. Aaron McLean

    love this tune.

  76. SqueekersTheCat

    This is effing amazing.

  77. tofuaffe

    wow. i love it ♥_♥ .
    a really great song!

  78. stackki

    yeaa.. it's pretty scary.
    but that's what makes it interesting.. in a way

  79. Jemma Ostenfeld

    this is a good as song gay old cunts

  80. yohanictheory

    omg, really? I didnt know that. That's probably because I am also deaf.

  81. immy hush

    hey shut the fuck up boy
    i get this in my head so much

  82. finial


    we did

  83. pimw94

    nooo...reallly? .....

  84. cassellschild

    lol did anyone notice that "young folks" plays at the start?! lol

  85. XIII

    this vid is hilarious

  86. Niall

    but, white people... can't dance. I thought that was you know understood don't you get it!

  87. Vincent N. Benoit

    Live, this song is the BEST... PB and J are so great!

  88. Agua414

    so when you watch this high you get so lost :P

  89. rilka noel

    really? what is it?

  90. victoria rolfe

    /▌This Is Bob Copy And Paste him
    / \ So he can take over youtube

  91. pandaeyes42

    Great track.

    Fuck, fucktiy, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!

  92. DM101Oot

    awesome chorus

  93. Camilo Torres Ramirez

    so goodª!!!!!!!!!up

  94. 7Traxx

    im with ya for sure!!! best chorus in ages!!!

  95. G2VKR

    The last album is very good


  96. luxuria65

    What are you even talking about??