Peter Bjorn And John - I Know You Don't Love Me Lyrics

I have been inside you war zone
and I've seen, you drop your poison
you compromise the steal
telling people how you feel
though its not a bit for real
but the dollar it gives you wills
and you're longing to be free
but no one brings me down, like me
no one bring me down like me

have you heard? when greed meets hunger
how absurd, the weak is stronger
cause when they are satisfied
they sigh and wipe their mouth
and they sleep til they awake
but for you there's too much at stake
you have to plan the next big break
you rest when you are dead like me
rest when you are dead, like me

down like me
down like me
no one brings me down down down [x3]

no one brings me down down down down
down like me [x2]

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Peter Bjorn And John I Know You Don't Love Me Comments
  1. Samir Franco

    muita viagem.

  2. Mariana Delfino

    i know you don't love me!

    Midpveyr Castillo

    +Mariana Delfino te amo

  3. Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero

    the soundtrack our lives... rock n roll yeah

    Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero

    @Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero AWESOME

    Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero

    ok santiago

    Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero


  4. Dylan Crow

    it's true!but i still don't know why!!!nevermind...

  5. LPSda

    i like the song Young Folks better... But this one is awesome too...

  6. LPSda

    My Bff's little sister really likes this song! And she is dancing really weird on it... but anyways she is only 4... (if i wrote someting wrong, please don't comment because i'm not English and i can't write really good English...).Oh... now my comment is really long... sorry... 

    Montserrat Alfaro

    you are so good speaking ingles

    Montserrat Alfaro

    que me hago la yanki si soy argentina chau

    Douglas Smith

    another way to write "really likes this song" in english is "shag my arse" this will save you time in the future! you're welcome friend

  7. Claudia M.

    Yeah , i know.

  8. The Lazzer Volta


    Valeria Gzz

    Wow,I feel very embarrasing right now.

    I'm very sorry. Can you forgive me?

    Mario Felix

    Yeah we are just making fun about the stereotypical stuff about race and all of that racist nonsense haha so dont worry

    Valeria Gzz

    It's funny because I'm a mexican.

    By the way,what do you think about my english?
    I have been studing a while.

    The Lazzer Volta

    los 3 somos mexicanos! jajaja muy bien yo pense que si eras gringa defendiendome jajajaja

    Valeria Gzz

    ¡Lol,yo pensé lo mismo!

  9. Danny Zarate

    writers block albulm is better

  10. jair beltran


  11. Bastian Ortega Letelier

    I know i know

  12. Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero

    rock and roll yeah

    Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero


  13. san g

    I scanned all the comments on here but I feel that it's a decent clip. My bro wants to get outstanding with women of all ages. He began to understand a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The recommendations for picking up women through night clubs in the emails via that site helped get got him his very first fucks in 2 years. I've been bothered however coz I heard them all. Grrrr.

  14. Rebekah Foran

    I will write it!

  15. Rebekah Foran

    Tired of Life! Awesome!

  16. Stitchurself

    I know you know that I know, but what do you know that I know, ya know?

  17. Rasmus Eriksson

    the art of getting by wasn't that good though, honestly kinda bad, but it had the potential to have that same feel good feeling as the movies you mentioned

  18. catkinns

    The song Second Chance is features on the advert for the art of getting by, don't know about the film though. I feel their songs would suit films like 500 days of summer, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Perks, you know, the good ones :)

  19. TheMattDawg14

    6 people have no faces and don't know how to pee

  20. Smol Cat

    Holy crap you're come back from the dead!

  21. James Estrada

    I know one of their songs is used in a sitcom called Two broke girls.

  22. Bianca Vasquez

    alll the songsss are amazing seriously

  23. Busarin Insuwan

    Like this.

  24. Ryan Church

    so trippy when your high :)

  25. lunaoOtica


  26. Elizabeth Córdova

    Peter Bjorn and John tienen muy buena música. Es una lastima que la gente sólo le guste, o conozca Young Folks :/

  27. Asimina Gonzalez

    This song just made my day :D

  28. Nancy Mead

    Love this!

  29. thelaloed

    creo q la inica cancion q me gusta es la u,u young folks

  30. Silas Oliveira

    Thumbs up. Thumbs up. Thumbs up.

  31. Ale De Jesus

    @xxxPurplexGirlxxx That Q was 2 months ago, try again

  32. Morgan Larson

    If you are the one person who disliked this:
    1. You have bad taste in music, in which case I hate you.
    2. You just disliked it to be the first dislike, in which case you sir, are my hero.

  33. lazslo24

    1 person felt like bieng a dick!

  34. John Lovera

    I will always knew

  35. jjmonman

    woah beautiful site zero dislikes....hehe.....DIS I LIKE!!!

  36. Alya Karim

    this album is so freaking addictive.

  37. Ale De Jesus

    Where can i find the lyrics?

  38. LadyWhoLikesCheese

    @MrAClawson i think ive heard the vaselines but hmm never heard suicide but theyre prolly good if they sound like this haha i really like this song

  39. wiuwiuwi

    hand in hand in hand handception.

  40. gabainwonderland

    I think the vocal is amazing!!!!!

  41. Hugo411

    Thanks KCRW Santa Monica........being in Boston for past 5 years is a Radio Desert of the Soul. Found this band being played on KCRW of course.

  42. Elis Benedetti

    Please, there are 2 phrases missing...

    I, I need to know when you gonna jump down
    I, I need to know cause you're talking about the sunshine
    I, I need to know when you gonna jump down
    I, I need to know cause you're talking about the sunshine


    I know you don't love me
    And all the reason why
    I know you don't love me
    And all the reason why

    Is that right?
    What are the two missing phrases?

  43. Elis Benedetti

    Please, can somebody show me the lyrics of this song?
    All the lyrics in the internet that i've found are wrong... =/

  44. LadyWhoLikesCheese

    im kind of new to peter bjorn and john, except their songs 'second chance' and 'young folks' .... I LOVE those songs. this kind of reminds me of radio head, i like it tho

  45. Samsa Lila

    Best song on the album I agree!

  46. Stephan Arnold Samsula

    hey ho...very coooool song !!!!!! rock on....

  47. dragonfox312

    This song is fucking amazing.