Peter Bjorn And John - Down Like Me Lyrics

I have been, inside you war zone
And I've seen, you drop your poison
You compromise the steal
Telling people how you feel
Though it's not a bit for real
But the dollar it gives you wills
And you're longing to be free
But no one brings me down, like me
No one brings me down like me

Have you heard? When greed meets hunger
How absurd, the weak is stronger
Cause when they are satisfied
They sigh and wipe their mouth
And they sleep til they awake
But for you there's too much at stake
You have to plan the next big break
You rest when you are dead like me
Rest when you are dead, like me
Down like me
Down like me

No one brings me down down down
Down like me
[repeat 5x]

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Peter Bjorn And John Down Like Me Comments
  1. OnlyJacque

    you have all the rason

  2. Stitchurself

    sexy sexy

  3. David Valdez

    D'oh! Got served son, sXe fer life holmes

  4. crobarus

    Who doesn't?

  5. xxpurplefriendsxx


  6. Charlie DeMoss


  7. Crusty CockRoach

    I bet you love booze , drugs and wild sex with strangers.

  8. Carlos Barroso Barroso

    there's a inocent one, that never have been brought down

  9. NeptuneVA

    really? I don't remember that happening. Better sleep with hookers to test it!

  10. Steven Lopez

    i say, we find the one bastard who disliked this and force him to listen to this until he likes it, oh, and beat the crap out of him.

  11. Reinette Roux

    Love Peter, Bjorn and John.

  12. CaptainPeeners

    I hate my life. Fail.

  13. CaptainPeeners


  14. CaptainPeeners

    Chills down my spine. Can't wait until their new album, living things.

  15. Klinta Erdmane

    I love this song <3