Peter Andre - You Are Lyrics

You are the one that I adore
I wanna treat you right
Your love I need forever more
Stay with me tonight

I would always be the one
To you I'd run
I gave my tenderness
You made me see
The need in me
To lay in your caress

Your touch, your smile
Made me feel that all we had girl
Was so worthwhile
And I'll never stop loving you.....always...ohh

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Peter Andre You Are Comments
  1. Olivia Personne

    magnifique chansson il y a longtenps que je rechercher peter andré depluit toute petite sa me rapelle tellement de souvenir. et cette chansson reste vraiment la plus belle de toutes.

  2. WizoHH9247

    je l'ai cherché longtemps enfalls. alors, j'avais les mp3 sur des pc et voulais publier enfin fois à la joie de beaucoup la chanson youtube.
    mon espère est français « bon ». j'écris l'appareil avec des traducteurs

  3. Hannah Tomlins

    peter is such a special person, not many men take on a special little boy harvey, and be a true daddy, think him and katie shared true love, and its a sad split, maybe too much media, and katie may have pushed him too far with her attitude, but he is a nice guy, and i wish him all the best with his music, kids, family and life xxx same to kate too xx

  4. Kristina Chládeková

    His voice reminds me Michael Jackson´s voice..He is very sweet and cute.. :-)