Peter Andre - Flava Lyrics

Party all night, party all night, party all night
(Roll with da' flava)

Can't bring myself to sleep
So I get the keys to my jeep
There's nothin' that I ain't gonna do tonight
Dial on room number 211
'Cos I hear there's a jam that's goin' on
The feelin' is so good in my neighbourhood

Ooh, there's somethin' special 'bout tonight
And I know it's on
'Cause everybody's got their groove on
I wanna let it go
Are ya' here with me
I wanna hear the party sing

If ya' down throw ya hands up in the air
The mac's back wid da' flava of the year

Here we go there's a party over here
Oh yes there is:
(Party all night, party all night, party all night)

Ain't got no time to think
So I grab a drink
They've got the type that I like and I ain't
Gonna waste no time
Back in the corner of the room
I see the one, and she makes my heart go boom
One smile and I am leavin' all my friends behind

Ooh, there's somethin' special 'bout tonight
And I know it's on (it's on)
'Cause everybody's got their groove on (get a groove on)
I wanna let it go
Are ya' here with me
I'm savin' party - sing it


If ya' wanna swing
Let me do my thing
And everybody jam with me
(everybody, move your body)
If ya' wanna swing
Let me do my thing
And everybody jam with me
(everybody, move your body)

Thorw ya' hands in the air
If ya' know ya' got the flava
Take it all the way
With a man like 'dr'
Flavour in your ear
For the year, no doubt
'Cos I got the wack jam
So turn the party out
I'd like to get with U
get busy, get down
I wanna rock with U
Just like Bobby Brown
Drunk as hell blazin'
Up with smoke
Tonight's the night
Mother **** no joke

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Peter Andre Flava Comments
  1. Tamara A-kan

    ❤december 31

  2. Sven evertsson

    Saw him 2 days ago on a Cruise Ship in Sweden, he was very good 😀

  3. Jacky Davis

    yes listening in Dec 2019

  4. Declan Shlug

    My little Barry's favriot chune he loved disco and he loved playing in the Duel carriageway R.I.P my angal Gon bu no forgot👼🇬🇧

  5. Cook Coke

    Who remembers flava on channel 4 back in the day?

  6. stan xavier

    2020 anyone?

  7. Ismail NYC600

    This is so wack lmao 😂

  8. Zsazsa Komáromi

    2019. September. ❤🇭🇺

  9. Andre Portugal

    Bruh, i was named after this guy.

  10. azzouz hassan

    we dont dance the short open anymore the good ol days when we thought this shit was cool !

  11. Ertan Ertan

    Hahahaha😂 i was 10 and this was one of my favourite songs😂 old but gold

  12. Emily Winter

    Peter Andre....the climax of my puberty......and adulthood.....

  13. Bassline Rally

    his first UK No.1 in 1997. Peter had food poison from eating fish during filming this tune.

  14. Mirko A Hudak

    Yeah,1996 with my lamp TV with old good MTV logo,after 00am on 3K,I've been watchin' this...📺😙😯🌴

  15. Em1025

    Are you kidding me with the low quality

  16. Arjay Torres

    This is how we do it-montel Jordan
    Get down-backstreetboy

    It’s a combination of two songs I think

  17. Loungejay

    This is badass, in a camp sort of a way.

  18. Leon Coombes

    Both awesome and extremely shit

  19. April Betancourt

    I like this song but I wasn’t even born yet

  20. tonyjesuslover

    Who's watching in 3,133.


    Ciekawe ile mu dało żeby wystąpić w jego teledysku HA HA HA

  22. Nick Cub

    When he thought he was black lol

  23. Abdul Wisi Mu Lacha

    Dem 90's!

  24. TheIsambard82

    He must be sweltering in that big top in that heat.

  25. Aifric Brennan

    Totally forgot about this song lol

  26. Bouteille Lasco

    J adore Peter André dépuis le début et il est beau

  27. holly pietrzak

    this guy voiced ace the car in the new thomas and friends movie?

  28. Lex Bolog

    They don't make them like this anymore. Gold video Peter. 420'd AF...and appreciating(long word) it.

  29. oybcarmit noybahor

    2018 hii

  30. Mushi Shah

    Upload this video in 1080p high quality

  31. Gregory Kerkhove

    Old skool hahaha^^

  32. Miguel sixONEseven

    If the U.S. had Jon B, the U.K. had Peter Andre.

    Petty Princess

    Agreed but jon much better singer

  33. Danankayte

    Eating Baked potato, eating baked potato!

  34. miss tangaouia


  35. Arthur Abramov

    I recorded this Video on VHS back in the day.

  36. valorous knight

    The legend has it he's still stuck here till date @3:42 the move that black guy pulled

  37. Arthur Abramov

    My favorite song ! :) childhood memories


    ACE :)

  39. David Graham

    I can’t stand it...but youthful nostalgia compels me to watch

  40. Natalie

    ❤️ Peter Andre

  41. Mystery Boy


  42. Shadowghost

    Reminds me of eclipse jeans and my spliffy waistcoat wearing days



    Nattaveli 2Pac westside

    Oco ci kurwa hodzi

  44. FerNália

    Esse cara abriu as portas pra todas as boybands..kkkk... sério.......

  45. Titus Trillion

    Child hood memories.

  46. Shaun Clutt

    GO ON PETE ;)!

  47. Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life

    I always thought a black dude sung this 😂😂😂

    Shay Yaish

    so think what happened to me when i saw snow - informer video clip for the first time, after all the radio stations burning his hit song over the ether waves...

  48. Kim Kuijsters

    I still have the same St Louis icehockey shirt :)

  49. Bassline Rally

    This was a tune back in the 90s. Remember it was a purple and red CD single sleeve. Pete had food poisoning while making this video shoot. Reminds me montell jordan This is how we so it.

  50. gurvi d

    I love this song

  51. Peter Lalremthanga Austin

    The year I was born....and his name is Peter

  52. Storm Chaser

    Damn miss my skool days 8 grader 96 gud timez

  53. djiatro

    loved this flava in my school canteen!

  54. claire amer

    What a great singer he was...not sure why his career faded so fast....

    DDaisy SShepps

    claire amer didn’t really fade lol

  55. Pretty Chantique

    The music we used to have. Swing!

  56. Jennifer Stinebaugh

    he's nice to look at but that's it in my eyes..I'm not into his music at all

    The Monotheist

    Should I care?

  57. Lloyd john Lyons

    Katie price aka Jordan what the hell was you thinking of having affair you had great husband Peter and talented man and didn't Peter sing mysterious girl to you on celebrity jungle and you said you was big fan of the song but guess she didn't use her brain before taking her cloths off and sleeping with another man behind Peter back. One 2 many failed marriages miss price but you have lost the best man you had all because of you being not able to control your self

    Johnny Verzosa

    Because she loves to fuck

    karma tam

    Johnny Verzosa my big titty
    Squeeze hard daddy
    Yes ah fuck hmmm

  58. Zsazsa Komáromi

    2017 <3

  59. Nya G

    hmm....I must've missed this fella. Never heard of him till now.

  60. Ine Unga

    who is watching this in 2017


    2019 and going seein him Friday! Haha gotta love him still

    Ivan Popivanov

    sry 2019

  61. #Lazer BeamFan


  62. Jay oakland

    Australia in the mid 90s was poppin

  63. Albana Gjini

    love love.

  64. Jonathan Avis

    I reckon Peter Andre was back in 1996 bigger and just bigger than Bieber is now

  65. Oksana Misyurina


  66. enn bee

    All those extras thinking "I bet I regret doing this shit". And they were right.

  67. Talya Fa

    I remember this song from bk in the days and ma a I can t believe he did it care to come to nz

  68. MUFC Legend

    This was number one when 2Pac died

    Rich Texas

    legend9177 really. That's mad

    chingchong dingdong

    MUFC Legend should I upvote this?

    cooks looking

    A fitting tribute.

  69. YaYa Inspired

    New Jack Swing

    Adam Sanchez

    how is it?

    YaYa Inspired

    @Adam Sanchez The beat and and the chorus riff are typical of NJS style. However this song was already kinda dated when it was released if I remember correctly. RnB had already moved on to a more modern and harder hip hop soul by the time it came out.

    Adam Sanchez

    @YaYa Man This clown Peter Andre would not be the best example of NJS in any case.

    Daniel Nelson

    YaYa Inspired , yea your spot on. A lot of uk pop music in the mid nineties was New Jack Swing inspired, this, Eternal, the early backstreet boys stuff ect.

  70. Horse Dark

    <3 peter andre <3

  71. KuttyJoe

    This reminds me of Montel Jordan's This is how we do it.

    juan def

    Yeah, peter andre was trying to keep the new jack swing feel going

  72. Jordan Sales

    This is soooo jokes

  73. Diplamatik Juan

    I forgot about Mr Abs

  74. sickshyheim

    Come on everybody! Where this years dissapeared...  I miss this time still golden track. :-)

    hope ideal

    You are not alone on that subject.

    Jazgacz Jazgacz

    I remeber this song that was beatiful time Poland

  75. Cris Myforever


  76. lily rosie

    still the hottest guy on earth love you pete

  77. Jason .Hartley

    this went hard back in the day!!!


    Shook1z He looks like skates for streets of rage.

  78. Catherine Keenan

    Fine man talent as well

  79. 0002pA

    What is this!?


    0002pA That's why it says Flava not MYSTERIOUS GIRL numbnuts


     Thanks, Captain Obvious.

  80. J Leadbetter

    what a cheese ball

  81. Aspie Talk

    Warning! Andre acting the bad man here!

  82. Aguz napirem

    so...backstreet boys got the beat from here.. okeh

  83. deborah whitlock

    Mmmmm this was number 1 when I got married what a load of rubbish

    chingchong dingdong

    deborah whitlock hahahhshhahhhahaha

  84. kerry meese

    isn't that method man in the video im not sure it looks like him


    You are not even close .. definitely not a fan of Mr. Meth. I forget what was his name but this homie is not Tical. :-)

    Michelle Pendreig

    Andre I want to marry you so so cute

  85. Ms.VintageGypsyQueen Gonzalez

    ♡♥♡♥ 96

  86. Tina Böttcher

    I love You <3

  87. abysmalfiend

    gangsta swag right here

  88. Multistar345

    90s peter is the best .he is so hot n happy

  89. x__Kandii__x

    This is what the cheesy songs looked like in tha 90's


    looked and sounds great ! back then

    Mirabella Mcgarry

    Omg true thing where a the time gone

  90. Frank Malakas

    Peter's got the skill in dancing.

  91. Rob Finlay

    I think there are more black people in this video than in the whole of Australia.

    Crystal Aggrey

    +Eduardo Reategui how so?


    Eduardo Reategui 😂😂😂😂 no they dont...


    He based it on Montell Jordan song, this is how we do it, and he lived in South Central with him for awhile! ]

    Mel James