Peter Andre - Call The Doctor Lyrics

She was my girl, my closest friend, my honey
Type of girl that'd go hard for me
She'd be kicking back, kinda girl who don't pretend
And you could always catch her hanging with my friends
This girl was all I ever needed
What will I do now that I'm leaving?
It hurts bad 'cos I was true to her
I'm regretting having anything to do with her

Now my hearts racing, I'm burning up and I'm pacing
She was my missus in the making
Watched her throw it all away
Now my minds playing tricks on me saying that I need her
It's much too late I've got to leave her
No words left in me to say

Somebody call me a doctor
This is an emergency; my lady's stepping out on me
My heart's stopped beating and now it's getting hard to breath
Somebody call me a doctor
This is an emergency; my baby's stepping out on me
My heart's stopped beating it's getting a little hard to breath

Oh, I never saw this coming
Had me fooled yeah she really had me going
I saw her at the Beverly centre, with another dude;
Man she thinks she's clever
When she said she was out with her friends
I saw her talking and holding his hand
I guess it's like a kick in the face
What did I ever do for you to treat me this way?

Now my hearts racing, I'm burning up and I'm pacing
She was my missus in the making
Watched her throw it all away
Now my minds playing tricks on me saying that I need her
It's much too late I've got to leave her
No words left in me to say

Somebody call me a doctor
This is an emergency; my lady's stepping out on me
My heart's stopped beating and now it's getting hard to breath
Somebody call me a doctor
This is an emergency; my baby's stepping out on me
My heart's stopped beating it's getting a little hard to breath

I guess I gotta just walk away
The doctor said there ain't no medication for my pain
So I'm done baby I'm gone
I guess I gotta just walk away
'Cos there's nothing that could take away the pain
So I'm gone baby

Somebody call me a doctor
This is an emergency; my lady's stepping out on me
My heart's stopped beating and now it's getting hard to breath
Somebody call me a doctor
This is an emergency; my baby's stepping out on me
My heart's stopped beating it's getting a little hard to breath

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Peter Andre Call The Doctor Comments
  1. Rachel Cozens

    He is drop dead gorgeous, I love him x

  2. salma hanif

    pete this is a great song ,you are so talented,brave and super awesome
    emily is good for you,always be faithful to each other,because together you make gold pete

  3. Marie-Hannah Wilson

    Came after watching the Katie and peter episode of him producing the song in the studio

  4. NIdo Then

    should have stick with mysterioa girl FML

  5. Julie Cleary

    love the song now your my fam☺😊😢😮😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😙😚😭👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 if you looked I get to punch you

  6. Sharon Cross

    Katie price had gold when she had him. He clearly loved her so much, all her new men are so fake, but Pete clearly loved her so much. Emily is such a beautiful woman though and she is miles better than Katie price.

  7. Gabriela Kahraman

    I saw him in East grinstead today

  8. veir

    I was copying a Slipknot album onto Itunes and the computer read it as this album.

  9. mannino rosalina

    Bravo peter andre song- call the doctor best song

    mannino rosalina

    Happy birthday Peter Andre...!!!! 27. 2 .2015

  10. shellb wats

    does anyone realise meaning behind this song think i get it xxx pete is awesome xxx

    Toni Ashleigh Osborne

    shelle b the break up with Katie price

  11. Jim Batten

    and he loves his kids

  12. Jim Batten

    my soul my life my inspiration

  13. Jim Batten

    love it

  14. Sasha Dowen

    This might be my favourite song love it

  15. esotericatv

    Random fact: The guys who wrote/recorded this with Pete originally used the piano from the start of Billy Joel's "The Stranger" (which is beautiful) as a sample at the beginning of this track, but had to replace it with something else because of something to do with rights...

  16. Steven Gill

    I thinks its a really good song but i am very upset with the quality. He had it writen and made in America and it misses the PHAT, POLISHED, BASS American RnB sound. It needs phatening and strength in voval and when thats all good then Peter you have urself a bangin tune.

  17. xXxpeyton333xXx

    love this song, hes an under rated singer! xx

  18. Shannan Stephenson

    love this song, like all the rest.

  19. Shannan Stephenson

    love this song

  20. Aisha

    right decision______xx

  21. Callum_NFFC

    this is a cool

  22. Naomi Hearfield

    this is so obviously about Katie Price?

  23. Christine G

    Love this song

  24. Red Wolf Playz

    pete get in youch with me am the one for you xxxxxxxxxx

  25. CallMeSteph

    Such a lovely song . :)

  26. punkstoper

    @YouBeingRacist wow because of 67 people Peter left Her you are pro :D~

  27. becky mills

    love this song! ♥

  28. claire Last

    this song is really good.....katie you were so stupid for letting him go you will never in a million years find a man better then him....he has a heart of gold and is such an amazing dad..what more could a girl want

  29. Jade Payton

    peter andre is one of the best men thats really nice and not stuck up his own ass :) like some male celebs

  30. Christine G

    one of my fave PETE song hes so lovable

  31. septube26

    wow! sounds good, is this his voice? I am impressed

  32. HELIS

    he's hot, and he's voice is perfect :)

  33. complicatedfederal

    This song isnt Actually about katie, infact he even wrote this song when he was with her , so he wudnt say all that when he was with her , so leave pete alone , Team peter all the way xx

  34. Melissa Gissing-Thompson

    to everyone who is dissing peter didnt your mum teach you that if u havent got anything nice to say dont say anything at all? and if u "hate" him and are on the slaggy katie prices side why comment his music videos? seriously grow up! TEAM PETER ALL THE WAY LOVE YOU GORGEOUSS XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  35. Nasser Jihadi

    feel sorry for the guy, even if you got money dont make you happy. hope the guy finds happiness.

  36. Kirsty Spencer

    @cheekygirl1555 alex is ugly. she down graded.

  37. Kirsty Spencer

    @garfy112 the album is deffo worth buying, i originally only bought it so i could get into his album signing, i had no intention of buying it before that but i absoloutly love it and now seeing him live next month.

  38. Garfield Combs

    this is actually really good
    wanna hear d rest of the album
    based on this song alone
    tink might even get the album

  39. Andres Alberti

    ok perfect....

  40. dementedducky934

    @LucyAnneSings they sold out so fast i went to get my mum ones for manchester or liverpool for xmas and they sold out =[

  41. Varun Sharma

    Seems to be a nice song.

  42. Nikki Watt

    peter loves everonexoxoxo

  43. Lewis Long

    Okay Ive listened to this whole album now and it is so awesome..

    He has clearly worked very hard to achieve this.

    It seems not many people know about this so SPREAD THE WORD people! 5/5 more if i could.

  44. hellsuplands

    i luv u peter. this song is awesome. carry on with this amazing songs.
    i am sure everyone will agree with me that u rule and that we all love u. we r behind u every step of the way!!!

  45. Lewis Long


  46. Sinead

    ilovepeterandre<3 TEAM ANDRE xxx

  47. cutsey654

    can`t u peopl just enjoy the fucking song jeez

  48. nikki liason

    no he dont madmentoviivi

  49. 1990krystyna


    If she's going to get the media involved "the public" what can she expect?
    it's their breakup but she's made it public, so people have a right to choose who they support.... Team Pete FTW

  50. Alia J

    Good Trackk (Y)

  51. danni jo gedling

    really like this song, just finished watching his show =] hes such an amazing dad, i like peter andre =] but i like katie price too. good luck too him hes amazing! goooooo pete chicken love yahhh =]]]]]]

  52. daniela ferreira

    LoveThisSongSooooMuch.....!!! WellDonePeter.. <3

  53. HayleyRawr


  54. JoMakerOfMovies


  55. Truong Nguyen

    It's and Their btw ^.^

  56. Kirsty Spencer

    Actually he didn't write them 2 years ago dickface.

  57. Kirsty Spencer

    Why did her mom not believe her then? And actually, Pete said he knew nothing about it. He says things when she comes out with shit, he stands up for himself, he ain't just gonna let her say he cheated on her with his manager, her bridesmaid, how he's got tons of new women...he's gonna stick up for himself.

    Woopee doo if ONE audience booed him, is that every audience? NO!

    Actually, I'm 18 so why don't you go away, you clearly know NOTHING.

  58. Kirsty Spencer

    Actually he had a large fan base throughout his relationship with Katie, I for one have always loved him.
    It's unfair to say he's used Katie for his career, who's the one who sells all these pathetic stories? Katie. Who's own mother doesn't believe her rape story? Katie. Exactly.

    Pete wrote these songs while with her, about his feelings. Singers/songwriters do that yano.

    Simple thing really, if you're not a Peter Andre fan, what the fuck are you doing on his video?

    Just go away!!

  59. kevsrock90

    Pete would, thats what hes like.

  60. Chloe Dearie

    Hes ben trying to make his album fr 2 years befre. SOMEHOW doubt he would split up his family.Sick of your stpid commnts.

  61. Chloe Dearie

    Shelljell26, what do you have againest him!?

  62. Rebecca Forward

    i love this song its brill cool dude u the man peter

  63. Heather Moore

    loving this tune..

  64. Aishling Myles

    course she cn bu ders need 4 her t b a lil tramp (:

    u dnt move another man int ur hme after finishin wi sum1 else

    have sum cop on

  65. Soheil Hashemi

    katie didint even deserv him in first place

  66. joanna pillin

    peter is better without that slapper aneveryone knows it!!! look at her using the kids to hurt him omg what kind of person would do that!!!!!

  67. KirstyMarie Hill

    omg shelljell26 and Chlloe123 can u just stop fighting for gods sake ur so anoyin he is not wiv her no more so it dont matter ok!!!!!

  68. Chloe Dearie

    No, NOT lieing. I havent clarified that im 19. Have i?

  69. Chloe Dearie

    Shelljell26, ACTUALLY im 13 haha. So legally, im aloud to erm, take responsibility for my actions? Thats it ;)

  70. Chloe Dearie

    Haha, ME a woman? Do you know how old i am? and he has expolioted harvey! and Katie is a total twat. Look at what shes allowing her children to see, cross dressing, her going out clubbing mostly every night and everything. Hmm, whos the worst NOW?

  71. Aishling Myles


    i luv dis song.. ):

    i dnt blame pete bu der is 2 sides tevery stry..

    i used t luv katie until she wnt t de papers n claimd she was RAPED
    if she was she wud of teln de police t stp him frm doin it t sum1 else
    i itnk wa katie is doin is wrong.. bringn a new man in t meet de kids less den a yr :@


  72. Orla Hughes

    its bothh of their faults period

  73. Chloe Dearie

    You are stupid then. Period.

  74. Chloe Dearie

    Shelljell26, HOW many gossip magazines tell the truth!? HOW many? NONE. And as for the songs, all his songs were written BEFORE the split. and talking aout the documentary team, that is just carrying on peters life. Remember the next chapter with Katie and Peter? Just like that. ;)

  75. Chloe Dearie

    If you remember CORRECTLY, it was Katie who was making a big deal out of everything. He didnt want the split to be a public as it is. No-one knows how the album would have done without the split. Im sure it would still be successfull.

  76. sade benjamin

    peter is well good everyone needs to stop skitting him and listen 2 his music coz it is well good go peter ander

  77. sade benjamin

    everyone stop skitting peter andre he well good

  78. Nuala Darby

    Look pete lives his life and how would you like it if you didnt like a boy and thought katie was cheating and then she gets papped kissing him,pete loves kate or did and he couldnt stand her bindge drinking he truly loves her kids and she lost a baby in americia and yeah pratically nobody knew and he was devastated and dont slate him for the break up he loves harvey and dont take it out on him a break up betwen parents is hard for childs jsut think about tht yeah b4 you asume

  79. kayleybinns96

    Stop Slaging Pete Off.
    Hes an amzingg Guy Tbh isnt he! x

  80. Chloe Dearie

    Shelljell26, lets be serious, you think that he would want a split in his family that would affect his children! My parents have recently split and its hurt me alot. You have no right to say those things when you have no idea what was going on behind closed doors. It doesnt matter that Harvery is disabled!! They had a bond as you saw on the programme. I think you seriously need to rethink what you have said MATE.

  81. Louisiette Ellens

    FFS why are people going on about peter's marriage, if you're listening to his music on youtube it's because you want to listen to his music not write shit about his broken marriage....

  82. geordielad852

    Totally agree with shelljell26 the song is RUBBISH totally needed the break up to sell any of this shit i would be surprized to see how well the next Album will do without all the publisty from the split. Leave harvey out of it Peter totally no appropriate to release this song at the preasent moment.

  83. Venom7707

    good song could be associated to Katie

  84. LuigiRobs14

    he a mint singer

  85. zak

    peter has all the 13 year old chicks LOL.

  86. Leah Merritt

    he is truelyy amazinggg xx

  87. katie nana

    i love this tune !!

  88. Evan Sozan

    Its actulii a relli good song i aint a fan of his songs buh i thinks his new album is proper sick all the songs are sik

  89. Nikki Johnston

    WOW i love this song, his album is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  90. Tiana Begley

    loves this song so much, hopes he brings out a video of it, would deffo go to number 1 in a heart beat !!

  91. Aks

    love dis song
    future number 1

  92. chloe keene

    Great song pete :)

  93. Sofina -

    Theres one thing i dont get, didnt peter write and record his album months before he and katie broke up. Or did he write this particular song after he broke up with katie cuz then that would make sence.
    anybody know??

  94. Marie-Hannah Wilson

    this is good

  95. angela stones

    I love his vocals and songs he desrves a break if this album was released under a different name I bet it'd be getting a hell of a lot more air play. . . he has to work twice as hard to be counted as a credible artists while rubbish that the x factor sprouts out goes striaght to number 1 its really sad!

  96. Jacky Zhu

    sames. behind closed doors is like 154th look on itunes chart

  97. Jacky Zhu

    lol its 138th place