Peter Andre - Behind Closed Doors Lyrics

You think you've got me figured out
You think you know what I'm about
Don't believe what you read, half of the things you see
Thought you'd figure this out by now

(And who would've known)
That our lives would be so exposed
Where we end up, really nobody knows
What do we know? What do we know?

Behind closed doors
(Behind closed doors) you can't imagine
(Behind closed doors) is where it happens
(Behind closed doors)
That's where the truth is, that's where the lie is, that's where I'm hiding
(Behind closed doors [x4])

There's a man who lives in the street trying to find his way
In the night life figured he'd find the best way to escape
His addiction cost him everything
Guess he's thought it'd help him hide the pain

(And who would've known)
Has a wife two kids and a three story home
Got all these things yet he's still alone
What do we know? What do we know?

Behind closed doors
(Behind closed doors)
(Behind closed doors)
(Behind closed doors)
(Behind closed doors)
That's where the truth is, that's where the lie is

When you try and you try and no one hears you cry
Deep inside all you hold is the truth
Pay no mind to the lies, keep your eyes on the prize
In the end all you have is you

Behind closed doors, behind closed doors
(Behind closed doors) you can't imagine
(Behind closed doors) is where it happens
(Behind closed doors)
That's where the truth is, that's where the lie is, that's where I'm hiding
(Behind closed doors [x4])

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Peter Andre Behind Closed Doors Comments
  1. Brandon Vice


  2. John j

    Shite sorry Peter

  3. Lewis Baldwin

    What a wank song


    My favorite track

  5. Nqube

    Yoo this song bangs the lyrics on point. Now I know why I liked this song as a kid thought I come back and see why I used to like this song when I usually listen to gangster rap

  6. Kayleigh Garner

    I love you Pete

  7. Knight Rider 88

    WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS!! I would rather take a shit in my hand and CLAP!!

  8. Precious Mex

    Don't even sound like him ffs 😂😂

  9. rainfordlol2

    A Cheesy and terribly auto tuned, mediocre song by a c-list “celebrity” embarassing.

  10. Tianna Michael

    Ahahahah 😭😭😭😂😂😂 😂 😂 Wtf... 🤣🤣🤣... I was just looking to see if he did any other songs but mysterious girl... Now I realise why no one's heard this shit 😂😂😂😂

  11. Just Lou

    Sounds like Disturbia.


    Excuse me, did you mean to say Peter Andres hit song Insania?

  12. Moeez Abdul

    2019 still going strong 💪🏼

  13. David Salins

    Yes please close that fucking door, z list

  14. unions100

    Nice song and a great sexy voice

  15. Andrew Dexter

    This is just one of the many reasons why the music of the 90's sucked !!!! Give me 70's and 80's any day !!!

  16. Tom Hydra-XavieR

    Bet I’m the only one here in 2018

    Siân Tame

    XLilMansonPeepX nope

    rebecca harris

    I'm here

    makina Indigo

    2019 lol

  17. Kieron Melley

    I don’t get why there was and is so much hate for this guy!.. This song is actually fucking great 🙌🏻

  18. leeoh moon

    I think what people are missing here is the message: he wanted to share and explain why he divorced his wife (without dishing dirt and pointing fingers),she was all over newspapers discussing divorce and he wrote a song: his side of the story, this song exposes her art of deception, her narcissism and his sadness behind closed doors,, I really like lyrics and song is not bad at all...

  19. vanillaboo

    I got kissed by Peter Andre when I was a baby. No joke

    David Salins

    vanillaboo see a vet

  20. sunita thind

    Love this little gem of a song 💎

  21. TomMFAO

    Great song :D

  22. B1GMon3y K4sH

    what happened to good reggae

  23. merlow B smoky g Junior

    Best song ever

  24. sod gape

    Peter Andre is the Mohammed Ali of the music world. I'm walking up the aisle to this song at my wedding.

  25. Major Tom

    Never been a Peter Andre fan by a long mile. But this is actually a nice song...well done...

  26. Biitch From Hell :3

    In love with him.......❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Heather Camball

    Mean kp

  28. Heather Camball

    So about kph its unreal go Pete love always

  29. Keiran

    This is so fucking shit

  30. Billy Pratt

    Bringing back memories this used to sing it to my support worker at college yeah you don't know what happens between these behind closed doors in the house the girl is alright I suppose in this music video that's where the truth is that's where I am hiding because I know exactly where the truth is should bring out more songs just like that X

  31. Tom & Dom

    If Bradford City brought you here give me a thumbs up!

  32. maria honess

    without katie he would of stayed a washed up has been


    maria honess agreed. But look where she is now leaving her kids and going on Tom, Dick and Harry just for the fame, money and limelight etc. She needs to realise she's had her 15 minutes time to let go!

  33. Blue Berry

    I don't get the negative comments. some people just come on here to slate songs. As for it being $hit...nope sorry not going to agree.

  34. Jopa Kingdom

    its cool, in a funky way.

  35. Rob Anderson

    if u all hate it why listen???? fuckin fools all y'all. he's doing what he loves. end off. too many ppl wi to much time to chat shit

  36. Life of Amisha

    beautiful song love the grunge vibe mixed with slow wave

  37. Andrea Paige

    Katie Price sings better.


    Paigey seriously?!!!

  38. The Gadget Guy

    I thought he sounded either like Brian Adams or Richard Marx on the first part of the first verse.

  39. VideoMenu

    I'm looking up to see who Peter Andre is because they're all excited about him on Coronation Street... This guy SUCKS.


    UGH! I'm still listening, TRYING to give this a chance. But the production on this song is thin and lacks depth. It's shallow and amateur.

  40. wheelie1988

    I kinda like this strong, but can't stand him though!!!

    Brittany's Paranormal Adventures



    Brittany Heath yes thanks for letting me know for the spelling mistake bitch!!

  41. Ольга Челомбицкая

    Очень сексуально!

  42. Vicky Tate

    I met him last year in woking at his perfume signing he is so short I always thought he was tall and he was so good looking like fine wine with age.

  43. YUK1 0NNA

    More than four years later I still hate this song.

  44. Sharon Qualter

    Can someone please explain to me what the song was about why did the women at the end have claws?

    Lucy Flesher

    +Sharon Qualter it was about his life with Katie Price , listen to the words properly!

  45. spishspashsposh

    katie price

  46. Deer Heart

    amazing that hes worth 16million


    best time-best song

  48. Angela Tegos

    soooo handsome and talented. he's so charismatic.

  49. Maniacal

    It is no wonder he is a fame whore, sell out prick selling ball shit food products to the masses vie TV advertising creating mass health issues because his music is terrible. It is as bad as that frozen crap he endorses to the millions of kids. Really £1.00 for 60 frozen burgers or wow £1.00 for that fresh tuner steak frozen :D yeah not to mention full of chemicals keeping it preserved. But he's a nice guy right?


    Mate. You have some issues!


    Maniacal-Beats I agree about the music part the rest abit strong though.

    Ughhh Okay

    MrHuskyHusk lmfao 😂 😂

  50. Katherine Mullins

    Peter Andre is so perfect <3

  51. RAVEN 1971 EDWARDS

    stunning bloke series track

  52. Julie Thatcher

    the best

  53. blank blank

    Possibly the shittest song ever recorded


    yeah :D

    Carl 'The Bomb' Johnson

    brandon mcgaw now that would be 2013-xxxx songs dont mix


    Cant be the worst surly....think mika

    James Hickox

    What have you created lately! Hater!

    Rob Syer Gaming

    hahaha i llove how casual this comment is

  54. ciarasmusic

    mind having this on my iPod nano 😂

  55. renata rudyte

    heart grabbing of the best ones in his career...once again it proofs that pain is the best creator of masterpiece...

    David Salins

    renata rudyte yes it’s painful

  56. Deborah Young

    I met him at a perfume signing what a lovely guy I had two photos taken with him

  57. Michelle B

    Having read all about Peter in British tabloids I was curious as to his sound. Now that Ive sampled his music, (not to my taste, who cares) its this song that comes out as the best tune, most masculine sounding song yet.

  58. Brett Service

    he is so hot.he is defo my older guy crush. I cant believe hes 24 years older than me

  59. Edward Theu

    ya man burn dem twat girl

  60. Jay Howells

    is he referring to a freezer door? 

  61. uNkn0wn

    Cat shit

  62. dalsenov

    Great song!

  63. Marco Scheiper

    I don't get why his voice sounds so different

    Miss Nobody

    Marco Scheiper he had a sore throat that day.

  64. Louise Ann

    Peter Andre is the best and I love him xxxxxx

  65. Louise Ann

    I love this song and I love Peter Andre

    Louise Ann

    Peter Andre is amazing x

  66. Small Slardibartfast

    This is actually pretty good.

  67. Andreas Kieling

    whats up with you peter? mysterious girl was really good and now this :/

    bo selecta

    Really? Haha no.

  68. Cora Garcia

    Really! Is this you? What a big difference the first time I saw you on your mtv back yr1998 the looks specially your voice!!

  69. jacqueline sanders

    Love this song! Can't believe I met him last Sunday! ♥♥ your awesome Pete!

  70. davina davis

    sexy voice

  71. Ironbear

    Imma guy...I like this song...I like everything but the meaning because in most songs i don't listen to the meaning! :P DnB is where im at and learning drums meaning in bass and sound...Not this! xD 

  72. Shannon Leigh

    This vid couldn't be more unsubtly aimed at KP.

  73. Lilija RYBAK

    Super :-) Good Luck;-)

  74. Georgie Allen

    Love it

  75. Hayley Clyde


  76. drjdk100

    good tune

  77. cicstommy

    If u had sumone like justin timberlake singin this it would be a top song!! The instrumental's good, lyrics could be a bit sharper lol

  78. Keely Brooks

    Love pete and alll hes songs. Sucha great man in everyway

  79. Shannan Stephenson

    Loved this since 2009 :)

  80. Lee Churchyard

    Love it my best song when you played at the Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall 2013 on your tour :)

  81. Cloe Smith

    So much love for this song! Love you Peter xx

  82. gary davies

    check out the grd remix

  83. Evan Flynn

    193 are behind closed doors

  84. Evan Flynn

    nope, 2013 now :)

  85. Michael Chaharbaghi

    thumbs up if your watching this in 2013!

  86. Marta Díaz

    How old is he?

  87. 94xm if listening to a song after its release year is an irregular/big thing >_>

  88. 167IsaBella

    The misterious boy is back :D

  89. Kerrie Louise

    Seen this Guy live in Concert in Exeter. Pity he didn't sing this song as It's very catchy. I also find him very good-looking,

  90. Sammi boo

    thumbs up if watching in 2013 <3

  91. Jacques Peterson

    This sounds so cheap.

  92. david ravin

    the photographs he takes reveals the women true self and that they are not who they seem

  93. david ravin

    can't, its 2013