Pete Yorn - Precious Stone Lyrics

Come on come on we gotta get there
Come on come on we gotta go
Come on I know you’re feeling better
I know you’re feeling in control
I know you’re feeling in control
We gotta be somewhere at 7
I know you have a dress to wear
I found a way to live forever
I found a place where no one cares
One look and you see your eyes are blue
You talked to me with such sincerity
Oh how I wanted you
Come on come on come on lets get there
I know you’ve seen it in my eyes
I’m gonna be someone tomorrow
You’re gonna be something tonight
I look at you I see it in your eyes
You talk to me with such sincerity
Oh how I wanted you, Oh
We know we cannot last forever
Such crazy feelings you inspire
I’ll have to run off by tomorrow
I never could put out this fire
I know you know its going no where
And I feel the hurt for miles and miles
Cos I want to be with you forever
I want to be your precious stone
I’ll never be your precious stone

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Pete Yorn Precious Stone Comments
  1. Jennifer Orozco

    Just bought this CD a few days ago. Love this album. Very PW and FB.

  2. Piotr Michalek

    nice solo

  3. oumaima1naji

    @Pontiwarrior No not the only one

  4. StrangerToEarth

    This is my current MUSICAL BOYFRIEND. I wake up to it, wait for the bus on it, have breaks on it, revise to it, pretend to exercise to it, and fall asleep with it still playing. Probably DREAM to it. When it's not playing on my ipod it's playing in my head. I think it might even be my song of the year.

    Not sure why.

  5. natalyajulia

    sooo good, i love the very begining

  6. Joseph Smith

    thanks for upload

  7. David Mayberry

    @shadowtaller songmeanings-dot-net has them