Pete Yorn - I Am The Cosmos Lyrics

Every night I tell myself
"I am the cosmos
I am the wind"
But that don't get you back again
Just when I was starting to feel okay
You're on the phone
I never wanna be alone
Never wanna be alone
I hate to have to take you home
Wanted too much to say no, no
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Never wanna be alone
I hate to have to take you home
Want you too much to say no, no

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
My feeling's always happening
Something I couldn't hide
I can't confide
Don't know what's going on inside
So every night I tell myself
"I am the cosmos
I am the wind"
But that don't get you back again
I'd really like to see you again
I really wanna see you again
I'd really like to see you again
I really wanna see you again
I'd really like to see you again
I really wanna see you again
I never wanna see you again
Really wanna see you again

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Pete Yorn I Am The Cosmos Comments
  1. Not Always Lurking

    Some sounds in this version of this annoy the he'll out of me, can't stand it. I think her voice is great (saves it for me) & most of the sounds are ok.

  2. Jacq C

    I doubt those whom not had a broken heart, will understand her voice in this song. She sang this song with deep feeling. Beautifully! Love it!

  3. kurt11110

    do you hear that whirring sound ? it's the underappreciated writer of this song spinning in his grave hearing scarlett johansson desecrate his masterpiece.

    Alejandro Márquez

    hahahahaha her voice is cool, better than almost all the new singers

  4. Bruno Luis

    demorei 5 anos pra gostar dessa musica <3

  5. lulu E

    This song is so deep I love it

  6. Ben Fisher

    Pretty darn good. What a babe..

  7. Carolina Ferreira

    Obrigada Inês :)

  8. bladey1010

    Scarlett needs to stick with acting, and Thom Yorn needs to get a job washing dishes.

  9. Ctdtwithglasses


  10. Lola Mattalia

    ❤ Love it

  11. newt

    How does she exist. I don't even.

  12. Planta de Sandía

    I love this song !

  13. keep dreamin

    welcome. hey. let's subscribe each other. let's be the cosmos lol

  14. beccalulu

    OMG, thank you. This just made me laugh so hard. It's true, she is a beautiful woman with a gorgeous voice to boot.

  15. Maricruz Gutiérrez

    I am the wind

  16. Treeppie

    I am the cosmos.

  17. Regency Avenue

    I'll be honest, I'm a huge fan of Chris Bell, so I prefer his version, of course. I obviously can't say if Chris would have liked this cover, but Chris felt very passionate about his music and songs, and the fact that success never came to Big Star was a source of anguish for him. The fact that his music has been recognized, albeit a bit late, would have been a great source of pride for him, even if he wasn't necessarily a fan of this cover. It would have meant a lot to him, in my opinion..

  18. keep dreamin

    every night i tell myself....Scarlett is the COSMOS

  19. Tom Cruise

    @deussolinvictus What are you talking about!? That makes the beat... Its like drums...

  20. dvh01

    To all the twats who prefer the Chris Bell version, good for you. Now f**k off with your hate somewhere else. Your negative opinions aren't welcome here. Find his version and rate it if you must.

  21. infinitalocura

    @TepidPeppermint no way! never!
    chris bell version is unique

  22. pipper titty

    @deussolinvictus Right on I agree. But what a bold effort. There are some great moments there.

  23. littleyellowdress

    Love her voice. Maybe this doesn't have the raw emotion of the original, but it's a great cover nevertheless.

  24. woodhd

    @woodhd up there on his cloud i mean looking down

  25. woodhd

    @kevinocooldaddy what an 8-way clusterfck ... i hope christopher bell doesnt take it to heart and is content that the original is now a classic

  26. deussolinvictus

    That damned clicking in the background is annoying as hell. It's like a metronome has been left on and out of tune with the rest of the song.

  27. omgstfudavid

    not terrible, but obviously the original is much better

  28. Anthony Phillips

    Best version (cover) of this is by the Posies. It's a kind of rare b-side. It sounds pretty close to the original, but still, it's tops when it comes to cover versions of this song.

  29. TheSaxby

    Scarlett sounds like Astrud Gilberto here. That's not a bad thing, necessarily, but it doesn't help this cover much. Nor does the incessant rhythmic clicking.
    But if this cover is going to get Chris Bell and Big Star's names out there, so be it. It's time the world at large discovered this beautiful tune.


    Cesária Évora more than Astrud, I'd say, but otherwise I agree with you.


    Macy Gray or Amy Winehouse even closer.

  30. mrrabit1

    Il love this song, nothing lame here ...

  31. Baki Smaki

    Cool. Nice take on the song. It doesn't have the raw misery of the original but that's cool I still like it.

  32. ripelivejam

    fucking lame. sounds like she's catatonic.

  33. kknighteypics

    i love this album!
    especially this song : ) awesome cover!!

  34. sticky-fingers

    Not a bad version.
    Hope it will help some people to discover Chris Bell and Big Star's Albums

  35. Antonio Meyrelles do souto

    Scarlett sings well, she's a nice girl and so one... no doubt about it!


    This song is a masterpiece made by a genius (Chris Bell) and has a lot of covers.

    Beside the original, perhaps "This Mortal Coil" and "Big Star" have the better covers.

    It's easy to like this "piece of art" and also love Scarlett work and herself to. Just no add 1+1 and say that this the BEST cover evermade.

    All the best!

    "I really wanna see you again"

  36. llickthestars

    I've been in love with her for years and now with this song... my god!

    I'm a girl and I'm not a lesbian but Scarlett is from another planet!, thanks for the video.

    beautiful cover :)