Pete Townshend - Teenage Wasteland Lyrics

Out here in the fields
I fight for my meals
I get my back into my living
I don't need to fight
To prove I'm right
I don't need to be forgiven

My kids ain't gonna break my heart
My greed ain't gonna spoil their part
This land just has to be a new one
I'm gonna tan underneath a new sun

Don't cry
Don't raise your eye
It's only teenage wasteland

Don't have the latest suit
The long grass is my fruit
I am nearly an ordinary man
The family is free
To do just as they please
We all sleep together in the caravan

Hey you!
Don't walk on the turnips!
My lord
When will they ever learn it?
Look there
Nations of traveling children
No where to go
To escape the chill wind

Don't cry
Don't raise your eye
It's only teenage wasteland

My kids ain't gonna break my heart
My greed ain't gonna spoil their part
This land just has to be a new one
I'm gonna tan underneath a new sun

Sally, take my hand
Travel south cross land
Put out the fire
And don't look past my shoulder
The exodus is here
The happy ones are near
Let's get home
Before we get older

Teenage wasteland
Teenage wasteland
Teenage wasteland
It's only teenage wasteland
Teenage wasteland
It's only teenage wasteland
Teenage wasteland
It's only teenage wasteland
They're all wasted!

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Pete Townshend Teenage Wasteland Comments
  1. Mike Anderson

    How many Lifehouse Chronicle CD's did Pete do? This is a 1999 recording? The gifts keep coming. Love it.

    David Kieltyka

    It’s a 1970–71 recording. Lifehouse Chronicles came out in 2000. Six discs, including a BBC radioplay taking up two discs. Two discs of Lifehouse demos as well, including this one.

  2. triscat

    Christ. This is evidence that Roger and the Who treated Pete like those sorry bastards in the Beach Boys treated Brian Wilson. Brilliance from the start.

  3. Mark Stevenson

    Beautiful. PT is abluddy genius.

  4. William Oliveaux

    I truly think Lifehouse would have been heralded as rock’s greatest album had it come together as planned.

  5. Michael Auger

    This is stunning. Have been a Who/Townshend fan for all of my life, but never heard this. Such a different song than Baba. Pete is a genius. Such depth and emotion.

  6. markydkiehl

    beautiful art-rock piece

  7. Mel Bee

    Wow it's so different but also very good. Totally different meaning to the song somehow.

  8. Connor Manley

    Anyone else listening to this on repeat?

    Chris Manley

    Yes, this song and Carouselambra by Zeppelin...addicted to both songs at the moment. Oh yeah, and a cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid by a band out of Newmarket called Metal Inset...those guys are going places!

  9. Connor Manley

    Better than baba O'Reilly. Way more depth. Pete is a genius

    Chris Manley

    You have exceptional taste in music ;) Thanks for sending me here.

    Connor Manley

    @Chris Manley you're welcome my good sir. And thank you for complimenting my taste in music. I kind of got it from you ;). Seeing the who with you was unreal.

    Chris Manley

    @Connor Manley Yes...seeing that show was an amazing memory. Although I thought Roger Daltrey would dislocate his shoulder at his age doing those microphone spins ;) On their next tour I think Townshend should smash a Les Paul while holding onto his walker lol. Daltrey will drive his wheelchair into the Hiwatt amps ;)

    Connor Manley

    Lol too true

    Splod ™

    Not better but it's a masterpiece too.

  10. william dechant

    Waited half my life to hear this! As it was talked about for so long... thank you for the upload def will pick up the CD. :)

  11. Georgie Thumbs

    Wow so eventually they threw all this music out and just replaced it with that 3 note riff

    Splod ™

    Yes. And that's probably the best decision that they ever took lol

    Alex Z

    Lifehouse was too advanced for them. Pete's brain was bigger than his body. If they kept trying to make Lifehouse they would have died.

    Thomas Riley

    Georgie Thumbs this song was supposed to be separate from Baba O’Riley, they were both thematically linked. This song opened lifehouse and baba oriley was the 3rd track

  12. Henk Westerik

    Beautiful song this way. Beautifully sung as well

  13. TheBoldImperator

    A world of bleakness dominated by cybernetic pleasure suits linked together by a mass intercommunications network... Is that not the future we're headed in?

  14. Ernest Kinas

    Pete is an absolutely unparalleled genius.So is Roger.So was the Ox.So was Moon the Loon.


    Pete is so smart , he leaves people behind sometimes with his ideas , Life house 40 years ahead of it's time , now in the age of the computer the internet and virtual reality , it is easier to get your head round, as I think partly that is what he was getting at , in 1971 !! unreal, the one note , is just simply man kind all becoming as one in a shared experience of understanding, well that's my take , or in sink with the God and the universe .

  15. Andrew Whyte

    5'10'' onward sounds more like early Genesis than the Who.

    Chris DeLisle

    Totally agree.  I hadn't thought of that before - that's a good catch.

    john tuttle

    Or Alan Parsons.

  16. Taylor Stowe

    So moody and beautiful just like Pete.

  17. carrot top

    Didn't like this at first but I keep coming back to it, it grows on ya, so moody and beautiful. I dig it

  18. MrMassivefavour

    It is what it is..... a completely different song. And an amazing one at that. Of all the Song writing geniuses of the 60s (and there were many) name me ONE who could write such a thing of beauty, produce it, play all the parts and make it sound more professional than many hits of the era.... in his homemade studio. PT is a genius. Heard this song today for the first time and havnt stopped. love the way I can here momentary quotes from "Song Is Over" and even a little bit of "No Road Romance". This is lovely. Thank You.

  19. Michael Osztertag

    His guitar tone is great!

  20. sgreen4

    this is my first time hearing this. I love it

  21. Killmetbh

    Much more melancholic than Baba O'reily, I like it a lot more. Fits the lyric of "teenage wasteland" more

  22. Linda Howard

    I happen to love this song !!!!!

  23. adamsmith13real

    More epic than Baba O'reilly

    Boric Mite

    adamsmith13real more dramatic is a better way to put it.

  24. Jebuiz y'har

    better than baba o'reilly

  25. Patrick Bateman

    Hey man whatsup

  26. Michael Atkins

    This is the demo version for Baba O'reilly, thank God he either re-thought the tune or someone helped him with it, because this is terrible.  

    Michael Atkins

    Yeah, I guess I have. Merry Christmas! 

    danillo Gonçalves

    Mike Atkins this is actually the original track. the very first from the Lifehouse.

    Robbie Clark

    Not terrible, just not The Who


    lol, this is what happens when you can't keep your shit taste to yourself :^)

    "I went to who concert once that makes me #1 fan!!!"

    Seek Jesus brah!

    Connor Manley

    You obviously wouldn't know amazing music if it kicked you in the ass. Seriously... this is a masterpiece and you want to shit on it? Fuck off

  27. evilemperordude

    @Headbanger142 Both songs were originally supposed to be in Lifehouse.

  28. MUNSTER-601


  29. Patrick Bateman

    This song is mad good reminds me of cutting school to smoke dot budda

  30. John C Michelson

    The Who      ..??   Pete Townshend.. Was WHO.. But  who  R U  Peter ??

    My GTR hero first  1965  who album meety the who . "  .  love you nay karma bless you and I Wait for turrets..   4444jcm you tube  

  31. HailFireAndIce

    Yeah man, still got my N64 for whenever I want to go nostalgic.

  32. foolintherain100

    LOL yes. Banjo Kazooie was the shit. N64 for life!

  33. HailFireAndIce

    Indeed we do. By the way in "Baba o Riley" when roger says "out here in the fields, I fight for my meals." It always reminded me of hyrule field and banjo kazooie's spiral mountain where go around killing vegatables.

  34. foolintherain100

    You are not alone. The few. The proud. We stand strong.

  35. HailFireAndIce

    My God! The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Legend of Zelda fans! I though I was the only 90's era kid who loved 90's games anf classic rock.

  36. christopher fujino

    it's original

  37. foolintherain100

    Hell yeah XD!

  38. darthzach

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but does it matter? I'm a huge Who fan, and Baba O'Riley is my favorite song of all time, but it makes sense that the average listener will assume its called Teenage Wasteland. For me, its not a hill I want to die on. At least not something that I'll hold against people. I dunno.

    Rogell Paradox

    Yes, it does. Teenage Wasteland has nothing to do with The Who. Not to mention it's not even Baba.

  39. HeyZeus096

    AND a Zeppelin fan!

  40. SisterRayVU68

    If this is an original Lifehouse demo, my head just exploded! If Pete modified this demo for the Lifehouse boxset 30 years later, I'm not as impressed.

  41. litia725

    fucking amazing no other way to describe it

  42. Ellie Mäkelä

    it is an AWESOME thing. :3

  43. foolintherain100

    Is this a bad thing? XD

  44. Ellie Mäkelä

    Mother of god.
    A who fan AND a zelda fan.

  45. foolintherain100

    Kinda annoys me how people title Baba O'Riley as "Baba O'Riley/Teenage Wasteland"

    Two completely different, but awesome songs!

  46. thewickedapples

    I was looking for this song, but so many Baba O'Riley's are on Youtube called Teenage Wasteland. Not true fans of The Who.

  47. MrSnaggletooth666

    qe temazo por dios, este tipo es un genio

  48. Luxmaxnike

    Well, he played it live, so it's not dead music

  49. Zinzam

    I love the "don't cry" bit in "Baba O'Riley," but the choruses here with those lyrics are even more hauntingly beautiful.

  50. desann44

    it's a great song

  51. Gabit Amezcua

    I just loved it

  52. Mike LeRoy

    @DarthMurray Best Comparison EVER on YouTube, I ALWAYS compare SMiLE to Lifehouse.

  53. camarorider67

    Damn...why Pete, why couldn't you make Lifehouse a reality. Why not now?

  54. High Number

    You should pick up the new book book "Won't Get Fooled Again: From Lifehouse to Quadrophenia". It goes into all the details about creation of the Lifehouse concept (and more).

  55. knickd1979

    i love hearing alternative versions of classics like this. i especially love 'em like this, stripped down and naked. raw, pete's brain child in its earlier, purer stage of growth. my generation needs a new pete townshend. hell, the world needs the who back too. i mean '66 - '76 style who. oh what i would give to see a live show from that time!!!!!

  56. bwc3821

    Why, oh why, couldn't they have made this album? THIS would've stood up as the greatest rock opera ever.....not that crap Quad or Tommy.

    Christian Lemelin

    Quadrophenia and Tommy are not Crap!!!

  57. erock195

    You know Pete's a genuis when some of his demoes are better then some bands' songs period. ANd he recored everything himself.

  58. Jebuiz y'har

    wow...i prob like this better than baba o'reilly....and i love the latter

  59. noscrub bub

    i have a vague memory of the burt bacharac studio in new york that was used by the duo simon and garfunkle.. just a rare thought that simon and garfunkle produce more hits than this studio ever did. fuk me.

  60. Stephen B.

    I might be missunderstanding what u meen but this song is nothing like baba o'riely its only similer in a few verses.

  61. xzn1989

    Thanks very much for posting!!!

  62. Rod

    Yeah I'm pretty sure that Lifehouse is the only album that Townshend couldn't come finish. But I bet there are some songs on later albums that he wasn't able to come out with.

    RIP Entwistle

  63. bonzoleum

    It sounds almost like an outtake from Who Are You in a strange way..

  64. DarthMurray

    Well, they both tried to create a "teenage symphony for god" i think.

  65. bonzoleum

    Very Brian Wlilsony in the chorus..

  66. Kumm eedeeyin

    a genius. probably a mad genius-but i am just as mad as he!!!

  67. Rod

    I know you were, I was just messing wit yo. When are you going to let me borrow the best of album?

  68. datki157

    ha very funny rodney you know i love The Who, i was just giving yo a hard time.

  69. datki157

    what a douch, hahahahahaha
    cool song though

  70. Rod


  71. DarthMurray

    Well, on 2000 he performed a lot of Lifehouse material at Sadler's Well. He's selling a DVD at his website, and someone managed to upload some of those videos here in youtube.

  72. DaV Preservation Society

    this song is brilliant!

  73. Michael Slotwinski

    i love this, orchistrated too, hear that yet?
    sounds so good